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The situation is far from stable and irritation over the coronavirus is growing. Whole states can cease to exist. But that's not the worst of it. This is just a side effect of the transition of our world to a new level. The level of digital civilization. The world is changing.

By 2030, 47% of professions will disappear.The problem of the future lies not in pandemics and wars for resources, but in the fact that there are fewer and fewer professions in which people will be competitive with technology.

People need to prepare for the fact that their profession will soon be unclaimed, and look for one that will win the competition.

By 2030, 47% of professions will disappear.
For example, in Moscow, by 2025, 4.5 million people will be left without a profession.
What will people who are left without work do?

Over the past 120 years, labor productivity has grown 25 timesOver the past 120 years, labor productivity has grown 25 times, and we work 5 days a week and work, but this is not for long.
Robots, artificial intelligence and smart contracts will remove 80% of jobs by 2030.

Today, the system is designed so that the financial director, accountant - must also be entrepreneurs. The future lies with companies where all employees are shareholders and partners. The form of capitalism, when there is one master and 100 slaves, has no prospects. Slaves can be replaced with a blockchain, but an entrepreneur cannot.

What will people who are left without work do?The structure of the business will radically change in the near future. Everything that can be digitized will be digitized. Only entrepreneurs can not be digitized.

Thanks to the fact that robotization and digitalization are taking place, a large number of people will be freed, and those processes that stretched for 2-3 hundred years even 100 or 200 years ago, such as the construction of factories, the industrial revolution is now happening much faster.

In contrast to that time, the digital revolution is happening very quickly. We are faced with the risk of releasing a large number of people, and no one knows where to put them.

Constant work for a salary has become an anachronism. Many entrepreneurs work for themselves, collaborating with several companies and clients at once. This stage in the development of a work culture is characterized by the active use of online platforms that allow you to quickly select an adequate contractor, based on his rating and the conditions under which he is ready to fulfill the task assigned to him

Platforms, initially focused on finding performers for solving any problems and tasks, are beginning to unite professionals from a wide variety of fields: architecture, design, marketing, psychology, as well as engineering, scientific and medical fields.

Therefore, using artificial intelligence technologies, the Quasa team is creating a digital assistant to solve the biggest problem that humanity has already faced, namely, to solve the problem of unemployment.

Quasa solution requires complex technology, but vision is pretty simple:
Imagine a fully integrated system - from production or job placement - to execution or delivery of the finished product to the customer's doorstep.
Now imagine that the entire system is combined by artificial intelligence into decentralized distributed applications and transparent smart contracts.

A crisis is a crisis, technical progress and robotization of production will soon lead to the fact that there will be less and less low-skilled work. However, no robots or interfaces will be able to repair an apartment or fix furniture any time soon. Online consumer services exchanges may well provide jobs for blue collars (and even white collars).

Before our very eyes, many areas of business have completely switched to freelancing and using online services.
This trend should lead to lower costs and economic growth.

Blockchain platform QUASA will help you find a reliable contractor for any task
Using QUASA, you will be able to track your pro's location, manage booking information, communicate with your pro, rate and tip after every booking, and use more mobile features.

Entrepreneurship in the 21st century is the most valuable, or rather, invaluable product.
It is for entrepreneurs that the QUASA ecosystem has been created.

Unlike the monopolies of the past, today's platforms are in constant competition.
This is due to the fact that other mechanisms operate in the platform markets. Platforms do not compete in terms of physical assets; their main asset is user networks.
And users can move much faster than production capacity in the past because they are tied to value created, not assets and property.

QUASA is the starting point for the growth of the Quasa Network and for coordinating activities in this network.
Essentially, QUASA creates the infrastructure and tools that will support the growth of the online marketplace and community.

Quasa Network will help thousands of people and companies interact. Then the third and fourth changes will come into play: the simultaneous rise in popularity of big data and the ubiquity of the web and touch coverage.

To apply for consideration to become a Quasa Network validator, fill out the form on this page: https://quasa.io/partners

The Quasa application implements the latest Instant app technology from Google - the function of instant application launch without installation on a mobile phone.

We want to remind you that 99% of any other applications you need to install first in order to understand why they are useful, unlike these applications, we do not force you to install the application and do not ask you to share your confidential data, phone number or mail - after all can be used only once and understand that it does not suit you!

Research shows that Quasa App is one of the first to implement Instant App - today in most sectors of the economy, almost all global, medium and small companies have not even announced the transition of their mobile applications to the latest Instant App technology.

Without installing, you can open the Quasa app and see how the main function of the Shipping Calculator app works.

New technologies are changing reality.
Let's list those that have already been implemented on the QUASA platform.
- You can open and use the Quasa app on the iPhone, although it is an Android app!

- Without installing in the future, you will be able to open and use Quasa App on any computer;

- Added new function "Work offline".
Now you can safely use the Quasa app without an internet connection. You can safely generate any transactions offline and when connected to the internet, they will be sent automatically.

No one can steal anything from you if you are not connected to the Internet. We advise you to work offline as MEW recommends and this is changing a lot, we care about your safety!

- Added new function "Reading Mode".
If you are logged out of the application and are not authorized in it, then this function will allow you to enter the application and view all your data that was saved in the authorized mode.
  The function works offline or online.

Thanks, see you soon!
QUASA is a simple and reliable way to take care of yourself.