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Copywriting for Business: 4 Reasons To Hire a Copywriter

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As a business owner, making smart investments is crucial to ensure that you make significant profits. You need to have a budget for essential services so you can market the products and services you offer effectively.

One of the vital investments you should consider nowadays is getting professional freelance copywriting services. Established copywriters can help make your brand instantly recognizable, especially if you are competing with well-known enterprises. 

By leveraging their professional knowledge and abilities, you can reach your target customers and potentially gain profits faster and easier. By outsourcing copywriting tasks to a professional, you’ll have more time to dedicate to managing and improving operations, and growing your business. 

Sure, you can write your business copy. But a seasoned copywriter has a set of skills and specialization when it comes to crafting words strategically to achieve a specific purpose.

Read further to learn why professional copywriting is crucial for your business today.

1. Copywriters have a better understanding of the niche.

To create an excellent copy, one must have an in-depth understanding of the subject matter and niche. The goal is to come up with content that is informative and relatable. Not all writers can do this.

Professional copywriters do their own research each time they create marketing copy, even if they are experts in your niche because they know that every client is unique. They see to it that the content they give you reflects what your business is all about – from your backstory to the kind of products you offer.

Experience is also crucial when creating content because this can relate to confirmation and adaptability. Experienced copywriters can come up with excellent copy, even if they have no personal experience with the niche. Their years of practice in terms of translating marketing concerns into solutions is a valuable asset your business can take advantage of.

2. Get value-driven content.

Every phrase and sentence on your advertising platforms and website must serve its purpose to attract readers and customers. Since you will most likely have one short opportunity to create a good impression, you need to publish quality insights and information.

An excellent copywriter knows this and crafts content that will provide valuable information about your business, along with the benefits of your products and services. They know how to encourage readers to take action.

Just because you need content does not mean that you can just publish anything online. Each type of content, from eBooks to website copy and blogs, serves a purpose.  

For instance, the “About” page on your website is meant to inform readers about you, your employees, and say something about your company history. The “Product” page is intended to sell. 

Professional copywriters understand the difference in copy requirements between these pages by creating unique content accordingly. They can modify your message for each one and even give you recommendations that would suit your campaign best.

3. Effective copy builds brand image.

Your brand image refers to how you want to portray your business to your target audience. This dramatically affects the perception of customers about your brand and will eventually be reflected in their buying habits.

Great copywriters understand the kind of image you want to put forward and reinforce that image by writing compelling copy. 

The content you publish on both offline and online platforms will reflect your brand image through relatability, language, and tone. Average content may poorly reflect your business, but a well-crafted one will set the bar higher, making your business more trustworthy.

4. Copywriters balance sales with your message.

Modern customers do not like hard selling. They tend to stay away from promotional articles and videos that advertise products or services outright. 

For example, pushing people to shop at a Dubai mall directly, forcefully and insistently might yield the opposite effect. Instead, people want to feel informed and comfortable before trusting a brand, so talk about the mall’s USP or the benefits they can gain from shopping there.

Professional copywriters can help make your business profitable by creating content that promotes your products and services without directly selling to potential buyers. They will incorporate advertising concepts like your company vision, product benefits, customer persona, and call to action to make sure that your copy is consistent with promoting your business.

They will implement different SEO strategies to your content. For instance, they can insert specific business-relevant phrases and keywords in a meaningful way. Being SEO compliant means that your copy meets the requirements of Yahoo, Google, Bing, and so on, so that it ranks each time web users search for your products or services.

Modern customers have high standards, so average content will fail to grab their attention. You need high-quality, consistent content. However, this is not easy to create, especially if writing is not your forte, and you don’t have enough time to do it.

Fortunately, you can always depend on an experienced and reputable freelance copywriter who is great at writing and a pro in marketing. The copywriting cost may be an added expense, but this professional will have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to convey the right message in the right way to reach and engage your audience.

Focus on improving your business’ products and services and let a professional copywriter take care of your content marketing and copywriting needs.

Author Bio:

Hisham Wyne is an award-winning copywriter, brand consultant and content creator based in Dubai. He has over a decade's expe­rience in helping brands get their messages right. From crisp web copy and zippy brochures to in-depth company profiles and analyt­ical annual reports, Hisham makes words work for you - so you can sell better, gain visibility, and give your brand a unique voice.

During his time in the Middle East, Hisham has collaborated extensively with blue-chip companies including Twitter, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Harley-Davidson and Aston Martin, and helped government concerns such as the Dubai Internet City, in5 and the Dubai Design District.

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