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What Is Mobile DSP and Why Do You Need It?

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In the previous years, it was necessary to buy and place digital ads manually with the help of numerous people working on a single ad. Such advertisement was not very efficient, quite expensive, and time-consuming. Moreover, it lacked reliability. Today, we have programmatic advertising that automates the whole process of ad purchasing and integration thanks to demand-side platforms among other things. A DSP is an extremely useful tool that allows trading adverts quickly, securely, and, most importantly, in an automatic manner. With the development of mobile adverts and their growing importance in digital advertising in general, DSP mobile advertising has emerged as well. Despite DSPs have been present for quite some time already, a fair number of advertisers are still not aware of all the benefits they can offer.

What Is a Demand Side Platform?

Demand-side platforms are an integral part of programmatic advertising as they offer opportunities for real-time bidding on the ad inventory. They provide not only quick and easy solutions for purchasing ads but also incredibly precise targeting technologies that make ad placement even more efficient. It is beneficial for advertisers to use demand-side platforms as they eliminate a lot of manual labor and make the process of ad management quick and automated.

Thanks to the audience targeting, DSPs allow hitting a very precise demographic for advertisers and increase the relevancy of the impressions without wasting them. There is a selection of targeting settings that advertisers can configure in accordance with their demands and use for future reference. As soon as all targeting settings are in place, such as location, demographic, browser, device, etc., the program begins to sell tailored ads automatically. These settings can be easily adjusted in the future thanks to handy ad efficiency reports that come in regularly.

Mobile DSPs and Their Use

A good chunk of digital advertisements are being occupied by mobile ads due to the wide spreading of mobile devices. It is reported that an average mobile device user spends from 3 to 5 hours a day on the gadget, which makes mobile platforms perfect for placing effective ads. Mobile demand-side platforms were created specifically to cater to the mobile advertisement needs. Through a mobile DSP, it becomes possible to access mobile advertisement spots on websites and applications. In addition, these platforms allow editing and displaying mobile ads in a user-friendly way suitable for mobile screens as mobile adverts have a different format when compared to desktop ones.

Taking into account the average amount of time spent by the user on mobile gadgets every day, these solutions are highly beneficial for advertisers as they receive new opportunities for reaching their target audiences and increasing profits. However, it is common for DSPs to offer cross-platform advertising for reaching even wider audiences.

Why Are Mobile DSPs So Beneficial?

Mobile demand side platforms have numerous advantages and continue to improve every day. This amazing potential and the benefits that come with DSPs make them so valuable. Some of the advantages include:

  • Cost-effective solutions. Thanks to real-time bidding, it is possible for buyers to purchase ads for the prices they can actually afford. This way, they can receive high-quality ad placements for competitive prices.
  • Convenient management. A demand side platform has a user-friendly interface that opens up countless opportunities for ad management and easy access to thousands of advert exchanges in one place.
  • Precise targeting. With the latest audience targeting technologies and the information collected from user accounts, DSPs provide precise and efficient target customer reach. This feature is included in each DSP, which is not the case with some advertisement exchanges that offer this service for a separate price.
  • Real-time statistics. Right on the DSP dashboard, users will be able to see the stats of their adverts, their efficiency, and other characteristics gathered in real-time. Thanks to this, it becomes possible to adjust targeting and other configurations for better performance.

The mobile ad market is already hugely important for advertisers as it occupies a large portion of digital ads. With mobile DSPs, it is possible to enhance your advertising campaign considerably, thereby increasing profit and benefits.

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