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What is Citation?

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What is a Citation, and how does it help boost traffic for your business? The digital environment makes accurate and updated business information important. Users nowadays typically check online for goods and services. Although it may sound trivial, keeping your online profile updated frequently and using citations have some significant advantages.

What Does Citation Mean?

The citation refers to a reference on another website of your company name. This may also be a link to your website, in addition to your company name. Citations are essential because they are a critical part of the search algorithm used by search engines when rating your content.

When you want to rise above the competition, the matter of the reference. If you have more referrals from your rivals than you do, it may influence your rankings and place you below. Seeing how important it is, it goes to say keeping your details current is crucial for your business name to be correctly cited. 

Business Information Available on the Web

You need to keep your business information updated if you want to get as many citations as possible. This requires information such as your company name, title, telephone number, and website address. Customers can, however, check for other data besides the contact information they need.

Here’s a checklist of details you can keep up to date on that note:

  • Name, address, and phone number (NAP)
  • Website
  • Business hours
  • Services offered
  • Products Offered
  • Business Specialties
  • Payment methods

Once your company information is used in an online site, it is a directory of companies or citations. Your customers can get this information as they check for your goods or services online.

Where to update your details about the business?

You need to check your company records on all of the leading websites and online directories. When you can achieve full visibility, you can increase the possibilities you will find your customers in.

On that note, here are the top platforms where your business information should be updated:

  • Google My Business
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Facebook
  • YellowPages
  • WhitePages
  • Yelp
  • LinkedIn
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Foursquare

In addition, it will be best to post your company information even on social media sites. As part of your online strategy, keep your company information accurate and up-to-date on Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest.

How to Update Your Business Information

Your business records may be fragmented, inaccurate, or absent under three situations. The first thing that you have to do with that is to correct the facts. You may also say you will auto-generate the details available online.

There are two processes the information can be corrected. Such as:

1. Manually

Manually add details about your company through different online directories. It means you’ll have to visit every site and then add details about your company. It would be best to ask for the details to be updated after that and wait until the circumstances are right.

2. Use Citation Submission Service

Suppose you don’t use a citation submission service manually, instead. This service updates your location where you need to fill in the correct details once. The provider must then take care to apply the relevant information to the related websites and directories.

There are lots of benefits to updating the details of your company. This involves improving your online presence so that your customers can easily find you across the vast network. It goes to say having a citation has a lot of things to give you.


A citation will help you to increase the online presence of your business and awareness of your brand. It will increase leads and the loyalty of your customers.

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