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8 Aspects of a Strategically Designed SaaS Website

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SaaS products take time to develop, and even more, time should be invested in marketing them in the best possible way. SaaS is a competitive niche and it can be really difficult to get yourself distinguished among other web companies. The web design for Saas companies has to be put together with care and attention to detail, especially because SaaS products are not designed to be sold at one point in time; they require additional investments from the client side.

Saas web design follows certain rules that allow web experts to create effective web pages that promote their products.

Here are 8 Aspects of a Strategically Designed SaaS Website

1. Mobile-friendly Web Design

Mobile web browsers are nowadays used by almost everybody who surfs the web. Moreover, web designers have to take into account that web pages are usually opened on mobile devices when designing strategically for SaaS companies.

Therefore, websites are designed in a way that makes them easily viewable on any device; tablets, mobile phones, and laptops.

2. Modern Design

A modern design is one that uses the latest trends and web technologies. The web design should be visible and easy to use, while also being open for future web technologies.

Moreover, web experts have to take into account that web consumers are a different kind of people these days, therefore web pages need to appeal to modern customers’ tastes.

3. Intuitive Navigation System

Intuitive navigation means that your website is designed in such a way that website traffic flows from web page to web page. very important for SaaS web design.

Since web pages are supposed to be used by customers, web designers need to ensure that web users can easily navigate through the website and find any info they need.

A simple navigation system is essential for keeping web consumers happy; therefore, experts tend to opt for a drop-down menu on the desktop.

4. Easy-to-use

The best design is the one that is super easy to navigate and understand. The interface design of SaaS product-related websites should be such that clients know exactly what the product does and how much it will cost and what are the pros and cons of it.

This easy-to-use design is more likely to get you more visitors and eventually more customers.

5. Responsive Design

Responsive web design has become so important for SaaS products and allows the web page to adjust to different screen sizes. It is essential that your website design caters to all sorts of customers using all sorts of different devices.

Responsive design should adjust to desktops, mobile devices, iPads, and tablets. You never know which device your client is using to browse your website.

6. Abandonment Rate

Web designers must be able to create web pages that web consumers do not abandon too early. This can be achieved by understanding color schemes and designing an interactive web page that keeps the visitors hooked to your website.

7. Mobile Traffic Report

It is important for web designers to know where web traffic comes from so they can design web pages accordingly.

Traffic stats can help designers decide which web pages need more work and which ones are fine as is.

8. Bounce Rate Report

Understanding web traffic and web analytics will help web designers know how web-ready their web page is. The bounce rate report tells web designers which web pages are not ready for web traffic and need to be redesigned or redeveloped before web consumers arrive there.

These small tips and tricks will help you design a website that consumers will love to visit.

With these tips, you are putting the user first and presenting your product in a way that appeals to the customers. This approach will surely get you more leads!

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