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What Is Intent Data & Why It Is Useful For B2B Sales And Marketing?

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In the context of lead generation, hiring intent data plays a game-changer characteristic for many B2B verticals.

Intent data is a group of data and basically, it studies the behavioural elements that indicate what a business or individual is gripped in.

Intent data is gathered from every possible place of online activities such as online purchases websites and social media platforms, and others.

It is then processed and analysed (using tools and software) to help recognise the behaviour and intent of potential customers, so you can target them better.

Ironically, Intent data is used mostly to find active companies (to identify the low-hanging fruits) and gain audience insights (to build a more detailed ICP).

What are the Different Types of Intent Data?

There are majorly two types of intent data categories below:

  • First-party intent data is any intent data that is captured from your own site. Examples could be filling out a form for quotation or IP addresses collected from visitors.
  • Third-party intent data are those data that are collected from other websites. This also includes filled forms and IP addresses but is usually gathered by intent data providers.

Moving further, let’s take a look at the possibilities enclosed with intent data for marketers and sales professionals.

Why B2B Intent Data is Useful For Marketing?

In marketing, intent data helps in several ways. Out of most, it helps generate flexibility at every stage of marketing campaigns. The following are some uses of intent data in marketing.

Improve Your Targeting

It is true that with intent data in hand, you get an early chance to know your customers/buyers. This means you can better target them more often.

You know which group of customers are interested in your company’s product or service. So, your team will put certain efforts to tailor their campaign needs to hit the target.

Create Matched Audience

As you know that intent data is a group of behavioural datasets that analyse the interest of people. This assists marketers to target audiences who are actually interested in your solutions.

In this manner, you can create personalised ads or create multiple ad campaigns on social media to build a relevant list of audiences to convert them into customers.

Personalise Your Website

The other benefit that unfolds with intent data is personalisation. Marketing teams can optimise their business website by reading the behaviour of the dataset including intent focuses parameters.

You can make changes or create new pages specifically for the most frequent visitors that you think would help convert a visitor into a customer.

Remember this would work for only a small time because the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) doesn’t always stay the same.

Why B2B Intent Data Is Useful For Sales?

Look at some of the few use cases for intent data in B2B sales.

Welcome Them Early

With intent data, you know what kind of customers are interested in your product or at least looking for similar products or services.

Before even they could plan to begin their buying journey, you could get in early. This means you can target them early before they begin the buyer’s journey.

For instance; you can send them welcome emails or messages to get a positive first impression.

Lead Scoring

This gives you an edge in your sales efforts.

You can do lead scoring to identify which leads should be prioritised and converted first than those having low priority intent.

You can then start planning to pitch them either straight away or through calls. Thus, it can be a lead-generation game-changer for salespeople.

Reduce Cost

Indeed, retaining customers costs higher than finding new ones. With intent signals, you could eliminate certain overheads that your sales team thinks are important to invest in.

With intent data, they have a better picture of their prospects and their interests. This would heavily reduce the cost of planning and campaign setup than previously.

Final Thought

If you’re missing implementing intent data these days, you are unarguably cutting out your profits by yourself.

Many B2B and B2C companies make use of intent signals to amplify their business growth, sales revenue, and customers.

Take advantage of intent data today. Good luck!

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