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Instagram Vs YouTube? Who is the winner for the Social Media Battle?

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YouTube or Instagram? Which platform is the winner?? Which one gives your business an edge?? These questions have been in existence since the birth of these platforms.

YouTube and Instagram are not only social media platforms where people stream songs or see pictures and videos of your favorite celebrities and friends.

These platforms arealso used as for influencer marketing and targeted advertising by businesses.

These platforms are growing rapidly as the world is shifting towards social media marketing. Also, people are working hard to make a name for themselves on social media as influencers and many have decided to take this as a career choice as well.

There are many different social media platforms available on the web but the two most popular influencer marketing platforms are YouTube and Instagram.

Even though it is possible to become successful on both platforms, people are still wondering which one is better. 

Here is an introduction to Instagram Vs YouTube platforms as we explore which one is the winner.

The battle between Instagram Vs YouTube

Knowing Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform that allows users to connect with the world by sharing pictures and videos and follow friends, family, celebrities, and business accounts. It is highly popular for connecting directly with celebrities via their posts on their profiles.

Instagram seems to have an edge over YouTube in terms of availability as it is much simpler and easier for a user to find content on Instagram than on YouTube.

Instagram is a diverse platform where users can post and share pictures and videos, including inspirational content. . Instagram’s hashtag feature.

Knowing YouTube

YouTube is a rather more complex platform than Instagram. There are some common challenges that one faces with YouTube, such as the inability to upload short videos and pictures, making it limited for some audience.

It allows mobile users to upload and watch videos on the go, aimed to make life easier and rather more flexible. Although Google is the biggest search engine, YouTube comes next in line.

This means that only brands purse visibility on the platform directly, but their videos also be visible through search engines. YouTube, has better analytics tools which give insights on how each video is performing.

Here are some factors of comparison for the two platforms:

Factors to Consider


Before choosing a marketing platform for your business, consider your objectives. What is your goal? Do you need to targeta largeraudience? Send your message to a larger amount of people? If so, choosing both of the social media platforms is the right choice as they have millions of users that you can target.

Instagram and YouTube may vary in their audiences to some extent. Instagram is all about pictures and short videos while YouTube is inclined toward more descriptive and longer videos. If you plan on sharing product pictures or deals, Instagram is your friend. However, for how-to videos, YouTube is good.

Start by identifying what is it that you want to post and achieve from the platforms.

Engagement with Other Users

Users are able to excessively engage with each other. Instagram is a user-centric platform where people like and comment on others’ content, along with sharing it on their platform.

On the other hand, YouTube users are not on the platform for interacting with other users, but for consuming content themselves only.

If you are planning to share informative content, then YouTube will be a good choice. However, if you want to share content that demands engagement, such as blogs, memes, short how-to videos, then Instagram will product better results.

User Engagement

Audiences behave differently on every social media platform. Users spend roughly 40 minutes a day on YouTube while Instagram users use the channel twice as less.

That is why YouTube is preferable when we are talking about extensive content, like full-scale reviews of goods and services, and descriptive content. Businesses that provide video production services believe that YouTubers excellent for video retargeting.

Some More Information About the Platforms

YouTube wins in Popularity

Research shows that youtube wins in terms of popularity. Majority of bloggers and panelists believe that brands are more inclined towards YouTube rather than IGTV.

They go ahead pointing out the benefits of YouTubebeing cheaper, cost-effective, and yields long term benefits. Elizabeth Richter, iProspect’s Head of U.S. Social Media, offered a different point of view and argued that Instagram may work for some brands: “If a brand is struggling with their messaging, or just getting started, Instagram’s IGTV is best because they can experiment with different brand messages and see how consumers respond,” she stated.

IGTV is Evolving

IGTV is performing better since some time now It has more opportunities worth exploring andhas been coming up with new and innovative different options to increase engagement with the audience, include longer videos to compete with YouTube, and more.

If you compare IGTV and YouTube, IGTV is way behind YouTube, It is suggested that IGTV should introduce more meta tags and discoverability. On the other hand, although YouTube

So, Which Platform Wins the Battle?

The argument is and will always be there as to what is the better social media platform for your business. There are various factors to consider before you decide between Instagram Vs YouTube which one platform best for your business, identify your goals and list down what you aim to achieve from it.

For a brand, your choice of social media can be different from an individual who plans on becoming an influencer.

There can never be a ‘better’ social media application because both of the platforms have made a name for themselves and have been providing exceptional offers and options for businesses and influencers.

The only factor that will help you decide is the ultimate goal you wish to achieve. Instagram Vs YouTube platforms have a unique audience base and offer different features. Your decision will be based on your goals as well as the content you are planning to share on your platform.

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