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What Are The Best Home Automation This Year

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Observing so many home automation variants accessible on the Internet it might seem a bit head-turning when trying to determine which home smart solutions are the most appropriate for your mode of life. After a comprehensive analysis, it has been decided to collect several projects dedicated to home automation on the basis of individual preferences and requirements of certain customers.

When you know exactly that there is often something regular that constantly takes your time or even irritates, it’s the right time to recover from it. Superfluous actions are not a proper thing for contemporary people! Today the most cutting-edge solutions for home automation are actuator products of different types.

At the same time, you should think not only about the functionality needs of the selected items but also about your budget. For this reason, it is better to learn the available products, customers’ testimonials and determine what to choose.

What Are The Types Of Home Automation Today?

The 2023 year has brought new features and improvements for customers who are constantly hunting for something fresh at the smart home market. Below you will find out popular examples of devices that can be managed through a PAC (programmable automation controller):

  • Special savers to reduce power consumption;
  • Smart thermostat to monitor your home temperature;
  • Lightning control system (use the light only when it is necessary, the dim option is included);
  • Automated opening of doors, garage, or gates;
  • Remote control of the blinds;
  • Smart lawn watering;
  • Checking and recording inside and outside activities at your home using the system of home automation.

The above-listed smart options have become regular must-have things. As future-oriented technology continues to gather pace in various segments of our lives, we cannot but get away from it. We have already tested voice assistants, cars without drivers, food delivery robots and this is not the whole list of shocking technological innovations. It’s obvious that inevitable tech changes are coming soon. The same story is about smart home solutions.

One more interesting fact is that according to the world stats the market of home automation systems has considerably increased and is estimated at almost $49 Billion. Think about the figures it will reach in 10 years.

The List Of The Best Home Automation Projects Of This Year

The projects you see below are covered to share interesting experiences and inspire others to discover fresh methods of everyday life optimization with the help of automation products.

If you are just planning to improve your home in terms of convenience or start a new project, these nice ideas can definitely influence your imagination, inspire and impress your home guests.

Clever Doors For Animals

Pet lovers will surely check this out! Traditional doors for animals have always been applied for homes with pets, but there is one problem with them: you cannot lock them to avoid the cases of a pet escaping or even worse when someone intrudes the house. Applying the linear actuator of the L12 series, you will forget about such a problem. It becomes possible to block the door automatically when the garage gate opened.

No matter what type of windows you have (slider or hinged), you can use micro linear actuators to control its opening and closing. Moreover, there can be added additional stuff to close it at specific hours.

Pop Up Solutions

for small home spaces which are particularly relevant for the kitchen.

The opportunity to create spaces for hidden storage of different valuables or dangerous things for children.

This small list of inspiring home automation ideas will definitely help you to invent something worth of realization for your own home.
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