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Top AdTech Software Development Companies

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Advertising technology is a concept that has existed for many years. Its importance has grown in recent years.
Businesses are now aware of the importance of Ad Tech in this digital age. Digital advertising makes them more appealing to their target audience.

Ad agencies are able to meet these needs and desires by making the most of consumer and customer data. Adtech is a major investment by companies from diverse industries such as enterprise software, telecom and retail. What does AdTech actually mean? What does AdTech mean for you?

This blog post will discuss adtech and how it can help your business. We also list top AdTech software developers.

What is AdTech?

Understanding the meaning of ad tech is the first step in using it.

AdTech is also known as advertising technology. It’s the method that brands and agencies automate the management and purchase of digital advertising campaigns.

Ad tech aids businesses in planning and executing marketing strategies. This includes three stages of media buying and selling, analysis, and optimization.

What is the Difference Between AdTech and MarTech?

Adtech and Martech both refer to “advertising tech” and “marketing technology,” respectively. Martech and Adtech are the combined techniques merchants, entrepreneurs and marketers use to plan and execute advertising campaigns and marketing strategies. If used properly, adtech as well as martech can be a powerful tool in increasing sales and trusting customers.

What are the advantages of AdTech?

What is the importance of adtech in digital advertising? These are the four compelling reasons.

Maximize the results of ad campaign

AdTech’s greatest advantage is the ability to target more precisely. AdTech can integrate all of the advertising tools into one system. This allows for more data collection, which will result in more accurate and relevant ad campaigns.

Increase web traffic

Traffic is vital to any digital media company, publishing site or organization. Your audience engagement will increase if you have more publishers. This will result in more followers, more submissions to your contact page, and more prospects.

Website traffic is vital for any type of website. This is especially true for users who found your content while searching for solutions to their problems.

Increase audience engagement

An ad display service is required if you want to increase website traffic and monetize one. This is basically a service that connects website publishers with online advertisers. It’s clear that maintaining a website can be difficult. It is a long road, but it’s worth the effort. Keeping motivated is half of the battle. Although it takes time, you’ll see more results if you put your mind to it.

Boost revenue

You can increase the appeal of your traffic segments to your customers by categorizing them and setting up more targeted settings. This will allow you to resell at higher rates.

Top AdTech Software Development Companies

We have gathered the top AdTech development companies for 2022. No matter your industry experience or new to the area, they will guide you in the right direction.

1. Kanda Software

Kanda is an AdTech and Marketing Technology software partner that offers full-service AdTech and Marketing Technology services.

Kanda has extensive experience in helping clients create platforms for a range of purposes, including buying and selling ads, accessing advertising resources, gaining advanced customer information, and measuring the performance of multi-channel media campaigns.

Through predictive analytics and consumer behavior insights, the company aims to increase ad effectiveness, lift and ROI of marketing campaigns. To learn more about Kanda Software, click here

2. Sumatosoft

SumatoSoft is a custom software company that specializes in software development.

SumatoSoft can help you plan, develop, and launch an AdTech solution that is tailored to your company. SumatoSoft focuses on the client’s business goals and ensures transparency to provide value for clients by launching the following types of applications:

  • Research & Analysis Software
  • Real-time Bidding
  • Programmatic Direct
  • Email Marketing Systems
  • Social Marketing Solutions, and more.

3. Innovecs

Innovecs offers a range of ad tech services, including the development and maintenance of demand- and supply-side platforms, bidding exchanges and software for targeting and retargeting.

You can do the following with the help of Innovecs’ services for ad tech development:

  • To get the most out of consolidated data, merge as many data sources as you can.
  • To deliver targeted content that meets their needs, segment your audience into small groups.
  • Maximize data processing via supply-side platforms.

4. iTechArt

This company offers Adtech development services to maximize efficiency and simplify ad delivery, management, and targeting. No matter your level of marketing expertise, it doesn’t really matter.

Their clients can manage and customize existing advertising deals within one platform thanks to ad inventory solutions.

5. Clearcode

This company is a full-service AdTech company that can help you expand your existing AdTech platform, or create one entirely. The dedicated team of specialists can assist you in planning, designing, building, and maintaining RTB and programmatic media-buying technologies – from ad server to demand-side platforms and web beacons.

The Next Steps

Ad tech is rapidly evolving and there is no indication of it slowing down.

Advertising technologies will continue to grow in popularity. Companies can use them to create more integrations, better traffic analysis and segmentation, extended reach across channels and cleaner content integrations.

The’welcome to the Era Of Mad Tech’ survey revealed that 39% of agencies surveyed said their relationship with adtech companies is so strong that they are open to interacting and providing information to clients.

Users will have a better experience by collaborating with agencies and advertising technologies. Agencies will also be rewarded for pursuing long-term relationships with technology providers.

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