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Top 10 Online and Offline Ways to Make Money Writing in 2022

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Even though you might be a gifted writer, there are many ways to make money from your talents. There are many ways to make money writing, which is more than what most articles discuss. We’ll be looking at ten of these in this article.

The goal is to show how you can stop being a spectator and create supplemental income or even full-time income through your writing as many have done. These ideas are great for students and budding writers.

Top 10 Online and Offline Ways to Make Money Writing in 2022

1. Guest post on high-paying magazines and publications

Did you know that magazines, companies, and publications need writers to maintain their content pipeline? These companies and publications are open to sharing a small portion of their profits with freelancers who offer useful content to their readers.

How can you make money by writing guest posts for publications?

You can choose to either go to niche sites that pay guest writers or to blogs that don’t pay guest bloggers. Both cases will build your credibility. A guest post on a trusted website is more valuable.

Editors at authoritative websites won’t be offended if your pitch hasn’t been published elsewhere before. It’s a learning process.

After landing two guest posts in industry-specific publications, your social proof will be sufficient to pitch companies and organizations that are looking for writers.
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2. Become a Copywriter

It’s easy to see why people pay you to write their sales copy and sales descriptions. If you have some knowledge about how to convince people using the written word, this is a great opportunity.

It is more complex than it sounds. It can take many years to master copywriting. It can take years to master copywriting skills. You must continue practicing and learning.

Emails, landing pages and websites can all be written. The first step in copywriting is to identify a problem or pain. The problem must be described in a way that your audience can relate to and then a solution should be provided. Copywriting is a great way to make a living as a creative writer.

Jodie Cordell, who is both a real estate agent and a real estate copywriter says, “I understand the pain my clients feel as I interact with them. It’s therefore easy for me to address these needs in writing.

One of the most common ways to make money writing is by pitching clients. Copywriters can expect to get rejected. The pay can be worth it if you land a great copywriting job.

3. Do Freelance Content Writing for Businesses

Content writing is probably the most popular freelance occupation. This is similar to guest posting, in that you create content or marketing collateral to help businesses achieve a specific goal, such as traffic, leads or brand awareness.

Companies often require content types such as articles, blog posts and guest posts, whitepapers, case studies, ebooks, proposals, FAQs and more.

You will need to select a niche and build a portfolio of work. Then, pitch many businesses.

You can make a decent side income by freelance content writing. However, experienced content writers can earn up to $500 per project.

It is difficult to break into freelance writing niches. You need to invest enough time in your initial research.

While you are a freelancer, it is important to have a job. If you are a novice freelance writer, it’s often feast or famine.

An estimated half of the freelance writers in the United States need to hold down a full-time job. These writers are known as “Moonlighters” in the media and “Diversified Workers” by economists. They can seamlessly move between both worlds.

4. Ghostwrite Stories

Are you able to write short stories, novels, speeches, journals, and literary pieces? Ghost writing is a way to make money if you are okay with giving up the rights to your work.

This means that you will have to charge more for ghostwriting because you won’t get a byline.

Ghost writing clients could be industry influencers, successful small business owners, or newbie authors who need help telling their story or writing a book.

How can you become a ghostwriter

Ghostwriting is a part of freelance content writing. Follow the steps above to learn how content writing works. Find a niche, create a portfolio of work, and pitch potential clients.

Portfolios should reflect your service offerings and body of work. If you are looking to make money writing short stories for income, then you will need some published stories.

5. Get Paid to Write on Medium

Writing about your life can be a way to make money. You will also get paid when your content is shared via Medium’s Partner Program.

You can still make side income, but don’t expect to earn a full-time salary on Medium. Medium’s top writers earn less than $100 per month. Some top writers earn $5,000 to $10,000 per month.

Medium makes it easy to write. Your article must be engaging enough to grab the attention of many people, and keep them reading until the end.

Medium is a great way to track your progress if you are just starting to write content.

6. Self-Publish on Kindle

You can earn passive income by self-publishing your book on Amazon. It sounds simpler than it is. For books priced between $0.99 and $2.98, you’ll get a 35% royalty. The same percentage applies for books above $9.99.

A 70% royalty is paid on every sale of Kindle books priced between $2.99 and $9.99 You should price your book between $2.99 and $9.99

Your book will be competing against many other authors in the same genre. You need to build your own audience and market your book to them.

Before you consider self-publishing, you should have a following via blogs, email marketing and/or YouTube content creation.

7. Blog and Make Money through Affiliate Marketing

Blogging and affiliate marketing are often promoted as fast ways to make money online. These routes can be slow and tedious because you have to create your own audience.

However, it is possible to make a lot of money writing by building a blog and then monetizing it via affiliate marketing or digital products.

You must first choose a niche in which you wish to write. Next, create a lot of content about keywords that are well-searched in the niche. To increase your website’s SEO, you can guest post on websites related to your niche.

When your website is getting a lot of traffic consistently, you can add comparison and review posts to the mix along with your affiliate tracking links. This will allow you to earn passive income every time someone clicks on your links.

8. Find Paid Writing Internships

A paid internship is the best way for students to get into writing as a profession. A paid internship might give you the chance to be involved in a marketing project, and help build your portfolio.

Interns are usually hired by companies to manage social media and copywriting. Some internships allow for remote work, which is the best thing about these internships. On average, paid interns make $17.37 per hour. How do you find paid internships?

To show potential employers that you are interested in interning at a company, you should have a portfolio with one or two pieces of writing. It is easy to find paid writing internships by simply doing a Google search for “your area”

9. Become a Technical Writer

These types of writing projects can you handle: installation documentations, instructions manuals, reports and white papers. Startup pitch decks and case studies. This is the place to be. Technical writers can make a living.

As a technical writer, you can make as much as $70,000 per year in the United States. As of 2020, the median salary for a technical writer in the US is $74,650. And interestingly, 56.4% of technical writers say their job is “low-stress.”

How can you get into technical writing?

You must first think beyond money. Technical writing is the art of translating complicated ideas and documents into simple language. It is important to be able to comprehend and use the terminology appropriate to your project in order to work efficiently.

You should take a technical writing course instead of just winging it. If you have the time, you should consider a certification program in technical writing.

After you have built up a strong portfolio, you can apply directly for technical writing jobs through job posting platforms such as Indeed or Google Careers.

10. Make Money Writing Social Media Content

Social media management is essential for publications and companies. You can do everything from tweeting and writing posts to managing full-blown ad campaigns. If you’re a student, this might be something to try your hands on via freelance platforms like Upwork.

You can become a social marketing strategist or consultant if you have a lot of experience in social media marketing. They assist companies in managing their social media teams and social media content strategies.

How to Not Make Money Writing

1. Fuel Your Self-Doubt

You’re likely to come across the term “imposter syndrome” online. What does it mean? Let me explain: As a writer, designer or content creator, you face many challenges, but self-doubt can be the most restricting.

Do you always get a voice in your head telling you “no one would want to read what you write?” Fact is, 9%-82% of people experience impostor syndrome. The exact numbers will vary depending on who is involved in the study.

Some people only experience symptoms for a short time, such as the first few weeks after starting a new job. Some people experience the symptoms for life. Everyone has imposter syndrome at some point.

It is possible to stop it from happening by writing or creating consistently and publishing your work regularly. Many talented writers don’t publish their work due to self-doubt. If you want to make a living writing, it is important to get past this.

2. Flake in the Face of Rejection

You might be familiar with the way literary work is ridiculed if you work in publishing. Literary agents reject 96% of writing submissions. This is why self-publishing is a better option.

How do you deal with rejections? Do you complain about the rejections all day or do you get on with your work? Here’s the truth: If you want to make money as a writer, expect to receive many rejections.
It’s when you take it personally that the problem is. Rejection doesn’t always involve you or your work. It’s about finding the right match.

Budding writers are often rejected several times before giving up on their writing career.

Every rejection can help you improve your writing style and targeting criteria. As a writer, you might not have to send one pitch. You must learn to accept rejections if you want growth.

3. Be Lazy

Writing is not as simple as many people believe. Sometimes you feel stale and you must meet deadlines. You have to complete some tasks that become repetitive because they are boring. Before you make the leap, decide if it is something that you are interested in.

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