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Grow a Business: How Purchasing another Website Maximizes SEO

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Sometimes we wonder how search engine optimization by itself is not yet a college course. Not only is SEO important, it is becoming more and more important each day. It is a very big and ever changing part of the Internet experience.

Frankly, we sometimes dream about a good SEO ranking as a goal.

Not even joking, We are showing my website name with the boldest heading on a mountain top, inviting subheadings, and the most interesting snippets you can find all over the internet.

Good SEO for Website and Ranking

This may sound strange, but we think this fantasy is justified. Good SEO is almost like a bonsai tree – you work on it for years and years, but some mistakes can actually cost you.

And we are going ahead now and want to say, good SEO is the best marketing. This seems like a bold statement to make, but studies conducted over the years support the claim.

  1. 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine
  2. 75% of people don’t scroll past the first page of Google
  3. SEO leads have a 14.6 % higher conversion rate

When it’s first on Google, it is there for a reason. That is the reason why the search engine optimization game is so intriguing — the rivalry is on this degree that SEO must be the primary game of the internet Olympics.

First principles

Things being what they are, how can one get good SEO ranks? Above all else, finish the fundamentals. For your site to have a potential for success you have to give it a solid reason to be taken seriously. From my experience the most significant things are

  1. Keyword research and integration
  2. Content
  3. User experience

Since 2012, Google has been tuning its algorithm to excellence. Its goal is to find the best, most useful content on the web, and connect it with users’ searches.

Before writing keywords on your page it was enough to relate you to those keyword searches. Google’s Quality Score changed all that.

Today, it is not enough to just start your own blog and expect quick success by churning out a bunch of average content.

Now, achieving top organic search rankings for competing keywords is a completely different ballgame.

Not only is your content evaluated by yourself, but Google also tracks how users evaluate and use it – bounce and click-through rates.

Google really wants to keep its users happy because Google wants them to come back. In short, your best bet is to follow the basic steps, and incorporate other strategies later.

In time you will lead a good reputation and a strong SEO. In this post, we will be talking about one of those strategies: Multiple Domain Strategy.

If your website is doing a good job and you start making extra profit, then you think that someone is buying another website.

This is not a very common practice nor is it often suggested, but some businesses have been doing it for some time. For example, Neil Patel has websites such as CrazyEgg and QuickSprout.

Essentially a multiple domain strategy means that two websites are representing a brand, and by targeting a keyword increases the likelihood of clicking on one of them.

Keep in mind that this is a long term strategy. If you want a rapid increase in your SEO ranking, you want to think about a quick fix, like getting some new backlinks, or simply checking if all your links are sending your visitors the right place.

This is why we suggested that your cup should run out – your other domains should be just as good as your first one, otherwise, it’s going to hurt your rating.

In addition, you can spread your various services or brands across different domains and then link them to one location on each website. We suggest that you link them.

But it all depends on what you are aiming for – it could be a branding tactic if you have the need for it.

When to use a multiple domain strategy

One advantage of spreading your services, brands or products across different domains is that it will make it easier for users to navigate.

Having a domain that is built and customized with a purpose in mind will help your customers get what they want without any fuss. This is called fulfilling the intent of the discoverer.

If a visitor lands on your website and does not see what he or she is looking for, he / she can go elsewhere.

This is why it is sometimes bad to have a crowded website.

Visitors leaving your website can increase your bounce rate, which will ultimately give you a lower quality score and thus a lower ranking.

Remember, just as pumping your website with keywords is not enough, buying Google real estate is also not enough. Conversely, having a customized page with a purpose will affect your click-through rate and possibly your leads and sales – which is, we think we can all agree, the ultimate goal.

If you are working in a place that does not have a lot of competition, then running a multiple domain strategy offers many benefits.

Less competition means that you can use different domains with the same keyword phrases. You can divide your services into different domains, each providing unique content. Google is likely to have two different domains in the results for a keyword phrase, as it holds two URLs from the same domain.

It all depends on how you are doing and at what stage of development. We cannot emphasize this enough – Google is really looking for the best, most popular content.

It wants to see what users want and it is not tried at its best. If your website does not have a ranking, tell the top five, running multiple domains can be a step backward.

You may lose link authority and it may be a better decision to merge sites. There is no need to try to save the two “sinking ships”. Conversely, if “your cup is full and spilling,” creating another domain can help you keep your website on top of the mountain.

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Link your domains

The last, however significant, point is to connect your locales to one another! You ought to have a simple to-discover meeting point on your website that your clients can explore from. One of your choices is to utilize 301 sidetracks to rearrange around your current crowd and keep up connect juice.

On the off chance that you have a WordPress-based website you can utilize the 301 Redirects module to divert guests from one space to the next or between them.

Perhaps you will have a space you consider your “primary” and another you will send your traffic from. What’s more, regardless of whether you do, this may and most likely will change as time passes by. This module can divert your guests briefly or for all time, contingent upon what you need.

Perhaps you need more activity on your “not really primary” site from time to time, or possibly you have a challenge or content that lapses. That is an incredible method to utilize temporary redirections.

The 301 Redirects permit you to make both 301 sidetracks (changeless redirections) and 302 sidetracks (temporary).It is basic, instinctive, and simple to utilize.

It will assist you with following along and sort out all your sidetracks and you can even fare mass diverts and apply them on different destinations.

With organizations springing up each day it’s getting harder to get even a touch of online nearness. Google is developing at a stunning rate, and good SEO is an absolute necessity in 202_ _.

Pretty much every specialty is loaded up with rivalry and to make it you’ll have to utilize all the systems accessible.

The numerous space methodology will help manufacture your online nearness, and if it’s the opportune time to execute simply follow this guide. The rest is tied in with accomplishing great work, making great content, and endeavoring to be the best.

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