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Automate Your Digital Marketing Strategy – Step-by-Step Guide

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You must have noticed it before. How some replies in social media seem to follow the same pattern. Even more bizarre, the posts and replies come so fast you wonder how the page owner has the time to post that often. All these things you notice are not odd. Only that it uses what is called marketing automation.

In the digital age, promoting your products and services is not only easy but inexpensive as well. Thanks to online marketing strategies such as emails and social media, you don't have to spend a lot or get so busy to reach out to your audience. But on the other hand, it makes marketing much more complicated than before.

Multichannel Marketing and Why You Need to Automate Your Strategy

According to the latest ecommerce business statistics, email marketing remains the top choice of marketers in directly reaching out to their audience. At the same time, it shows social media must be at the core of your marketing strategy. After all, most of today's customers are millennials and Gen Zs.

Most of your customers are those who often spend their time online. If you want to connect with them, you need to be where they are. Of course, you also cannot neglect your SEO and content marketing. It is where keeping an updated and interactive landing pages play a significant role. Another point to remember about the way we do marketing today is the fact that your target audience is more than likely spread through various channels.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or YouTubeWhile most of them are probably on social media, it could be on Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), Snapchat, or YouTube. Then there is email and the Web.

You need someone to update your followers on each social media, send messages to your email list, and keep the design of your landing pages updated. Otherwise, the process is going to overwhelm you. We guess you can simply focus on a single channel, right?

But that's a significant percentage of customers you will be letting go. No, you can't miss on multichannel marketing. How are you going to market your products and services then? How are you going to connect marketing automation and lead generation to win sales? Even if you are super organized and detailed on your schedule, it is not going to cut it. Fortunately, there are now technologies you can use to eliminate this problem.

What is Marketing Automation?

If you search the Web, it'll give you at least five definitions of marketing automation. Some say it's the software or technology. Others say it's the strategy or the techniques. Here's the simplest explanation - it means automating your marketing strategy using a technology that simplifies the tasks.

When you automate your marketing strategy, basically you use software and other technologies to optimize repetitive tasks such as posting on social media. If you find chores that you end up doing over and over again, you can usually automate it. Marketing automation enables you to become a better marketer by allowing you to focus on more critical tasks.

Whether you want to automate your emails, social media posts, or your website, there are steps and practices to take. In the rest of the article, find out how you can apply marketing automation.

#1 Capture Product Transaction and Consumer Behavior Data

Capture Product Transaction and Consumer Behavior Data AI Artificial Intelligence Automation Human BrainLet's start with this 1st step of digital marketing strategy automation...

In developing your marketing strategy, don't just rely on your passion to set the focus of your campaign. Instead, use the right technology to capture data about product transaction and consumer behavior to create your strategy and grow your business. We're in the digital world now.

There is always going to be a footprint of when, where, and what your target consumer did. Using tools such as Google Analytics, you can collect as much information you can about your audience. With this, you can set your goals and determine which part of your existing content performs well.

#2 Set Clear Goals and Audit Your Existing Content

Goals are informed decisions you made after consulting the insights provided by your captured data. Using the information you obtained, you can develop the automation marketing strategy that can deliver what you want for your company as well as what your consumers need.

Once your goals are set, the next thing to do is examine your existing content strategy to clear your path. It helps you set clear, actionable steps for removing what doesn't and what does work for you.

#3 Choose the Right Automation Software

Which part of your marketing do you want to automate? Email? Social media? Perhaps your website? The choice is a matter that will affect the type of automation software you use. After the first two steps in the automation process, you now know which part of the sales funnel will benefit the most through automation.

When making your choice, don't choose a software that does it all Consider the software that is best aligned and will support the accomplishment of your goals.

#4 Create Relevant, High-Quality, and Shareable Content

Create Relevant, High-Quality, and Shareable Content Marketing WhiteboardWhen you get your pick of the best automation software, what you need next is the content. You're going to need not only brilliant ideas, but the kinds you customer will actually read and even share. You need to craft content that can capture the limited attention spans of your audience, will educate, and also entertain them.

Using similar automation software, you used for finding information about your consumer, use your own existing content to find the best topics to write. What are the most popular contents you have? Take that to create informative articles within the same topic. You can also create your own version of trending topics within your niche.

Use all the tools and resources available to polish your content and ensure it will matter to your audience. Thanks to marketing automation, you'll be able to automate your content and lead generation strategy. One thing to remember is to create the right kind of content based on your chosen platform to automate. Additionally, you may utilize certain tactics such as segmentation to personalize your content based on your consumers.

#5 Let the Software and Content Do the Work

Remember when they say that creating content is not enough? You need to publicize it so that it can reach your intended target. The best way you can do that is through an automation software. There are many tools you can use for your marketing automation. Whether it is email, social media posts, and tweets or the coding of your landing page, there's a right technology that can automate the tasks.

Owned Media Tools

Content needs promotion, distribution, and syndication to achieve the best results. That's a lot of work that automation tools can handle. First, you can distribute your content through owned tools such as your email list, blog, or social media accounts. No matter if you use social media, content marketing or email marketing, make sure you follow best practices. But if you want a wider reach, the other way to do that is through earned and paid media. This represents the present as well as the future of digital marketing.

Earned Media Tools

Examples of these are social bookmarking sites. The idea behind the earned media tools is getting others to share your content. It naturally comes when your immediate audience like your content, sharing them in other social media sites.

By doing so, their readers may also repost it, thereby increasing circulation. Such tools offer a great way to make your story or post go viral, getting more and more people to read it.

Paid Media Tools

As its name suggests, you pay for these tools to help circulate and syndicate your content. Examples include Pay-per-Click ads, social advertising, and crowd marketing tools. For instance, PPC ads is one of these digital marketing techniques that can have a huge impact on your business growth. They are tools that use automation technology to spread about you and your content throughout the Web. These resources provide a much higher rate of success when it comes to automated marketing.

#6 Record Live Data to Learn and Improve Your Processes in Real-time

disadvantagesMarketing automation offers a lot of advantages to marketers and business owners, especially the ones who are selling on online marketplaces.

But using it exclusively has disadvantages that you can only eliminate by collecting live data off the process and using that for improvement. It's also crucial that you test the automation process over and over again to see which parts of it are useful and which are not.

Fortunately, today's automation tools often have an analytics feature that allows you to view the relevant data of your marketing strategy. Just like in the first step of the process, you use that information to refine your goals and processes. Eliminate those that don't work and leave the ones that move you to what you want to achieve.

Marketing automation is a cycle of optimization. At the end of the process, you gain insights to use to improve your marketing campaign real-time. This real-time improvement is the most significant advantage of automation. Gone were the long hours of analysis to figure out why your strategy isn't working.

Final Thoughts about Automation of your Digital Marketing Strategy

In a day, a week or a month, you can receive vital information from the automation tool to refine your tactics. With that, you can save yourself from a lot of time, effort, and money to spend on marketing. Given all these, it is no wonder that a lot of marketing automation users are seeing an increase in their leads and conversions.

Are you thinking about adopting marketing automation for your ecommerce business? Go ahead and see how well it does in improving your bottom line. By automating your repetitive tasks, you can focus more on delivering quality products and enjoyable experience to your customers.

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