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What’s the Difference between Cyber Security and Information Security?

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In today’s highly volatile business environment, it is extremely important to safeguard your data as well as IT infrastructure from any kind of unauthorized usage as well as access.

If you fail to resort to the right measures for safeguarding your data or system, you can fall prey to cybercriminals and this can jeopardize your entire business set-up.

Cyber attacks are quite common these days. People launch attacks to steal vital information, misuse or alter it. This is one of the biggest reasons why cybersecurity is the prime concern of every business concern.

The terms Information Security and Cyber Security are generally used interchangeably.  This is because their essence is the same. Both these terms relate to maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of information.

What Is Information Security?

Information is the base of any organization regardless of its size.  So, whether it is a huge multinational organization or a small business concern, it really does not matter.

Information can be in the form of business records, intellectual property, or personal data. Most of the people access information via their laptops, phones, desktops, and host of other devices.

The crux is the information needs to be kept safe at all times and the process of keeping the information safe is referred to as Information security

Information Security is all about protecting your information from any kind of malicious usage and threats. This is done to avoid any kind of data modification, removal and misuse. There are two categories of information security.

  • One is the physical protection of the environment where information is stored. This is done by making sure that the premises are safe.
  • The second category of securing the information is making sure that nobody is able to access it electronically. This is what cybersecurity is all about.

Understanding Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is safeguarding data, which is available on the internet and the devices, which are connected from any kind of cyber attack.

Information security pertains to all kinds of information regardless of where the information is present. On the other hand, cybersecurity pertains to protecting and safeguarding the information that just belongs to the world of the internet.

Below we will point out some key differences between cybersecurity and information security.


Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting the data and its allied technologies. It also includes the protection of storage sources of data from any threats.

Information security is a wider term. It means protecting all sorts of information from unauthorized access as this could lead to uncalled for data modification and even removal.

The integrity of data also falls under the ambit of information security.

Cybersecurity is only concerned about the cyber realm. Information security on the other hand not only encompasses cyber realm but also goes beyond it.


Cybersecurity is all about protecting anything and everything in the cyber realm. This encompasses data, information, technology and even devices which fall under the scope of the internet.

Information security deals with protecting all types of information, — analogue and digital without any consideration of the realm.

So, the social media profiles, personal information across different online platforms all come under the scope of cybersecurity. Information security deals particularly with information assets, their availability, and maintenance of their integrity.


While cybersecurity mainly deals with safeguarding the use of cyberspace and averting any cyber-attacks, information security just protects any kind of information from any type of threat. Now, this could be even a threatening scenario.


Cybersecurity only deals with dangers that are present in the cyberspace. Information security, on the contrary, deals with all categories of threats that can be directed towards information.

Cybersecurity handles cybercrimes, cyber frauds, etc. Unauthorized access and information disruption irrespective of the domain are the two vital issues that fall under the scope of information security.

Every organization should take steps to safeguard all its important records and information so that it cannot be accessed due to any vulnerability in the system or network.

Many people try to implant malware to conduct cyberattacks or send malicious emails to enter into your system. If proper security measures are not installed they will enter your system without you even knowing and leave no evidence of any kind.

So, in short, cybersecurity is just a part of information security. But, it is an extremely important part of information security.

What Is The Need To Hire IT Security Services?

Security disasters can run havoc in any kind of business. From losing vital data to your competitors, to even complete wipeout, the outcomes can be seriously huge.

Loss of important data, as well as confidential customer information, can adversely affect a company’s reputation and standing.

This irreparable damage can be avoided with superb IT infrastructure security services. These security services not only safeguard your assets but also lend complete peace of mind.

Role of Security Professionals

Security professionals need to be one step ahead of those who are trying to use technology in the wrong way.

They know how the security threats and information misuse happens, so they are aware of the way how these threats can be averted, minimized or avoided totally.

Due to the fast development of technology, IT infrastructure security services have become extremely effective. The professionals are aware of all the latest techniques so they are able to tackle any unforeseen security threat without much problem.

It is vital to get in touch with the best IT infrastructure security service providers so that business receives no harm of any kind with respect to the information and cybersecurity.

Fostering cybersecurity is extremely vital. Browse the web for well-known and highly reliable service providers. Read their testimonials or get in touch with people who have already hired them.

It is better to be careful than to be sorry later on. These superb security providers know all about evolving threats and come with a solution so that the business interest is never in danger.

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