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Future Of Digital Marketing In A Tech-Driven World

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The world this year is predicted to be more tech-driven as if it is not enough considering what it is now.

One thing that you should surely implement into your business marketing is digital marketing.

It comes in different forms and features such as:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing, and more.

With the use of digital marketing, you will be better off in taking full control over the customer experience this year and in the years to follow.

According to the survey report of the Economist Intelligence Unit, it is predicted that there will be critical trends followed and technologies that will be used. This will drive significant changes in the business marketing concept. This will result in the industry evolving for the next couple of years, ensuring better and more exciting results.

If you want to stay competitive and sustain this year and beyond, you will need to look over and beyond those traditional business marketing efforts and approaches. This will ensure high yields for your investment and your business marketing campaigns.

Key findings for marketers

The different known and established Chief Marketing Officers, along with some Senior Marketing Executives, also looks at this evolution, and through different one to one and in-depth interviews with others, they wanted to find out which way the current trend is approaching.

Digital marketing strategiesHere are some of the key findings of the CMOs and SMEs that every business marketer today should be well aware of:

  • There are some hottest and most useful tech trends followed and are coming up that the marketers should follow. One such hottest trend is the use of a mobile phone to access the internet. Research has found that this massive trend accounts for almost half of the entire web traffic.
  • Next is the Internet of Things, which in spite of being a new thing, is more excitingly and promisingly started to affect the marketers. It offers vast potential and opportunities to marketers in the coming years.

Personalization technologies are also on the rise and are being extensively and effectively used in business marketing now. This trend will grow even further this year and beyond, making digital marketing a more personalized approach to reach the target audiences. This will create a better connection, build trust among the consumers, and help the businesses to establish a long-standing, healthy, and mutually beneficial relationship with them.

Different aspects of personalized marketing

There are various aspects followed by online marketers and web developers and others when it comes to personalizing their digital marketing efforts and campaigns using various tools and software.

  • Geo-targeting is one such approach, which is just the start. This helps the businesses and brands to reach to their target audience much more successfully and effectively.
  • Advanced marketers also use different technology and analytical tools to create better statistical models that will enable them to ascertain and identify the signals from the customers that show their interest in a specific product. This helps them to deliver them accordingly.
  • Another useful technology used is the blockchain technology. This is usually a new trend but is surely groundbreaking technology that is available to the marketers. It is sure to evolve and used more this year as it is used beneficially by the law, banking, and intellectual property sectors.

And of course, how can you forget Artificial Intelligence? This has become even more impactful after the Alpha Go AI of Google defeated the world Go champion. When marketers combine AI with content personalization, the results seem to be incredibly productive, offering a lot of opportunities for them.

Follow the key channels

This year, there are a few specific channels that you should ensure digital marketing success.

Leading the pack is, of course, is social marketing. This is the primary reason that you see that marketers are currently using different social platforms to promote their business, brand, and product.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (X)Some of the primary channels to look for are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • X (Twitter)

Not necessarily in that specific order, but you should use all of these platforms to ensure that you have wider reach out and convey your message to your target audience more effectively. However, you will need to focus on creating more responsive content with links that will work well and meet the diverse needs of these social channels to make their search algorithms work.

Next on the line of channels to look out for this year are the mobile apps and mobile web. All these should be your current as well as future investment priorities. However, make it early so that you do not fall behind in the race.

Measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts

Marketers should also ensure that they monitor and measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. However, most marketers fail to do so and, therefore, cannot plan their future moves early and effectively. This is simply because they do not know the right tools and technologies that will enable them to do so.

effectiveness of marketing effortsThere are lots of digital technologies that will provide you with immense opportunities to measure your marketing efforts most accurately.

With the help of the key metrics gained, you will be able to:

  • See how your marketing efforts are affecting sales and
  • Calculate the most significant ROI in terms of driving traffic and conversions.

These are the ulterior objectives of digital marketing that are not only sensible but admirable as well.

Time for digital transformation

Assigning a timeframe for your digital marketing success may seem to be complicated, if not illogical. However, almost 85% of key decision-makers share the same opinion when it comes to setting a specific timeframe. They say that it will take nearly two years at the least to get control and a grip on digital transformation.

This means that there needs to be an urgency amongst the marketers, though, in the past few years, the business world has witnessed some significant movement in digital transformation. According to research, it is found that nearly 59% of business leaders believe that they are already too late in making such a move and will take even more time now to adapt.

Adapt to the new changes

Adapt to the new changesTherefore, the marketers now need to know what the future of digital transformation holds for them and what they need to do and consider to plan for their digital marketing strategies, develop it and implement it as soon as possible.

  • First, they will need to believe that digital transformation is not only about knowing the technology and using it optimally. It is also about the business CEOs working with the CIOs to form an active partnership. This will help them to develop more transparent and more effective strategies that will allow then to adapt to the set of significant changes.
  • Second, they will also need to clarify who is in total control of matters. In addition to that, they must also make sure that they look beyond their revenue goal or the stock price. They will need to focus on the specific ways that will be more productive to lead to these goals.
  • Third, they will need to address any shortage of or in digital skills. This will enable them to keep up with the constant flux in consumer behavior. It will allow them to know about the ways in which they can predict patterns, spot new trends, and instantly react to any new situation.

In short, they must prepare themselves well enough to adopt and adapt to the new changes as AI and IoT are the two most important things that will drive transformation and continue doing so this year and beyond.

Taking A Glimpse Into The Future Of Digital Marketing In A Tech-Driven World

Mobile has and will be the prime factor of the modern technology-driven world and will inevitably affect digital marketing strategies. Therefore, brands will need to make the best of the opportunities that it will provide to them. However, they will need to change, and for that, they will need to do some work. With the help of technology, it becomes easier to grow your business and make it global.

They will need to stay abreast as well as ahead of the needs of their consumers. This will need them to have valuable campaign insights and a lot more to predict and address their needs. That means they will need to stay relevant to them to assist people in the real sense, and for that, they will need a lot of raw data.

Tech-Driven WorldThey will need to analyze it and use it in the best way possible.

  • This will add value to their digital marketing campaigns.
  • It will also enable them to establish communication in every step of their process.

Therefore, putting the consumers at the very core of their digital marketing campaigns will enable them to face the technology-driven world this year and beyond.

The best approach is to focus on the three new realities: To improve customer experience, recognize the data that reflects the customer’s journey, and measure interactions of the customers.

Therefore, for successful digital marketing, more emphasis should be given to video marketing, AI, voice search, marketing automation, and authenticity. This will help the business survive over the years.

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