28.07.2023 11:30

Why It Is Important to Protect and Manage Password

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Why now corporates are feeling the need to manage and protect their password, is it required?

Yes, as password attacks are happening. Hackers can easily breach your data by stealing your password. So what is the solution?

People are using many ways to manage and keep passwords protected. However, these solutions are not enough, as we need sophisticated and intelligent systems to curtail the threat from the attackers.

Studies revealed attackers were able to easily sneak into 81 % of the systems by stealing passwords. No one can deny that the passwords are not taken care of properly from the security point of view, so they are often considered the next vulnerable segment in the digital world.

Hackers use Brute Force Attack, Man in the middle attack, Dictionary attack, Credential stuffing, Keyloggers strategies, and many other ways to steal or crack your passwords and in this way penetrate your systems.

For businesses, the biggest challenge is to find ways to manage and keep passwords safe. They also have to ensure employees can easily retrieve and use these passwords when required, and have the authority to create complex, tricky and unaccessible codes.

Remembering long and complicated passwords is not an easy affair, but the password management tools make it comprehensively easy to not only access and easily use the password whenever we require, but to improve our efficiency and productivity, too.

The tool can easily support various types of teams in their daily operations and give them easy access to the passwords. Thus, a password management tool will give peace to your mind and increase operational efficiency.

What Are The Features In The Tool That Makes Password Management Effective For The Users?

  • Password management applications with the latest technologies use AES256 & RSA4096 encryption and are cloud-based to allow remote access of the passwords. In addition, there are user-friendly features that make using your passwords daily  a pleasant experience, instead of a headache.
  • You can have easy access to your passwords saved in the systems.
  • Quickly create secure passwords with just one click.
  • Easily and securely share the passwords among the team members and other eligible users.
  • Make it comprehensively easy for you to change, save and organize the passwords.
  • Autofill your passwords with a few clicks.
  • Ensure advanced protection with end to end encryption and zero-knowledge proof.

How Are Password Management Solutions Best For B2b Operations?

For B2B, it is pertinent to ensure that these secret words are safe and employees get easy and hassle-free access to the password they need to use. The admin and every user can easily organize the passwords, which can help companies set the policy framework and never lose another important key to organization’s resources.

They can also help IT to have access control and encourage the teams to change the passwords regularly. Users can also securely share accounts to retain a sense of security and accountability.

Final Verdict

Whether it is B2B or B2C, companies have to comply with regulatory policies and protocols with proper password management complying with HIPAA and FINRA. Companies have to face penalties if they do not adhere to the security protocols and deploy password management solutions.

In today’s digital landscape, having a passport management tool means no compromise on the safety of confidential data and makes the best of the corporate rules. It also provides customers peace of mind.

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