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Top 5 Tips to Make More Money as a Content Creator

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Content creators are one of the most desired job titles right now. Who wouldn’t want to earn a living online?

There are millions of brands that will pay premiums to get their products in front of the right audience, with influencer marketing at the forefront. Shahrzad Rafati (CEO of BBTV, one of the largest creator solutions providers in the world) shared her top tips on how to make your content a career.

Top 5 Tips to Make More Money as a Content Creator

Be discoverable

Social media was used by over 3.6 billion people in 2020. This number is expected to rise to 4.41 billion by 2025. These numbers show that you don’t need to be limited in your reach.

Optimization is key to reaching the next level. Although keywords, titles, and descriptions may seem insignificant compared to content, they are just as important.

It is not possible to just press post and expect millions of views. You must optimize the content. Tools such as BBTV’s VISO Catalyst are invaluable. This software automatically detects the best keywords and metadata to optimize your content’s performance.

Brand safety

Many tools can be used to monitor your brand’s safety and reach. Nowadays creators can calculate an overall “Brand Safety Score”, based on the metadata of your content: the title, the description, the tags, the video, and image detection.

A multi-platform approach

It’s all about using every platform you have to grow your audience in today’s digital world. You can build a large following on one platform (e.g. TikTok will allow you to follow your followers from one platform to another, and then you can diversify your content.

The three E’s are expandable (does it encourage discussion? The post should be relevant and timely, and it should also be evergreen. Engaging (does it appeal to your target audience??)

Use analytics   

One of the most valuable tools that you can use is your audience. You can get your analytics from any social media account. It’s often as easy as moving from a personal account or business account to one that shows you the data. It’s a great way of understanding the larger picture of your true desires by comparing how your reel, video, or post performs.

To reach the next level, however, you need a little help. A video comparison tool is one example. This tool compares videos using key metrics and defaults to only comparing the first 48 hours. It provides valuable insights into your content strategy.

It can provide data and trends insight to help you determine your follower activity, which videos have been viewed by your followers, and how long they’ve been on your page. You can increase brand visibility, followers count and ultimately your income by using this tool.

Protect your pockets

There are many ways to make money in influencer markets thanks to innovation. Are you a victim of stolen content?

There are tools that can help creators recover this revenue. Plus solutions ensures that your earnings from content will go directly to your pockets and not others’. Already, Plus solutions have helped to reclaim billions in views that would otherwise have been lost.

A combination of engaging content with a well-rounded toolkit can take any creator to the next level. Finding the right combination for you, your audience, and your career is key.

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