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Top 10 Best B2B eCommerce Marketplaces to Watch

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Choosing the best B2B eCommerce marketplaces to operate your business is not easy. It requires an effective and thought-provoking process to end up with the best decision. It has been noticed after the COVID-19 pandemic, the boom in the B2B eCommerce marketplace was incredibly growing. And, it is estimated that the sale will increase to $5 trillion in 2022 and it grow to $6 trillion by 2024.

No one can deny the importance of eCommerce due to the rise in internet services. The B2B marketplace has gained more success when you compare it with the B2C business.

Interestingly, in some research, it has been revealed that the growth of every B2B manufacturer has improved by almost 25%.

If you are new to the B2B eCommerce business, you may face difficulties in choosing the best B2B marketplace. So, this detailed guide will help you in choosing the best B2B eCommerce marketplace that fits your brand activities. Here you will learn about the top marketplaces that not only assist you in operating B2B marketplaces but even increase your sales worldwide.

10 Best B2B eCommerce Marketplaces

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1. eWorldTrade

In the list of top B2B marketplaces, eWorldTrade is always found on the list of top B2B wholesale platforms. Due to its outstanding performance, this platform is ranked among the most reputable and recommended platforms that work exceptionally.

They have catered to almost 500,000 registered users including manufacturers, suppliers, and buyers from different corners of the world.

eWorldTrade is a platform specially designed to provide the fastest, safest, and most secure trade. It caters to every demand of its customers and promises to make an easy transaction process.

Here you will find millions of products belonging to different categories. From heavy machinery to garden furniture, you will buy anything at highly cost-effective rates.

Without a doubt, it is the one-stop shop to meet with verified buyers and sellers from different regions of the world. The main mission of eWorldTrade is to make B2B services more transparent & hassle-free trading to earn high-scale profits.

If you are striving for the best trading solutions, eWorldTrade would always be your perfect choice. Also, check eWorldtrade’s reviews and feedback of other buyers to make a smart decision.

2. Amazon Business

Amazon Business is another well-known name among B2B eCommerce marketplaces. It operates in over 14 countries with a huge workforce. The reason for their impressive success is their B2B trading policies. They offer exclusive discounts and deals to their customers. Even it lets its users use different shipment offers according to their ease.

At Amazon Business, you can enjoy multiple payment systems to make your shopping easy and effectual. Interestingly, as a buyer, you can find different brands through sponsored ads.

It assists every SME business to increase their niche and get more ROI. It is trusted by millions of customers from all over the world.

With this platform, you have a chance to make better decisions, find out relevant supplies, and get actionable insights to make strategic purchase policies and increase spending goals.

3. Alibaba

Alibaba is the biggest name in the B2B eCommerce industry. This platform is designed to provide an ultimate trading solution to its users. Now, international trading is not too difficult.

Following a strategic approach is the only reason to build your brand worldwide and improve your brand sales. Alibaba is undoubtedly the most credible trading industry that access buyers, sellers, and wholesalers from various corners of the world.

It is the China-based B2B eCommerce platform that has millions of products from almost 40 countries. This highly impressive platform lets the buyer shop by looking into every category. It uses advanced tools that help suppliers to get in touch with their targeted audience with ease. Alibaba has successfully surpassed 1.1 trillion Yuan in sales which is equal to $170,000 million in USD.


On HKTDC, you have the feasibility to search for top-quality products on a small scale. It means this platform lets you order a minimum quantity of products. HKTDC even lets you compare prices by contacting the supplier directly. It lets you direct communication with the supplier, which is why this platform gain huge popularity in the B2B marketplace.

On this platform, you can find out a massive range of product categories. Their motive is to build your B2B business worldwide & establish reputable connections among buyers and suppliers. If you want to run a smooth business without hassle, go for HKTDC.

5. AliExpress

AliExpress is also a China-based company that is a subsidiary of Alibaba. Without a doubt, AliExpress is one of the most reputable names in the leading B2B eCommerce industry. This online platform becomes a massive online retail store that lets you get in touch with international retailers and wholesalers.

This B2B eCommerce platform creates a comprehensive incentive policy to make trading transparent and help traders to build brands worldwide.

At AliExpress, you find different product categories at highly cost-effective rates. From books to electronics, you can buy what you want in bulk quantity. The best thing about AliExpress is they follow a seamless price pattern. Choosing Alibaba is also a good decision.

6. DH Gate

DH gate is the greatest eCommerce platform where you can find Chinese products. This eCommerce marketplace lets you operate your business more successfully. If you want a hassle-free business experience, then join DH gate. It is the most prominent B2B platform that has almost 40 million branded products. Additionally, you can contact over 1.2 million suppliers and buyers from all over the world.

The foremost reason for connecting to DH Gate is it offers Minimum Order Quantity if you compare it to other B2-B eCommerce marketplaces. You have easy access to connect with a credible suppliers.

From DH gate, you will surely buy certified products that meet global quality standards. It was established to offer comprehensive B2B solutions to its buyers and sellers. Additionally, it has perfect product listing and sophisticated searches with in-depth product information.

7. Made In China

Made in China is the well-known and most reputable B2B eCommerce platform that has been serving its services all over the world. On this platform, you will find wide-ranging branded products at highly reasonable rates. This platform has come into being to help every small to mid-size business to increase its customer base.

When you sign up to this eCommerce platform, you have the accessibility to check the list of suppliers and buyers. It will assist you with whom you need to connect to improve business transactions. As compared to other B2B marketplaces, made in China is the cheapest online wholesale platform.

8. See Bizz

At See Biz B2B wholesale platform, you have a chance to shop for different products of different categories from the most popular brands.

From home décor to health products, apparel to kid toys, you can buy anything at reasonable rates. It means you are allowed to connect with reputable industries to buy premium quality products.

The good thing about See Biz is; that it is operating without any registration fees. Buyers and sellers don’t need to pay. If you are a wholesaler, you are not allowed to manage inventory. For this, they have launched another app to allow you to manage your wholesale business properly.

9. EC Plaza

EC Plaza is the immaculate B2B eCommerce marketplace that was operating in South Korea. It has thousands of products that are even categorically divided for its buyers, so they can locate the products easily. Now, they have decided to expand their business and bring more opportunities for its users.

EC Plaza is also the global marketplace that meets the trade marketing needs. This platform works for overseas users to conduct market research and consulting services. Without any doubt, this platform has a bright business vision, as they are looking to automate the business procedure.

10. Global Sources

Global sources are the oldest B2B marketplace that still offers highly credible B2B services to its customers. Due to its transparent business solutions, this platform has been working in this field for years. This platform is usually known as the connecting medium of Asia to English media.

It has swift features for its clients and it even integrated an RFQ feature. This feature connects buyers with suppliers to get free quotes. So, it is a highly credible platform that helps to find the best supplier as per your needs. It is still the leading name in North America due to its amazing B2B services.

Why Choose B2B eCommerce Marketplaces

At last, the new technology enhances the trading business and makes it easy to replace traditional services with online operating activities. Brand owners are always hunting for advanced ways to introduce their brand products and services all over the world to enhance brand prestige.

The B2B portals are the best way to expand your business and foster brand awareness. You even get the chance to reach international buyers and increase your sales.

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