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Why Your Business Should Be Using LinkedIn’s Lead Accelerator

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LinkedIn is one of the most powerful content distribution channels for B2B marketers, but if you’re not taking advantage of their Lead Accelerator offering, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to market to your target audience in a whole new way.

LinkedIn Lead Accelerator is the platform’s all-in-one marketing product for lead generation and nurturing. It combines all of LinkedIn’s marketing solutions, including sponsored updates and display advertising, to put relevant content in front of high quality prospects until they are ready to become customers.

LinkedIn Lead Accelerator is primarily a remarketing tool that allows you to target website visitors based on the webpages they’ve visited and certain behaviors they’ve exhibited (such as filling out a form), and segment them into “nurture streams”.

Once you’ve defined your various nurture streams, you’ll create a “nurture wave,” or individual offer, where you determine the ad or landing page you want to put in front of a specific nurture stream.

A single nurture stream generally consists of multiple nurture waves, with the goal of each wave being to guide the prospect further through their buyer’s journey.

B2B marketers usually associate lead nurturing with email campaigns, but LinkedIn Lead Accelerator is changing this standard, providing a way to extend the reach of lead nurturing efforts across multiple channels. Below, we list four other benefits of using LinkedIn Lead Accelerator as part of your own B2B marketing efforts:

Target Prospects Across the Web

LinkedIn Lead Accelerator helps B2B marketers drive website conversions by delivering ads to targeted prospects across multiple channels, including its sponsored updates and display ads, as well as Facebook.

Keep in mind: based on LinkedIn’s benchmarks, the more channels you use, the lower your cost per action will be.

Automates Your Budget

Marketers who are new to paid advertising won’t have to worry about managing a budget because LinkedIn does it for you. The tool’s channel budget optimizer automates your Lead Accelerator budget across sponsored updates, display ads, and Facebook, and will adjust the budget to favor the channels driving the most conversions.

Take Advantage of Auto-Fill

LinkedIn Lead Accelerator users have exclusive access to LinkedIn’s AutoFill feature, a single button placed on lead generation forms that will pre-populate its fields with public information from a visitor’s LinkedIn profile.

Visitors to your form will appreciate the auto-fill function for doing the grunt work for them, and because LinkedIn is such a well-known brand, there is less of a trust barrier to overcome.

Optimize Your Messaging

You can A/B test your messaging through LinkedIn Lead

Accelerator by creating separate nurture streams with the same target audience and assessing which version of your ad copy gets the most engagement.

Over time, you will determine what messaging makes the most impact on your audience and can use that information when creating ads for future marketing efforts.

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