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Top Uses for White Label Video Conferencing Technology

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Do you want to utilize white label video conferencing technology in your business but are unsure where to start? This resource provides a general overview of the uses of white label video conferencing technology and how it can benefit your business.

As more people work remotely or have time constraints, an increasing number of businesses are turning to online video conferencing services to conduct meetings with employees, clients, potential candidates, and others.

For these purposes, organizations use white label video conferencing solutions customized with their brand’s look and feel, including their logo, colours, and fonts, to stand apart from other companies using similar technologies.

What is a Video Conference?

A video conference occurs when two or more users are connected online to engage in conversation through live video feeds, shared screens, or other tools. While webinars typically include more than one presenter, video conferences may only have one person sharing content and engaging others visually.

For example, during an interview for a new job position at your organization, you could potentially conduct interviews with several candidates via white label video conferencing technology, allowing you to assess them virtually first before inviting them to the office for further meetings.

The following list offers additional possibilities of what you can accomplish by conducting video meetings:

  • Share best practices with remote employees or team members. You can meet virtually with employees on the road or working from home, anywhere around the world.
  • Conduct a training class with potential clients to get them up and running on your product or service.
  • Record a live presentation for investors or make one accessible online for people who cannot attend in person.
  • Raise awareness among employees of an upcoming event via a recorded video message from their CEO.

In short, white label video conferencing solutions offer multiple possibilities that can create additional opportunities to connect internally and externally with your team, allowing you greater flexibility whether you’re at your desk, on the go, or anywhere in between.

What is a White Label Video Conferencing Solution?

When considering white label video conferencing solutions, organizations are looking for an easy way to host live conferences without investing in complicated equipment or setting up complex platforms.

Instead of paying per minute of usage, which can quickly become costly, a white label solution allows you to pay for unlimited minutes at a fixed monthly rate so you can conduct as many meetings as needed.

No matter how often your employees need to meet with clients, partners, or one another, they can share their screens and access several features that will help make the meeting more effective. By branding your solution, you can communicate with your customers in a familiar way featuring your logo, colour scheme, and fonts, so it becomes yours distinctly.

For example, if you downloaded GoToMeeting to conduct live video meetings with team members or potential clients but then wanted to host an event on the go via mobile access, you would have to invest in two separate monthly subscriptions – one for home usage and one for mobile use.

White label video conferencing services allow companies to save time and money by utilizing one platform across all devices without switching back and forth between multiple products or solutions. This simplifies hosting online events while also saving businesses money instead of purchasing two separate services.

Uses for White Label Video Conferencing Technology

Several benefits come with using white label video conferencing solutions for conducting and branding purposes. The following list provides some of the most popular ways that organizations can utilize their video platform:

Conduct virtual team meetings: If your team works across different locations globally, you can easily connect through live feed technology to make sure everyone is on the same page regarding upcoming projects or product launches.

You no longer have to worry about scheduling times that work for everyone or what kind of equipment everyone has on hand. Simply open the white label video conferencing platform and start your meeting.

Host live webinars with potential clients to connect with them in real-time: Whether you’re hosting a presentation about new products or services or want to give investors an update, you can use white label technology to streamline the entire process while also gaining insight into their response to specific ideas allowing you to gain valuable information for future plans.

Conduct one-on-one training sessions: If you have several employees new to your company, white label solutions are perfect for hosting small group training sessions. You can get everyone up to speed on essential policies without worrying about costly, more extensive group training sessions.

These virtual training sessions are also great for hosting live Q&A sessions where everyone can actively engage with one another on specific subjects allowing employees to learn from the experience while also helping new hires acclimate to their new work environment.

Host job interviews: When you have a strong pool of applicants but want to give them the opportunity to interview face-to-face, white label video conferencing is your best option.

You don’t have to come up with any travel arrangements or inconvenience to anyone by taking them away from their current duties so that they can potentially get hired for another position within your company.

Most platforms offer real-time chat features that allow you and your applicants to communicate directly during the interview process. You could gain information on their skills and interests that would be impossible if they were onsite.

Conduct all-inclusive web seminars on new products or services: Whether your company is looking for feedback about new initiatives or wants to generate sales leads, white label video conferencing solutions allow companies of all sizes to streamline the event booking process so they can find participants in a wide range of demographics.

You no longer need to put out large amounts of money just so marketing experts can pitch your product at their chosen events. Instead, you can use white label tech to do everything from registration to scheduling while recording after the event has ended.


Overall, the benefits of using white label video conferencing solutions are endless from a branding and business perspective.

These platforms have been specifically created to offer an enhanced user experience that improves communication within your company while also driving sales leads for your organization based on the niche you’re targeting.

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