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Top 10 Tips to Future Proofing Your Personal Brand

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One thing is certain as we near the beginnig of 2022: The personal brand will be here to stay. Some might ask if personal brands are something that celebrities and influencers have.

It was once a luxury for celebrities and influencers, but today everyone is considered to have a personal brand. Only the difference is that everyone can access it online.

Over the years, personal branding has changed from what Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, called “what people talk about when you’re not there” to what people see when they search for you on Google.

Entrepreneurs and decision-making executives are increasingly embracing the online space. This opens up more opportunities to attract the ideal client, generate leads and find the right employees.

Potential investors also have more options if your brand is properly positioned, packaged, and promoted using the right channels and content that addresses the problem you solve.

It can be difficult for individuals to make their brand stand out amongst all the professionals in the online marketplace.

There are many opportunities out there, but you may not have the social proof to back your expertise and knowledge. Your ideal client might just opt for the next best thing online.

These are 10 tips you can take today to get a head start on 2022 when you have your own brand.

Top 10 Tips to Future-Proofing Your Personal Brand

1. Clarity is key

Do some reflection on your brand journey. Do you know who you really are? What are your core values and beliefs? Are your goals aligned to the person you want to be?

2. Be a unicorn

Your education, experience, and expertise will help you understand the unique value you can offer your target audience. What problem can you solve better than anyone else in the same field through your brand journey?

3. Understanding your audience

Once you have clarity about yourself and a better understanding of your unique value, it is time to think about the problem that you are solving. You need to be very specific about who your product or service is for and where they live online.

4. Use the headline to hit them

A headline statement should be a powerful description of who you are, what your passions are, and how you can help others.

This should not exceed a sentence. It can be used on your online profiles or as an introduction to new people. This should communicate clearly your brand.

5. Make sure to update your online profile

A professional headshot is the first thing that someone will see when they visit your online profile. You should represent yourself in the best way possible.

Make sure your profile contains your new headline and current, accurate information about your brand. Make use of all the cool tools on your page. Each touchpoint can be a great opportunity.

6. Siri, search for [insert name here]

Begin with a Google search using your name, followed by your brand name and then the keywords that are associated with your brand or name.

Take note of your Google rank and the links that appear for you. It is important to know what other people are seeing when trying to find you, so you can make necessary updates or changes.

7. Make a name for yourself

Consider what you want to be known as in your industry. What keywords would you like someone to use to locate you online? What would you choose to talk about if given the opportunity?

Find your niche, then narrow it down even more. The more specific you can be with your offerings, the easier it is for the right people.

8. Share and create content

List the top 10 questions that you are asked by clients or customers. This will serve as a starting point for creating content for your target audience. Each question should be broken down and you can decide the best format, audio, video, and image for your content.

9. Comment and collaborate

Be more than a mere poster on social media. Connect with others by commenting, liking, sharing, and sharing. Connect with others on your platforms.

The connection can open up real opportunities for collaboration which can expand your reach, audience, and grow your online network.
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10. Select the right platform

We are often asked, “What platform is best to post my content?” The answer is simple: wherever your ideal audience lives online. Find out where people hang out online and engage with them. Start to learn about the platforms and create content that adds value for your community.

Strong personal brands are a way to bring back the human element of business. It fosters community which ultimately leads to trust in your brand.

Although we don’t know what will happen in 2022 we know that personal branding won’t be going away anytime soon.

With a growing demand from CEOs, employees, and entrepreneurs for strong personal branding, it’s becoming more important. Do not wait until 2022 to start building your personal brand. Get started today and let Google do all the talking.

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