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Proven YouTube Marketing Tips You Can Apply Today

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YouTube is currently one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools for both individuals and brands alike across different industries. A survey of marketers shows that 78% of marketers see YouTube as the most effective platform for video marketing, and it beats Instagram and Facebook to this. At a time when most internet users prefer to watch videos than read a chunk of text, this is an impressive stat. That's why today we give you these Youtube marketing tips so that you can take advantage of this great tool and propel your business.

Why YouTube?

Video marketing strategies for YouTubeThere are a lot of reasons why YouTube stands out as the top platform for video marketing. First of all, it has a vast reach, especially among younger people. According to research on the US posted in SuperiorPapers, 81% of internet users using this platform in the US are between ages 15 and 25. Apart from having a monthly user of more than 2 billion people, the viewers on this platform are also very engaged. On average, YouTube users spend as much as 11.50 minutes per day on YouTube. Interestingly, most of these viewers do not mind buying from businesses, as many shoppers discover new brands through YouTube.

Another thing that makes YouTube very attractive is that videos are generally more engaging than typical static images. The effectiveness is also because content creators can talk to their audience directly. This way, the audience gets to like the person or the brand; they start to trust them and then begin to develop the known factor. The incredible versatility of YouTube is another reason it has the upper hand in video marketing. There are a lot of formats that you can apply when creating the content to educate and entertain your audience. Whether you go for the informal Question and Answer, interview series, or instructional videos, you will still be reaching out to your audience and achieving the same goal.

Video Marketing Strategies for YouTube

Now that we know how effective YouTube is when used properly, we look at some of the tips and strategies you can apply to your YouTube marketing to succeed.

1. Strategic keyword research

This should be a top priority for your Youtube marketing tips. It is easy for marketers to forget how important it is for them to fine-tune their message to reflect their prospective customers’ stage in their buying process. With YouTube, unlike other channels, the audience is mostly at the preliminary research stage or the product discovery stage. This reality has to reflect in your use of keywords.

There are some best practices from professional essay writers that you have to keep in mind during your strategic keyword research:

  • Your keywords should be suited to reach the people looking for new information. 
  • Use keyword planning tools such as Adwords Display Planner to plan the keywords you will use in the video descriptions. 
  • Your choice of words has to be relevant to your target audience, product, and industry. 
  • Use keywords that have more than a thousand impressions every month. 
  • At the start, break down your ad budgets into small amounts and distribute it over potential keywords.

Important tip: you must understand the logic with which Google shows video results on their result pages. For instance, if you Google ‘cool amazon gadgets,’ the results page will include four YouTube links. So, if you want to run a similar campaign to this, you can learn a thing or two from the description, title, and content.

2. Use perfect attention-grabbing thumbnails

There’s a high chance that there are several similar videos that your YouTube videos will have to compete with. When starting with YouTube marketing, it's vital to get inspiration from others and not reinventing the wheel. There are many social media videos examples out there to spark your creativity. Therefore, you have to take it upon yourself to ensure that the YouTube audience clicks your video before the others, and the best way to do this is with thumbnails.

Work on creating thumbnail images that can attract people’s attention and generate the desire to click on your video. You can click on the option for a custom thumbnail while you’re uploading your new video, and you want it to have a custom thumbnail. However, if you’re looking to make changes to old videos with very bad thumbnails, you click on Video Manager >> Edit >> Custom Thumbnail.

Youtube is Great to Promote Your Business - Take Advantage of it TodayThe following suggestions for creating custom thumbnails are essential, so you should take note of them:

  • Upload images in JPG, GIF, BMP, and PNG formats.
  • Your resolution should be 1280×720. Thumbnails with lower resolutions don’t attract many clicks to the video. 
  • The image size should be less than 2 MB.
  • The aspect ratio should be 16:9.
  • Use colored bold texts for expressing the content value within the videos.

If you want to easily optimize your videos and enhance your reach, there are many YouTube tools out there to help you do just that.

3. Optimize your page

Your channels page has its potential to help you drive audiences to your landing pages and web-links. So, you will be making a big mistake by ignoring it or not paying attention to your channel page.

Youtube is Great to Promote Your Business - Take Advantage of it TodayHere are a few tips from the lab report writer that you must try out to optimize your page:

  • Take your time to write your channel page copy, explaining your goal, brand, and USPs. 
  • Add links to your product landing pages, websites, and social media profiles. 
  • Take advantage of the channel banner when adding the links to your social profiles and websites. 
  • Make your channel page more appealing by removing clutter and adding good calls to action. 
  • Use an avatar image that is relevant to your brand. An obvious choice is your brand logo.

Important tip: the audience on YouTube are not particularly interested in where content is from; what they want is for the content to be good. The evidence of this is in the success of Vox, BuzzFeed, and other brands. However, you should note that a channel page built around a personality or character works more effectively than those that are oriented like a corporate storefront.

4. Use calls to action heavily

If there’s one platform that the users understand the importance of CTAs and uses it regularly and effectively, it is YouTube and YouTubers. Like, subscribe, and comments are words you would have to get used to hearing if you regularly watch videos.

It is essential that you first understand what you want from your viewers, then you can plan your recurring CTA. The major goals you have to optimize for ultimately are more people subscribing to your channels, getting more likes, shares, and comments, and getting the viewers to watch some of the other videos posted on your channel.

The common ways by which YouTubers integrate a call to action into their content are:

The direct host mentions: here; you’re directly asking that your viewers act. It is the method employed by the majority of YouTube influencers and casual YouTubers because it has proven to be effective over time.

Video end cards: this comes up after the video ends, and a large card comes up with a clickable button.

5. Promote across channels

The internet is interconnected, especially with the presence of different social media platforms. So, it is a good idea for you to take advantage of other existing web assets to increase the number of viewers you have on your YouTube videos. For instance, your email signatures could have links leading to your YouTube channel. You could as well make a curated list of some of your best YouTube videos for your newsletter. You can also write a blog post about the video you had the most challenging creating, the lessons you learned from it, etc. There are many options and ideas for you to link one platform to the other nowadays, and this will come in handy as a YouTube video marketing strategy.

Since you have a presence on social media, you can leverage it to bring in more high-quality audiences for your YouTube videos.

You can also create content tailored towards your audience on other social media platforms and then actively share the content with them. You will be able to win some over to watch other videos and ultimately subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Important tip: once you start to grow and your following starts to rise, you should consider working with some other YouTube influencers in non-competing but related markets. This will help to boost you and put you in front of newer sets of audiences.

6. Work on strengthening your engagement factor

Our last Youtube marketing tips but not the least. Engagement is a major keyword across all social media platforms, and it is not any different on YouTube. If you want people to love your brand on YouTube, you also have to show them some love too, and the best way to do this is by engaging them.

Here are several effective ways to engage your audience and show them some love:

  • Respond to their comments regularly and do so in detail, as much as you can, and when necessary. 
  • Subscribe to the YouTube channels of other users and drop positive feedback for them. 
  • Create response videos, and follow the suggestions or requests of your viewers when creating videos. 
  • Work with other influencers and brands. 
  • Run a survey or contest to gather feedback from the audience and get user-generated content that you can share. Don’t forget to share some freebies too. 

Youtube is Great for Your Business - Take Advantage of it Today

There are many ways to gain more YouTube subscribers. The first step to being successful in your YouTube marketing strategy is to have great content. However, if you’re a brand looking to take things up the next level, you can adjust and experiment with many other factors to generate the impact you need. The Youtube marketing tips mentioned in this article are time-proven strategies bound to bring you success if you follow them well and pay attention to the results. By doing this, you will be preparing yourself to become a massive presence in your chosen field or niche.

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