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8 Proven Ways to Increase Sales for Your Business

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Even the sturdiest economies have pummeled in the pandemic. Businesses shut down, some laid off half of the employees, and the global recession reached its peak.

Now, when things are gradually getting back to normal, businesses want to make up for the lost time. Or the amount of revenue they lost due to lockdown and restrictions in place, they are eager to equal it by selling more in the upcoming months.

Assuming that you’re one of them, this article is going to help you in this endeavor. I’m going to reveal 8 proven ways you can increase sales for your business and take your revenue to a never-touched point in your sales graph.

Social Media Marketing

No matter what you’re selling today and where your business operates. Whether you’re selling kids’ toys in New York City or delicious pies in London, you need social media presence.

Statista reports that there are 3.78 billion social media users in the world – and this number is only expected to grow in the coming years. In the current world, that equates to roughly 48 percent of the total.

In a study, 57% of consumers said they would follow a brand to learn about new products or services, while 47% said they would follow company news.

So, if you have a business and you don’t have a Facebook page or an Instagram account full of visuals of your products, you’re missing out on an opportunity to sell more.

A Professional Website

Just like a Facebook page or a Pinterest account dedicated to your business, you need a professional website. A website builds credibility and serves as your digital shop where people can see your products and order online.

Even small stores have websites today because it hardly costs a few bucks to get one. But the revenue is guaranteed. There are various ways to utilize your website.

You can direct your traffic from social media to websites and vice versa. When customers see a business that has a website, they tend to trust them more than those without one.

Secondly, they know they won’t receive a bad product or a product slightly different from the show one. Because one bad review can tarnish the reputation of any business.

And most importantly, if your product/service quality is up to the mark, your prospects are more likely to convert to your site.

In a survey, 72% of consumers said positive testimonials and reviews increase their trust in a business. (Big Commerce)

Search Engine Optimization

And once you have a website ready, now you would want people to see it first on Google — above your competitors when they type a certain phrase.

Search engine optimization is a time-taking process, but worth investing in. From quality content creation to having a Google-friendly website, several factors come into play.

If you don’t know how it works, hire an expert. But make sure your website is ranked on Google.

Once you become part of the SERP results on a high-performing keyword, not only will your sales grow but your clientele will expand as wide as possible.

Never Run Out of Inventory

What inventory has to do with selling more? Shouldn’t I keep as much inventory as I need?

Yeah, you’re right. But things have changed, due to the pandemic the transportation of inventory has become an issue. And this is likely to continue for the next few months, at least.

Running out of inventory can turn off your long-term customer.

Fortunately, if you’re operating in the UK, you have a cheap inventory storage solution.

Respect Customer Feedbacks

Good customer feedback builds trust, bad ones do the opposite. If you are willing to learn and improve your product or service, customer feedback gives you great insights.

For example, you get free data on what customers are liking and what’s the most common problem; how good and prompt your customer support is, and what areas require more investment.

By acting wisely and investing in the right areas, you can increase your daily sales and minimize the risk of loss.

At the same time, when customers see constant improvement in the quality of your product/service, they appreciate it.

Take the example of Amazon, bad reviews are changed into 5-star ones when a customer gets a free product after a bad experience.

You don’t need to give anything. But make your customers realize that you appreciate their feedback and are willing to learn and improve.

Always Over-Deliver

So, we were talking about a free product, right? Don’t worry, over-delivering doesn’t imply you need to give something for free.

But a faster delivery also counts as over-delivering.

Or maybe your client had paid for only one month of service, you served his/her business for one extra week.

You had an hourly project, only three hours per day commitment. To get the job done fast, you worked 5 hours a day and delivered the project well before the deadline.

Going the extra mile counts as over-delivering. And over-delivering means your customer will forever owe you this thing. Won’t he come back again?

Stay in Touch With Customers

Though it can be annoying reading emails from the same company during early morning hours — you have more pressing things to deal with rather than buying a new juicer.

But email marketing and newsletter are great ways to keep your customers engaged and updated. Maybe you have a new stock of XYZ product coming, won’t you want to inform your customers?

One or two emails a week are enough.

And not always these emails have to be a sales pitch. Maybe you have something informative to share that might impact their lives — well, this topic for another day.

Keep Experimenting

Though it can be risky, if done right, you can sell much more than before. Never hesitate to experiment if you are selling a physical product. You can try out different variations of the same product and see which one gets the best response.

If you feel you need to keep one variation away while the other one is perched on the aisle, you can store it in The Storage Outlet in London.

In the end, you will procure some great insights and only spend your time and effort in selling the most profitable product!

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