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Top 3 Advice on How to Start your Dropshipping Business on BestBuy

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The business world is not standing in one place; it is developing. In the era of IT technologies and the possibility to work from every place globally, new business models have been transformed or become more popular.

The first mentions of the dropshipping business model appeared in earlies twenty century, and it was related to industrial equipment, coal, oil, nowadays dropshipping business includes all goods categories.

The main idea of dropshipping is that the salesman (dropshipper) becomes an intermediate person connecting a manufacturer (a supplier) and a customer. Dropshipper creates a website with a choice of goods from one supplier or several, starts an advertising campaign, and processing the orders.

A drop shipper does not care about goods production, packing, and delivery; it is a supplier job. The customer pays to a dropshipper, and the dropshipper sends it to the supplier without his commission.

While focusing on the core aspects of dropshipping, like managing transactions between the customer and supplier, it's equally important to address the legalities of your business. Understanding and securing a reseller certificate is a vital step to ensure your dropshipping operation complies with state tax laws, safeguarding your business's legitimacy and financial health.

Dropshipping Suppliers

The first step (and the most important) of every dropshipping business is to find goods to sell and a supplier.

There are three main qualities of a good supplier with quality goods:

1) Quick order processing;

2) Quick delivery;

3) Low price.

The second step is to find a platform to sell found Supplier’s goods; it can be your website, social networks, or famous marketplace. The first and second steps are connected; let’s see how. I will show the connection on eBay as a platform to sell the goods.

EBay is a marketplace that does not have its goods; it is just a platform for Suppliers. Today eBay is one of the most profitable IT companies with more than 200 million users, have of them are active users.

Suppliers (in our case, dropshippers) who sell goods there should pay commission for a successful deal.

The same piece of goods can be presented with different prices but the same descriptions from different Suppliers, so this platform is an excellent choice to start.

Unfortunately, there are some restrictions for dropshippers there, making work from AliExpress, Amazon a little bit complicated but still possible, as dropshipping, in general, is allowed. 


Many Chinese suppliers that are proud of their low prices can be found on AliExpress , but if quick delivery is essential for you, as it is the most challenging for all online shops, the suggestion is to search on other platforms.

The professional dropshippers are not suggesting to start from AliExpress because of delivery time, only if you have found trustable Suppliers.

Among others, the following platforms for Chinese suppliers can be suggested instead:

  • Tomtop (gives the possibility to choose delivery terms).
  • Lightinthebox (has accelerated delivery up to 5 working days).
  • Dealextreme (exclusive delivery terms is 7-14 days).

The hottest items to sell you can find on all-available platforms; there is an option to check your competitors’ amount.

If you are searching for more trustable Suppliers with less delivery period, you may choose American source markets like Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy, Home Depot, Kmart, eBay, Shopify.

It is well-known that the United States market is the most profitable for dropshippers, so buying something on these markets, you will have the shortest delivery time, a lot of Customers, and in the end, the most considerable profit.

The choice of products to sell as a dropshipper is unlimited there; all categories are presented. The delivery time can be even the next day! More detailed information regarding the most popular.


Amazon is changing rules every year for dropshippers. Amazon can also be used as a platform to sell goods for dropshippers from other Suppliers, but they do not prefer retailers or resellers; the preference is for suppliers (or dropshippers) selling goods from wholesale stores.

Amazon meanwhile an excellent source of Suppliers as they have outstanding technical support in case of returns, problems with delivery. The goods with the prime delivery sign are delivered within two days and for free.

That may be used for dropshipping on eBay, where good delivery is four days. Amazon goods can be supplied to the dropshipper customer without an invoice as a gift, which is helpful to hide an actual price. The negative thing is that the goods come in the box with an Amazon sign.


BestBuy is one of the largest electronics retailers from the USA, including but not limited to PC, Software, DVD, mobile phones, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. Apple and BestBuy are working quite closely together; there are even “store in the store” of Apple inside with a complete set of services.

In addition, it has its Brands like Insignia, Dynex, Geek Squad, etc. The delivery terms are very comfortable for dropshipper – two days of free delivery with elite status.

As electronics and their accessories are the most salable goods on eBay (about 16.4%), it is evident that BestBuy is one of the best suppliers for dropshipper.

Below there the top 3 pieces of advice to start a successful business:

  1. Choose the hottest items to buy on eBay; this can be done based on the number of reviews for similar or exact goods. Find them on BestBuy and move them from BestBuy to eBay: copy the description, photos, technical characteristics and create the page with the goods on eBay. It is not required to change anything. It is good to check the number of competitors as well; if too much, it is better to search further.
  2. Copy the description, photos, technical characteristics and create the page with the goods on eBay. It is not required to change anything. It is good to check the number of competitors as well; if too much, it is better to search further.
  3. Take care of good reviews, this is the primary tool to be sure of your future Customers. Provide some services – tracking of delivery, technical support in case of any problems or questions.

For any dropshipping business, you need to be proactive, see the trends in the hottest goods, have several prime or elite accounts in the most famous marketplaces.

Even though the initial capital investment can be minimum, nobody promises you massive profit at the beginning.

Dropshipping business has many opposing sides, as no possibility of proper returns and influence on the supplier, a lot of competitions, restrictions of marketplaces, but some problems you may overcome choose the supplier correctly. BestBuy is a good choice.

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