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What is Print Marketing and How to use IT in your Marketing Strategy

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ALL ABOUT PRINT MARKETINGNo doubt. Currently, marketing is a tool that every entrepreneur should know.

All the companies that want to grow, in one way or another, use their techniques we could even say unconsciously. If among your objectives are to capture, retain and retain customers through the satisfaction of their needs, you are doing marketing.

The new information technologies have supposed a break with the traditional model. However, digital marketing should not replace more conventional marketing. If you have decided to start your online business, the smartest option will be the combination of both techniques. How can your company benefit from print marketing? Take note.


MARKETINGWe cannot and should not ignore the advantages of digital marketing that can help improve our businesses. In an online store, good direct marketing is essential. It will also be very convenient to send newsletters or create content and invest in advertising, but at Webchefz we always recommend complementing these actions online with others of an offline nature. Why do it? These are just some of the benefits that paper marketing can offer you.

It is perfect for SMEs. 

emotional bondsIf your company’s customer base is not too bulky, print marketing will be more than convenient. It will help you to publicize your services and products at a very low cost.

It helps to generate emotional bonds. 

A physical element gives more emotional content to the products.

Greater efficiency. 

Because it targets a very specific audience, print marketing has more persuasive power. The data supports it: online buyers who receive a printed catalog in their homes spend 28% more than those who do not.

Feedback between offline and online media. 

Printed pieces can help promote your online channels and, in the same way, online media can make your clients receive printed material of interest. Websites that have the support of catalogs generate 163% more profit than those that do not.
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Lets you adjust your campaign based on results.

Competitive advantage. 

Competitive advantage. Since most companies have migrated their strategy to paperless marketing techniques, betting on a printed marketing strategy will help your business differentiate itself and position itself in the minds of your consumers. If big companies like Ikea do it, why do you think it will be?

Higher recall rate. 

It is due to the possibility that the recipients of the physical material have to conserve and reread it as many times as they want.

Greater visibility. 

You multiply your options to reach your target audience.

Greater efficiency. 

A campaign sent by ordinary mail has an effectiveness of 3.4% while advertising sent by email receives only 0.12%. Combining direct mail with other marketing activities increases the profitability of your campaign by up to 20%.

Greater efficiencyRemember that there are many possibilities at your fingertips when carrying out a printed marketing campaign. From business cards, distribution of brochures, catalogs, letters, discount coupons, the preparation of corporate documents to the paste of posters … And these are just a few. 

Many companies have decided to use print products as part of their marketing strategy for various reasons. In a world dominated by screens, handing out flyers and printed brochures is a relief for many. 

The information offered by these types of products is more consistent and remains in people’s memories for longer than ads seen on social networks, and can be saved and archived. They also help increase the credibility and confidence of your company. In addition, flyers and brochures are cheap and easy to print.

We leave you some tips on how to use printed products to advertise your brand:

Improve your distribution strategy

Improve your distribution strategyIt doesn’t matter how well designed your flyer, brochure or product catalog is if you don’t deliver it to the right people. Distribute flyers in places frequented by your target audience. It’s also a good idea to hand out flyers to places people are waiting for, such as a bus or train station.

Use tarps and panels. 

The banners or tarps and panels are classic printing services for businesses. They never fail when it comes to attracting the attention of both current and future customers, especially when they are original. Even if customers don’t come into your store immediately, take it for granted that they will remember your company and perhaps even promote it.

Try direct mail advertising. 

Being used to receiving advertising emails every day, the agent practically does not bother to read them. 

Receiving mail in your home mailbox has become a novel way of receiving advertising. In addition, the probability that they will read the flyer or brochure received in the mailbox is x3 times higher than that they read the advertising received in the mail.

Complement printed products with digital marketing. 

Complement printed productsYou don’t have to choose one or the other. You can use both forms of marketing to advertise your company. Inform your emails about a catalog or gift that will be sent via postal mail.

Print advertising boards with which people can take photos, especially when there are events or special offers. People will take photos with him and post them on the networks.

Try printed products in your next marketing campaign and leave us the results you have achieved in the comments!

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