12.06.2024 16:30

How to Create a Powerful B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy

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While there has been a lot of talk about how social media is a great way to generate new leads for a B2C company, there significantly less attention paid to how social media helps with B2B marketing.

This is unfortunate because social media is a great way for your business to appeal to other businesses. With that in mind, we have collected a number of tips that will help your B2B social media marketing strategy be more effective.

Stay Social

It’s very easy to fall into the mentality that just because you are interacting with other businesses that you don’t need the same level of social interaction as with B2C marketing.

Remember that it will be actual people who you connect with in you B2B social media marketing and that they like to be treated as such.

Know Who You are Talking To

Who in the business are you targeting? Are you looking to appeal to someone in their marketing division or a human resources director? The content of your social media channels should be geared toward your target audience.

Consider your Outlets

While Facebook may be huge, it is not always the best way to reach the types of businesses that you want. Consider smaller social media sites that specialize in your field or subgroups of larger social media sites like LinkedIn.

Speak a Common Language

If you are an apparel company and your target audience is retail buyers then you should use the same terms and industry phrases that they do. This establishes you as knowledgeable and can help you communicate more clearly.

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