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SaaS Companies Can Take the Lead with 6 Time-Tested Sales Tactics in 2022

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It is said that you can lead a horse to water, but not make it drink. While this is true in most situations, it doesn’t hold when it comes to generating leads, and more specifically leads for SaaS companies. It’s not enough just to invite customers to your door. You must make them stay there.

We won’t lie. We won’t lie. This is not an easy goal because of the over-saturation and competition that is engulfing the SaaS market.

What started as niche offerings by companies has become increasingly saturated with ” similar” SaaS offerings. Customers are left confused and lost.

If you don’t think differently about thinking different when it comes down to how to keep your company afloat, you are likely to be in trouble sooner rather than later.

There is always hope. Simple efforts such as using the organic search (Think: Google) can drive 68% of new-visitor traffic on your brand’s website!

Let’s take a look at another simple, yet effective strategy that can help you win customers and keep them coming back.

1. User Journey > Lead Generation Campaign

You must first prioritize user experience enhancement and understand the user persona. Then, prioritize it with utmost care.

There is no way in which you can create an impactful lead generation campaign without understanding your user’s needs, aspirations, buying behavior, problem areas, motivators, among other things. We have provided a list of steps that you can take to better understand your user.

Hottest Insights with Hotjar Tool: There’s a tool that can do everything. You can track your product’s usage and gain insights into your customers, or dig deeper into your customer data.

Customer satisfaction Hotjar is an analytics-driven tool that can help you achieve Net Promoter Score (NPS) and CSAT (Cost of Satisfaction). It also offers new features such as heat maps and visitor recordings, feedback polls, and form analysis. This case will allow you to make sure that your customer is always at your side.

Data Gold Mine: Almost all companies don’t know that they have a huge data bank that has never been used. You just need to gather a group of experts who can draw useful points from past or existing data and create a new one-lead strategy that is in line with customers’ dynamic needs and acts as a motivator.

The information can be shared with sales professionals who can interact with customers while keeping in mind short-term and long-term customer needs.

2. Focus on SaaS Partnerships

This strategy is based on the motto: Together we can achieve more. Collaborating with other companies and SaaS influencers opens up new doors of opportunities for your brand both literally and figuratively.

You also have access to high-quality leads, which can help you increase your lead generation skills. Each company promotes the other’s products and services to reach a wider audience. It is a win-win partnership that benefits both the partners and their customers.

3. Look at your Company Website from a Different Perspective

Have you ever updated your company website in a while? If it takes more than five seconds for the answer, then it is time to revamp your website. An outdated website is more likely to turn away potential customers.

Websites are not fulfilling the traditional requirement of informing customers about your offerings. On the contrary, they’re increasingly being seen in the light of a prompt and powerful lead generation platform that can offer the following services:

SEO: You might not be on the first page when you search Google for your name. SEO can help you get on the map and in the mind of users.

Businesses can use the Google Keywords Tool to find out which keywords are most effective for them. They can then use that information in their content marketing. It acts as a bridge between you and your customer.

It’s crucial to strike a balance between quality and SEO-centric content. So it’s not surprising that 87% of marketers believe that online content (read SEO-driven content) plays a significant role in customer buying decisions.

Chat live: Live chats are a powerful tool that can be used to communicate with customers face-to-face. You can also try the following: Live chat software is omnichannel, instantaneous, effective in execution, robust, comprehensive, innovative in design and execution.

It also supports screen sharing, voice, and video calls. Live chat is a great way to offer real-time support via multiple touchpoints.

Blogging: This is a simple one. An investment in a consistent, clear, and coherent blogging platform will pay rich dividends. How do you do it? Blogs are a great way to showcase your brand’s personality. They also come at no cost (a huge incentive for users).

Blogs that focus on your brand and the reasons why people should choose your product/service can be created. It is crucial to create value-driven messages that cater to the needs of your audience at this stage.

Content Marketing: As an integral part of the lead magnet tools Content marketing E-books, video tutorials, and wallpapers can all be used to generate leads for your business. This can bring in more leads than any other sales strategy.

You just need to make sure you fill it with actionable insight and you’re good! You don’t always have to create new content. Sometimes, repurposing existing content can be just as effective. Let your creativity flow.

“Free Trial”: The benefit of a free trial in return for their contact information is probably the most valuable offer you can make to potential customers. It’s similar to those first dates when you are still trying out the person and “exchanging numbers”.

The demo/tutorial can make a lasting impression on customers and convince them to stay with your brand. Visitors were offered 30-day free trials by SAP in 2016. This resulted in 3,700 new leads and an 88.5% reduction in the cost per lead.

4. Email Marketing Campaigns to Generate & Nurture Leads

See this: Recent research shows that email marketing has a 38:1 return on investment. This is understandable as email marketing works wonders at all stages of a customer’s lifecycle, from onboarding to nurturing.

The best advice you will likely get is to use email signatures to call to action, to encourage the user to visit your site/buy into your offering.

SaaS companies must also spend equal amounts of energy and time in sending ‘cold email’. We don’t mean cold as an adjective. Cold emails These are outbound messages that you send to people who have never had contact with your company.

Personalize your emails to every user to maximize the cold email advantage. Consider this: According to a Buzzstream study, personalized emails with contextually relevant personalization received 10.7% more replies than other emails.

5. Videos for Visual Super Powers

Using videos as effective engagement tools is no longer a well-kept secret. Every business, large or small, knows that goes live is essential to keep their website alive. Research by E2M Solutions has shown that 92% of B2B marketers use videos to generate leads and sales. These are two options you could consider:

  • Webinars: A webinar is an online and live video conference that’s only available to a specific audience (global or local). People are usually informed about the details of the session in advance through a creative and interesting pre-webinar campaign. It functions as a hook for any new offer.

Provide relevant and useful content is a must. It is possible to answer questions, share your experiences, or introduce a new product. It is important to understand the best time and day for maximum audience engagement.

Even though you won’t be meeting your audience face to face, it is possible to get up close and personal with them digitally. It is important to be a professional presenter. Data suggest that 20-40% of attendees can be converted into qualified leads with an outcome-driven, well-conducted webinar.

  • Live Q&A Session: Youtube is not only for watching your favorite movie trailers. Youtube doubles up as a virtual stage that allows companies to conduct live sessions and connect with their audience. You can do whatever you want. address customer queries engage the audience, or just inform them about new products.

Steve Jobs is perhaps the greatest presenter I can think of. We don’t have to tell you how effectively he used the “stage” to entertain, inform and educate his audience. This is what created the worldwide phenomenon we call “Apple”.

6. Guest Posting for a Sales “Home Run”

Ask any sales professional and they will tell you that guest posting in forums run by industry leaders is a smart move. It’s a great way to reach potential customers who may not otherwise have come across your brand.

Do your research and find the most popular websites. Then, create a schedule for guest posting. You should also consider creating quality blogs that are rich with content, visually appealing, and provide data and statistics that are universal.

Last Thoughts

You can build a resilient business with a positive impact and a bright future by focusing on the customer. Nick Francis, co-founder, Help Scout

Lead generation today is about treating every customer interaction, written, verbal, physical, or digital as an ongoing opportunity to go above and beyond to get closer to them.
Companies that adopt a holistic approach to customer service, while keeping in mind the strategies above, can enjoy exponential growth and happy customers. These tactics will ensure that every customer path will lead towards SaaS.

What are the most effective lead generation methods that work for your business? Please share your thoughts below.

Thank you!
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