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7 Steps to Build a Lead Generation System for your Business

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Clients are the lifeblood of every business but without leads, there are no clients.

lead generation is very important for your businessThis is why lead generation is very important for your business. So, how do you generate successful leads? This is the million-dollar question that some businesses can’t still figure out. Using digital marketing tactics, creating powerful marketing funnels or sales funnels or using growth hacking strategies can be helpful to build a lead generation system for your business.

If your lead generation process is just a mishmash of manual sorting and disorganized communications, it’s time to create a systematic process that will make you gain leads instead of losing them.

To build a lead generation system for your business, here are seven steps you should take.

#1 Understand the Lead Generation System

Before you create a lead generation system, you need to fully understand the sales generation process.

A typical sales generation processA typical sales generation process is broken down into five steps:

  • Lead generation – the process of finding people who can be converted into customers
  • Lead qualification – the process of determining whether a lead is qualified or not. You can either discard or nurture unqualified leads further. 
  • Lead scoring – the process of tracking engagement so you will know who to follow up with
  • Lead nurturing – the process of developing relationships with qualified leads until they are ready to buy your products
  • Lead conversion – the process of converting a lead into a contact, an account or an opportunity

Think of lead generation as a machine and you feed it with targeted traffic. It eliminates unqualified leads and nurtures the qualified ones, giving you a marketing qualified lead which you can later convert into a customer.

However, don’t stress yourself too much thinking of all these processes. For now, focus on generating leads and know your audience better.

#2 Figure Out the ‘Four W’s’ for your Customers

Regardless of what strategy and tools you use to generate leads, the most important thing is customer research.

specific segmentTo define a specific segment, figure out the basic information of your customers or their four W’s:

  • Who – Who are your customers? What are their age, job, location and other demographic information? 
  • What – What do these customers want (unique design, durability, best price)?
  • Where – Where can you find these customers (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit, etc.)?
  • Why – Why your products can help these customers?

When doing customer research, be as clear and as specific as possible. Each metric can lead you to a more targeted campaign, so make good use of every small detail you can find about your customers.

Apparently, there is no source that fits everything and you have to depend on the combination of objective and subjective data such as surveys, customer interviews, industry research, and Facebook audience research.

By knowing who and what your customers are, where to find them and why you can help them, you will also understand their needs and preferences better. Once you have such information, you can jump to the next step of building a lead generation system.

#3 Choose your Lead Generation Channels

As of today, there are lots of marketing channels you can use for lead generation. You don’t need to utilize all these available channels but you can pick a few and be good at it. For startups, it is best to test their marketing channels to determine if these channels can yield sustainable business growth. There are several ways to decide which marketing channels are right for your business.

Here are some of the most effective lead generation channels to choose from:

  • Email marketing – Email marketing remains the most effective channel for lead generation, according to a recent report from Ascend2. By using marketing automation tools, you can send automated and targeted personalized emails to your leads and customer base. Email marketing automation can also help you gather more relevant data about your customers such as behaviors that trigger sales conversion. If you want to increase your sales, email marketing is definitely the way to go.
  • Content marketing – Digital marketing stats shows that content marketing ranks as one of the most effective lead generation channels in the same report.

To get successful leadsTo get successful leads through content marketing, you need to:

  • Create different types of content (blogs, videos, infographics, podcasts, etc.)
  • Use analytical tools to track content performance
  • Create content that addresses your leads
  • Keep on identifying customer personas 
  • Social media marketing – Social media is a very powerful platform that allows you to find more leads and engage your customers more. Make good use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms and be active on them so you won’t miss any prospective customer. For instance, you can use Facebook Lead Ads: a game-changer for your business.
  • Sales playbooks – A sales playbook is a collection of customized sales tools to better outline what you sell, who you sell it to and how you sell it.

Some of the benefits of sales playbooks are:

  • Increased consistency
  • Improved positioning
  • Better prospects
  • More sales
  • Influencer marketing – Influencer marketing is a new trend in the business industry that you need to try. This is also effective, especially if you partner with a very famous influencer. If an influencer has millions of YouTube subscribers or Facebook followers, this is a good chance to use their influence for increased brand awareness. A lot of people look up to influencers and if they see them using your brand, they will easily be drawn to your products.

You can also use traditional or offline lead generation channels such as:

  • Offline events – These events include seminars, workshops, trade shows, and demonstrations.
  • Community building – This is a great way to meet prospects face-to-face and improve relationships with your customers. This will also help you attract strategic partners and create a good impression while introducing your brand to your community.
  • Speaking engagements – Take advantage of speaking engagement opportunities such as industry conferences. This will allow you to meet more prospects and like-minded people that can help you grow your business.

If you're looking for more lead generation tactics, you will enjoy this article where 20 marketers share their favorites.

#4 Choose the Right Content Format for Each Buying Process

In the competitive world of business, “content is king” and regardless of your lead generation channel, you will use different kinds of content. The problem is that not every content format will work for each stage of the buying process. This is why you need to choose the right content for each buying stage: awareness, consideration, and decision.

Choose the Right Content Format for Each Buying ProcessYou can use broad content if you only want to create brand awareness but if you want your leads to consider your products, you can use more personalized or more specific content. For awareness, you may use eBooks, white papers, how-to videos or educational webinar.

For the consideration stage, datasheet, demo videos and product webinar can help your prospects evaluate your products more. To attract them in making a purchase, you can use consultations, coupons, live demo or free trial.

For content curation and content creation, you don't have to do everything manually. Indeed, there are marketing automation tactics and tools that will help you automate your content & lead generation strategy.

#5 Create Offers

To engage your prospects more, create offers in exchange for data. Don’t just offer them something attractive but more than that, it should align with their interests. Offer them something that addresses their needs or will solve their problems. You can rely on various convertkit reviews and other feedback about your products. Think of an offer that applies to a specific situation but also applies to most of your prospects.

In a nutshell, creating a “lead magnet” in your lead generation channels is the key to attracting more prospects and turning them into customers.

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#6 Create a Landing Page and Conversion-Focused Forms

A visitor and a lead are different and what separates them from each other is a landing page. This is why it is important to create a landing page and optimize it.

When creating a landing page, focus on the design and company since they have a high impact on your visitors. Minor elements such as button color can affect the overall look of your landing page so make sure to pick an engaging template and use the right color combination.

While your layout focuses on value and clarity, your copy should highlight the features and benefits of your offer as well as your social proof.

To increase your landing page conversion rates, there are three things you need to do:

  • Improve your offer
  • Improve your design and copy
  • Improve your form

The next thing to do is to create conversion-focused forms. Like your landing page, your forms should also be aesthetically attractive but uncomplicated.

To do this, you should:

  • Use a single-column layout
  • Offer clear directions
  • Use a large, easy-to-spot button 
  • Use contrasting colors
  • Use action words (Click, submit, download, etc.)

#7 Monitor your Overall Performance

Tracking performance is one of these lead generation strategies that you need to skyrocket your business growth. Analytics and reporting are essential in every business. If you’re just in the process of lead generation, you need to closely monitor how you are performing in every little aspect of the lead management process. You need to know if you are doing well with finding leads and engaging them to see if your lead generation channel or strategy is working.

Some of the lead generation performance metrics you need to monitor include:

  • Click-through rate (CTR) – This metric measures the performance of your CTA or call to action. On your landing page or email, you are likely to include a call to action and click-through rate tells you how many people are clicking them.
  • Conversion rate – This tells you how many of your leads are taking specific actions (clicking a button, filling out forms, etc.).
  • Time to convert – This will let you know how long it takes for a verified lead to make a purchase. This is important as it will give you an insight into your sales cycle length.
  • ROI – You can say this is the most important metric to measure not only in lead generation but in your entire business. If you have a high ROI, it means that the money you are spending to acquire leads is all worth it.

Data analytics are one of the key elements to create an effective pipeline generation strategy. Without understanding your data, you cannot improve your funnel.

So, how to build a lead generation system for your business?

lead generation systemLead generation is pretty challenging but if you follow these steps, you’ll be able to build a lead generation system for your business and use it effectively.

Don’t just try to drive more traffic, gain visibility or improve your brand awareness. What you want is to build a lead generation system as well as sales funnels if you want to grow your business.

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