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How To Get A Better ROI On The Content You Create

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Content marketing is a valuable ROI-increasing resource, but original content is difficult to make and even harder to research and plan for. It’s pretty challenging to stand out in a saturated market, but if you provide value and follow our tips, you can still generate ROI with your content.

How to Easily Increase Your Content Marketing ROI

A consistent strategy is more likely to see results because it’s familiar and proven to work. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Instead, focus on using the following tried-and-true ROI improving methods.

1. Update, Repurpose, and Promote Your New and Old Content

Time passes quickly on the internet. What might be vogue now could change next month, so it’s essential to keep your content relevant to both readers and the Google algorithm. However, if your content is still considered up-to-date, try repurposing it into another content type.

For example, you could turn a blog post into a podcast, video, or ebook. Or, you could turn one article into three by expanding on specific points. When you improve your content, you have an excuse to promote it again. You can even promote evergreen content yearly by reposting it.

2. Use Content Syndication to Reach a Larger (or Different) Audience

Content syndication is when a business republishes the same content piece on multiple websites (with permission). Although this sounds similar to guest blogging, syndicated content isn’t a new piece written for other publications. It’s literally the same piece of content duplicated.

A complete syndication program can increase ROI because it gives you access to a larger audience, but you have to be careful. Google allows businesses to syndicate their own content (without it affecting their SEO ranking) if they do so sparingly and link back to the original article.

3. Stick to Videos, Blogs, Case Studies, and Social Media Platforms

All content types can increase ROI, but some do it better than others. For example, videos have the highest ROI out of any content form, case studies come in second, and blogs manage third. Infographics are also top contenders, as they promote quality backlinking and engagement.

While sites like Youtube and TikTok currently lag behind in terms of ROI, this trend may change for TikTok in the next 1-2 years. Currently, Facebook and Instagram produce the highest ROI. If you’re looking to get more out of your content, Facebook videos are prime money-makers.

4. Optimize Your Content With Search Engine Optimization and Analytics

Search engine optimization (SEO) takes a long time to get off the ground. However, the right keywords, CTAs, and content types can boost organic traffic significantly. Plus, SEO continues to work in the background unless Google changes the formula (pay attention to updates!).

Even if Google did set and forget, marketers shouldn’t use that strategy. To get the most out of each piece of content, you need to monitor it after publication. Analytics software can measure your content’s success over time, identify potential improvements, and increase your ROI.

5. Improve Your Content Strategy and Website User Experience

To increase ROI, you need to make content that’s made to increase ROI. That means being choosy with what topics you cover and what actions you’ll take to improve income. Start by researching your target audience and experimenting with different channels and content types.

While most content strategy improvements are dependent on your industry, the importance of website UX (user experience) stays the same. Every business needs a fast, navigable site that reduces distractions. Otherwise, visitors won’t stick around long enough to read your content.

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