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Why It’s Hard to Create Original Content

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Originality is essential for content creators. Hollywood has a lot of remakes and reboots. They take advantage of older films that are successful and present them to a new audience.

Even though these changes are often unsuccessful, they can add value to the experience. You can’t get any value from an article or video if it is a rehash of something already done. This could lead to reputation problems and make you known as plagiarism.

If you have been writing content for some time, it is possible that you have reached a plateau. You might find it difficult to create unique content that is different from the rest of your competitors.

What is the best way to create original content?

Why it’s hard to create original content

Let’s start by looking at the problem from the ground. There are many problems that can prevent you from creating original content and sub-problems that must be solved.

Take, for example:

The saturation problem. 

The saturation problem doesn’t require you to be an expert in content analytics. Many millions of people are actively creating content online, with millions investing heavily in their own promotion.

Since we have had a blog- and social-media-centric online environment for more than 20 years, the number of articles in circulation has increased.

Additionally, content marketing is becoming more popular and people are flooding the market with more content. It is difficult to find a topic that has not been covered before.

The problem with the successful formula. 

But there’s another problem with the “successful recipe” for content creation. You may have noticed YouTube videos with thumbnails that show a person making a surprise face and titles that suggest something shocking. They also last just over 10 minutes.

These videos do extremely well within YouTube’s algorithms. Although you could fault content creators for using clickbait or copying tactics from their competitors, it is still the rational thing to do.

You won’t be able to create original content if you don’t adhere to the principles of success. These tactics will make it impossible to create something truly unique.

Creative stagnation. 

After creating 100 videos about a topic it becomes difficult to find new ways to address the subject. Many content creators experience some type of writer’s block or burnout at one point.

They find it difficult to create original content or realize that much of what they have done is not original. It can take years to overcome this creative stagnation.

The danger problem. 

Anyone could come up with a technical new idea. It’s possible to create an avant-garde video or write content that is completely against all the blogging rules. These pieces will not be popular because they are so different from the norm.

Each piece of original content is a list for its creator. This presents a risk to the creator and punishes those who try to break away from conventions.

The Demand For Originality

With all these obstacles, why bother trying something new? You can copy the tactics of your competitors and still get reasonable results.

You can achieve decent results even if you have mediocre content. As long as you are consistent with your output and try to entertain and inform your readers, the short answer is yes. Original content can be a huge advantage.

It will set you apart and give people what they want, rather than something that only meets their minimum requirements.

How to Make More Original Content

What steps can you take in order to create original content?

Ideas are everywhere

Try to find ideas everywhere. You are probably familiar with the idea that creativity is not something you can force. If you have 20 minutes to spare and set out to come up with an innovative idea, you will only be disappointed.

When we’re bored or unoccupied, creativity tends to come out. This is why it’s important to be open and willing to listen to other ideas. You can search for content ideas specifically to use as brainstorming tools.

It’s important to be open-minded when you interact with others, learn new things, or just sit alone in your thoughts while you shower.

Find holes in the canon

Next, find the gaps in your canon. Look at your competition and what content they are creating. Is there a critical topic in your industry that hasn’t been covered yet by one of your competitors?

Do your customers have questions that aren’t adequately answered on the Internet? If you are creative enough to find a solution, every hole can be a potential opportunity.

Prioritize authenticity

The decline in authenticity is one of the greatest problems associated with content marketing’s rise in popularity.

For fear of offending customers or disrupting the industry, brands have taken to create the most safe and comfortable content possible.

Their content is written by a group of stout professionals. Although this doesn’t necessarily mean that a casual, informal approach isn’t appropriate for your brand, it will make it easier to stand out.

Share something new

It’s easy to create a headline for original content if you have unique information.

Original research is the best way to find new information. Even simple studies that leverage the power of customer surveys or basic human observation can yield valuable results that your readers will appreciate.

Increase your contribution

You don’t need to be the sole author of all content creation. Working with a team is better as you can get ideas from all members.

You should also consider collaborating with other writers and accepting guest writers’ contributions. This will not only reduce the manual effort required to create content but it can also give you new perspectives and help you cover older topics.

Diversify the content risk

It is possible to offend search engine gods by publishing a piece of content that has controversial opinions.

Neither do you want your entire brand reputation to be based on a completely new medium that could cause people to leave.

You should consider your content portfolio as an investment portfolio, and diversify your risk. You should include a variety of “risky” content that is grounded in less original, but safer contributions. No one said that all content must be original.


The “original content problem” will be solved by technology, at least in part. There will be new ways to create and interact with content, which will stimulate the creativity of many content creators and inspire them to develop fresh ideas.

However, this is not enough. You need to invest in content originality strategies to stand out and appeal to your target audience.

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