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How to Deliver an Exceptional Customer Experience with Email Marketing

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Grabbing the customers’ attention towards your products and services time and again in this era of information explosion can be tough. You already know that customers are approached by many companies daily.

Your email must offer an engaging and enthusiastic approach towards your leads they have never experienced before, thus, providing an exceptional customer experience. 83% of people believe that email marketing has a way of attracting customers and is the most efficient strategy.

Most business owners and marketers have universally accepted that email marketing is yet the best strategy for better customer experience generating an ROI of 4200%, which is the greatest among all the marketing channels.

However, to ensure that you have all the information based on customer experience email marketing and how to implement it, you need to understand the basics first, including email marketing, its benefits, and more. So let’s start!

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an excellent inbound marketing strategy for companies that uses it as a direct marketing channel to share information about new product launches, influence sales, and update your customers about your brand.

Due to its high ROI returns, email marketing is the best business strategy for companies and has switched from the old-era techniques of mass mailing to segmented email campaigns. However, it may be difficult for you at first, yet it is better than other marketing channels.

Why is Email Marketing important for Customer Experience?

Email marketing helps you sell your products and assists in approaching, guiding, and nurturing potential leads about your serces. Consumers come to your services more by email rather than reaching out to any other marketing channels.

Here are some of the statistics to encourage businesses to practice email marketing:

  • Email marketing has a conversion rate of 174%, where customers spend 138% more on products that are marketed via email.
  • The average return is 42$, for every 1$ given to email marketing, providing high ROIs.

Email can be regarded as the only integrated method companies use to respond instantly to customer queries and provide them with better experiences. Below are a few reasons why email marketing-based customer experience is important.

1. Convenient Channel for Customers

You can access emails from anywhere, requiring your phone to view these emails, and many people access them via apps for a better view. It also helps the consumers to get frustrated by the intended purpose of waiting for long durations on calls and live chats.

2. Assertive Communication

People are highly concerned about their privacy, so most of them won’t reach out to you or accept any communication via social media platforms and even not when asked to share information on the call because there are no call transcripts as recorded proof.

Email is easily accessible, and all the information you share with the companies is proof of whatever negotiations are made. Moreover, it is a private platform where the customer data shared stays there unless removed.

3. Transfer of Data

Nowadays, messaging apps are widely used for their features of sharing photos and videos, which are easily accessible to other users that receive them. Email also has this feature, using which customers share pictures of faulty products.

It further allows the customer service agent to understand any consumer problem easily. The agent later replies by sharing tested product videos, photos, and documents as attachments, thus proving to be a better platform for great customer experiences. 

4. Email Surveying

You can use email marketing to conduct your product surveys and ask your customers for their esteemed feedback regarding your company’s performance and customer service, which is easier to do via email than on any other platform.

As you already know, email is easily accessible, so the customers find it easy to respond to your surveys and submit their feedback at the earliest, which does not allow them to be persuaded by you again and again.

Key Benefits of Email Marketing

Many companies have been practicing email marketing to earn profits and provide better customer experiences. Over the period, this marketing strategy has received huge recognition for a variety of reasons: 

1. Proper Analysis

You can know the difference in the slightest changes that occur when there is a shift in metrics. There are a maximum of email marketing software that you can use to analyze various metrics, like open rates, conversion, and click-through rates. Also, to better understand the required changes over time, consider using a timeline template.

2. Segmented Prospects Lists

When the audiences are targeted based on the email sign-up for your newsletters and newsletter referral programs, they are already interested in your brand, meaning they are just the most appropriate potential leads for your email campaigns and are likely to enter the sales funnel.

3. Easy Customization

This marketing strategy does not require a very heavy skill set where you need an entire team to work for it. Instead, you can use your small in-house team to consult the strategies for the design and outlook and independently create the best email campaigns.

These personalized email campaigns provide a high open rate of 18%, which requires the platform for which the email is designed, and you will be ready in a couple of hours.

4. Instant Outcome

Email marketing provides instant benefits to companies when used with the best intentions of generating revenue. You can add the call-to-action button feature to your newsletter emails which can help convert potential visitors into customers in no time.

Exceptional Customer Experience Examples

You must know that a completely satisfied customer adds 2.6 times the revenue than a half-satisfied consumer and 14 times more revenue than a somewhat dissatisfied customer. However, investing your resources in customer experience should be your main concern.

Below is a list of a few customer experience examples that will help you understand what strategies companies use for better experiences.

  • Employee engagement gives you highly encouraged customers, meaning if you have a strong employee base with happy staff, it will allow them to put more effort into the customers.
  • Generalize taking feedback from your customers about their experiences with the company, as listening to their concerns will help you improve your customer service.
  • Provide customized consumer experiences to your regular prospects by providing them with gifts, e-cards, and more to keep them interested in your services.
  • Use social media platforms as a customer approach medium to hear what they have to say about your brand’s experiences and collect consumer insights.
  • As you see, the various Twitter channels serve different purposes to the user, but their intentions are the same to create engagement among the viewers.

5. Less Costly

When emails are used as an omnichannel marketing strategy, it becomes cost-effective and slips off smoothly across various channels. Emailing software has unique features like skill-based routing, which allows it to communicate with knowledgeable commuters.

Email also has features, including spam filters, customized sections, and report facilities that help companies to focus on potential leads and solve their problems more efficiently. If your customer services know the credibility of the email, then it can be your most profitable platform.

How Can Email Marketing Deliver Great Customer Experience?

In this huge market of emails sent daily, it is only possible to distinguish your email marketing campaign from the others if you have the same strategy outlined. There are nearly 293 billion emails sent out every day to people from companies promoting their brands and products.

So, how can you make your email outstanding from the others and deliver the most appropriate customer experiences to your potential leads and prospects?

1. Personalized Email Engagement

There is no doubt that personalized emails prove to be more beneficial than other email strategies, and according to Invesp, customized marketing emails have 29% higher open rates and 41% higher click-through rates.

Consumers must believe that the products they purchase from any company must understand their desires and concerns. It can be initiated by taking consumer sign-ups from your newsletter emails and using the data to gain insight into what customers expect.

2. Short Subject Lines

Your opening sentence in an email stands a great chance of being highlighted by the readers, as 47% of email recipients always look at the subject lines first when they open any email. It would help if you were very particular and picky about the number of characters you use and the content.

Creating a one-liner sentence for the readers takes work, as you have to summarize the entire content you want your email to describe. However, these subject lines can help your email campaigns reach high points or lead them downward.

3. Segmenting Subscribers

Not all your prospects are your customers and clients, so you don’t want them to receive emails that are useless to them. It’s better to segregate your email subscribers and attend to each customer more precisely, providing them with the possible information.

Subscribers are highly interested in the emails that come up according to their expectations from your brand. Hence, segmenting your email list and customizing your customer service is best, along with providing the relevant data they are looking for in your emails.

Key Takeaways on How to Deliver an Exceptional Customer Experience with Email Marketing

Each company should embrace email marketing for better customer experiences, not because it has the best ROI rates but because it is easier to practice the strategy and convenient to consumers worldwide.

Create and design emails in a way that you are having a conversation with your friends, which is a two-way communication applying the same strategy in your email marketing customer experiences where you expect that there is a person at the receiver’s end.

Therefore, you don’t want your friends to be bored with your lengthy email content and irritate them by repeating the same things daily. Instead, drive their interest in your services and products by hearing them out and keeping them engaged.

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