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Top 7 Ways You Can Leverage Social Media for Your E-commerce Business in 2022

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Social Media is hugely popular in the eCommerce business. Statistics by oberlo show that 54% of people use social media to search for products. An E-commerce company must have a prominent presence online on different social media platforms.

While many businesses remain behind in the social media race, businesses that are not on social media miss a tremendous opportunity to drive traffic, engage customers and increase sales.

Ways You Can Leverage Social Media for Your E-commerce Business

Social Media users are developing step by step. For an E-commerce business, drive traffic to their website and draw in customers. However, social media can help to achieve it. In any case, every online business is evaluating its involved social media. So the competition is getting bigger. Here, the question arises, how to remain ahead in the game?

To be ahead in the race of social media and get your solid presence, here are the strategies to leverage social media for your E-commerce business. Before that let’s discover the importance of social media and top social media stages for E-commerce business.

For what reason is Social Media significant for E-commerce business?

Social media for E-commerce is used to advertise items. It helps to create brand awareness, snatch customers, and generate sales.

Take a gander at the accompanying benefits of social media for E-commerce business:

  1. Engage online customers
  2. Get customers in a relaxed manner
  3. Increase your online reach
  4. Get your image known online

Top Social Media Platforms for E-commerce business


Facebook is the beginning stage for every E-commerce business. It has nearly 2.6 billion active users means a few of your potential customers are active there.

On the off chance that you haven’t yet created your profile on Facebook, you are feeling the loss of a great deal. Start by sharing photographs, advertising, and connecting significant pages of your site where you need customers to arrive on.


Instagram is another stage, essentially used to share photographs of your items. Instagram has 500+ billion users so clearly your potential customers are active on the stage. Online merchants can likewise create shoppable posts on Instagram and label the items.

Shoppable Instagram posts considerably work on the purchase process of sellers on Instagram.


Twitter is another stage having 330 million month-to-month active users. Sharing data and connecting pages of your site is a great method to take advantage of the stage and drive traffic.

It is additionally great for customer experience. Connecting with customers directly and answering them is an excellent method to establish relationships with your customers. One can likewise run advertisement crusades on Twitter and snatch customers.


LinkedIn is a professional stage and a perfect stage for B2B associations. It has 772 million active users. Sharing valuable data about your items and services is an effective method to drive traffic to your E-commerce site. E-commerce business owners can join communities and gatherings on LinkedIn to share data and reach more people.


In the event that your target audience is youthful, Snapchat is the best stage for you. There are over 101 million active users of the stage. It is a great method to share your behind-the-scenes photographs of the organization. Yet, a few marketers use the stage. Thus, it is the best time to get started with the stage and stay ahead of your competitors.


Pinterest is an image-based stage, perfect for sharing photographs.

The stage holds 442 million active users, a supreme place for marketers to sell their items. “Shop the Look” is a new feature by Pinterest to let customers purchase directly from the stage.


YouTube is a video marketing device with 2 billion active users. There isn’t anything you can’t discover on YouTube. It even has the answer to, How to Drink Water. This means people search for every little thing on YouTube. Your item can be next. Transferring a video of your items and instructional exercises on the most proficient method to use them will result in increased rush hour gridlock to your site.

What Will You do to Leverage Social Media for Your E-commerce Business?

  • Keep your customers happy

Keeping customers cheerful is one of the best approaches to make use of social media for your E-commerce business. Cheerful customers are the banner waver of your business and a lifetime follower.

Customers feel idealistic while buying from you in the event that they know their issues and troubles are rectified rapidly.

Handling customers’ issues through social media has an added benefit to let customers realize that you exceed everyone’s expectations to serve them.

  • Interact with customers

Social media stages are powerful instruments to fabricate relationships with your customers. Replying to the queries of users makes them feel they are attended timely.

Satisfied customers will likewise end up being a decent informal exchange on social stages. In this way, your E-commerce business will reach more and more users.

  • Let customers know you

Your social media channels are the best method to let users realize you somewhat better. Knowing you can fabricate the trust of users in your image and they will transform into your customers in the future. You can tell your image stories to let people understand you better.

Another approach to let people know your E-commerce business is by revealing the face of the heroes of the brand. It will make your image friendly with social media users.

  • Engage the users

Since your users know you deeply, it’s time to engage with them. Creating user-generated content is a great method to engage with your customers. Appreciating the users by featuring the content they share. You additionally need to share great content, useful content, and entertaining content also.

  • Optimize Social Media Posts

Pursue the direction of social media. Sharing posts that fit the stage is especially beneficial to draw in the relevant kind of users. Keep an eye on the market trend and what your competitors do on social media.

Make use of the awesome features provided by the stage to welcome more business. Stay updated with the stage’s new updates and features so you don’t pass up anyway to deal with reach your customers.

Make keyword research, including images and videos into your social media posts.

  • Invest in paid advertising

There are numerous advertising opportunities when it comes to social media. Social media advertising for your E-commerce business helps to target users who are interested in your items.

Social media influencers are the ones people pursue for new directions and what they use. Collaborating with social media influencers of your field is another approach to extend your reach.

  • Follow the 3S – Stable, Short, and Sweet

Make sure you follow the 3S – Stable, Short, and Sweet. Be consistent in your posts. Sharing surprising posts will lead to the loose interests of customers in your image. Lengthy content is less likely to get more views.

Create content that makes users move quickly with a straightforward piece of information. Nobody prefers to read longer content and they even don’t have that much time. Along these lines, your posts should be to the point.


Social media is an integral part of every person’s daily life. It is the best way for your brand to be known, get sales and build loyal fans. To increase awareness, traffic and sales for your E-commerce store, you can use the strategies discussed above.

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