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Top 5 Tips You can Slash The Number of Hours You Work

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Entrepreneurs are taught to work smart and not hard. To delegate, and to limit our hours, it is a sign that we are working too hard. Is it possible to be productive while working less when the workplace is constantly changing, with time zones blurring and goal posts moving every day?

These are things that can reduce the hours we work while we strive for the four-hour workweek. Cocktails, hammocks, and palm trees are not included.

Top 5 Tips You can Slash The Number of Hours You Work

1. Multitasking in meetings

Working from home has made it possible for people to be more productive and take less time at meetings. These things can prove to be a waste of time if you aren’t paying attention.

While it may be nice to work out or eat during meetings, it could be problematic if you get called on. Instead, think about your day’s light tasks.

You can easily check your email, edit your to-do lists, check your schedule, and respond to quick messages. These are all simple tasks that you can do without focusing on the meeting.

It’s possible to keep your microphone and camera on and still smile and nod occasionally. You can also cut out these tasks later to make more time for other things.

2. Request an agenda

It is a common misconception that people working from home have more time to work. It is not true that workers have more work and less time.

Meetings can take up significant amounts of time and it may not be beneficial to attend all meetings. Ask the organizer for the agenda if you have a project or need to catch up on work.

If you are unable to attend, people will understand. You can even ask for someone to take notes at the meeting to ensure you don’t forget anything.

3. You can find someone who is better than you

Running a business requires you to learn that not all fires need to be extinguished by you. Research shows that delegation is a key skill for leaders. They tend to have better job satisfaction, innovation behavior, and task performance.

This shouldn’t be the case. There will always be someone better at a particular task when you work in a group. You can use this knowledge to balance your workflow and identify the strengths of each member of your team. This will ensure you are using your time effectively and your team will be doing the same.

4. You can work while you’re on the move

It is important to find ways to get outside work done in today’s work environment. It’s been scientifically shown that spending time outdoors has many key health benefits and can significantly lower stress and anxiety.

It’s more important than ever to make time for yourself, even if you work all day. If the weather permits, this could be as simple as taking a call while walking your dog or working outside in a park.

You can take advantage of the internet nature of work by doing little things like these and getting your work done while getting fresh air.

5. Install software

Software is the only way to automate. Software is the only way to automate Zoom meetings. However, not everyone can. Gmail’s ability to schedule emails to be sent is a great example. This tool seemed a bit limited at first. But, it’s actually quite useful.

All you need to do is look at how others’ schedules work. Let’s say that you work with an international company and need to send an email to them but they are asleep.

To ensure it is in their inbox, schedule the email to be sent when they wake up from work. You might also consider switching to better project management software for your company that will keep everyone on task.

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