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What Are The Key Elements Of A Good Essay

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Throughout your stay at university, you will almost certainly be required to write several articles. While you may have a fundamental understanding of what an article is and how to write one, it’s critical to continually refine your research, writing, and article format. You can always improve in some areas.

Fundamentals of an Article

An article comprises three essential aspects. Each of these elements has a specific function in persuading the audience, persuading the readers, and conveying the meanings that the author wishes to convey.

  • The ‘hook,’ which is an anecdote, a good phrase, a poem, or an incident connected to the theme, first hooks the readers. Its goal is to grab the reader’s attention. Following the hood, the author provides background material about the issue, with the goal of educating readers. The thesis statement is the last part of the introduction. This is a brief sentence or two that introduces the evidence that will be discussed in the body paragraphs.
  • The evidence and arguments presented in the thesis statement are discussed in the body paragraphs of an article. There will be three body paragraphs if the thesis statement has offered three pieces of evidence or arguments concerning the issue. There may be more paragraphs if there are more arguments or evidence.
  • Each body paragraph has the same structure. It begins with a subject statement and continues with more explanation, examples, proof, and supporting information. If it is a simple non-research article, examples of what is introduced in the topic sentences are mostly used. If the article is based on research, it will include supporting details like statistics, quotes, charts, and explanations.
  • The last section of the article is the conclusion. It’s also the part that summarizes the argument or brings the description, narration, or event to a close. It is divided into three sections. The thesis statement presented at the conclusion of the introduction is rephrased in the first section. It serves as a reminder to the readers of what they have read. The second section contains a summary of the important topics mentioned in the body paragraphs, and the third section contains concluding comments, which may include ideas, recommendations, a call to action, or the author’s own view on the subject.

Purpose of Article Elements

Each component of an article serves a distinct purpose.

  • An introduction not only introduces the topic but also provides background information, as well as piques the readers’ interest in reading the entire article. Its opening statement, sometimes known as a hook, actually draws readers in. It is assumed that after readers have read the introduction, they are fully informed about what they are about to read.
  • Similarly, the purpose of body paragraphs is to provide additional information and persuade readers about the topic. As needed, it might be persuasion, explanation, or clarification. In this section of an article, authors often utilize ethos, pathos, and logos. Writers utilize each of the rhetorical techniques in each paragraph since it contains three body paragraphs, but this is not a hard and fast rule.
  • The most important role of the conclusion is to summarize the argument, topic, or explanation. It gives the impression that the reader is about to end their reading. It gives them enough knowledge about the subject. It provides them with a fresh perspective, a new sight, or a new vision, or it inspires them to act. The conclusion must also reassure readers that they have learned something new about a subject, that they have something to say about it, and that they have not just read for the sake of reading.

What Will Your Examiner Be Searching For?

Always review your assessment rubric and think about the elements that your examiner will be looking for when grading your article.

  • You’ve directly addressed the article question.
  • You’ve completed the article.
  • You’ve based your assessments on readings and discussions from your weekly seminars and classes (the weekly topics for your unit should serve as a guide for all of your assessments).
  • You’ve taken a stance on the subject and shown that you know what you’re talking about.
  • You’ve finished the required and suggested readings.
  • You’ve analyzed and discussed sources, as well as prepared them according to the needed reference style.
  • You’ve organized your article into a legible, clear, and logically ordered introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • You’ve stayed inside the word count.

With the correct tools and preparation, writing the ideal article doesn’t have to be difficult. Knowing what has to happen before, during, and after writing, on the other hand, is critical to producing a high-quality end result that impresses your readers.

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