07.01.2024 21:57

The QUASA project, Associated With Real Business, is in The RWA Trend.

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Everyone predicts that RWA will become a trend in 2024! In case you missed it, this trend is just getting started and there will be a lot of hype around this topic.

The Real World Assets (RWA) trend is a trend for projects related to real businesses.

Not another crypto exchange, not meme tokens or IT protocols that few people understand. The market is entering a new stage.

Today, RWA is the tenth largest DeFi sector.
There are currently more than 41.3 thousand RWA token holders on the Ethereum blockchain. While this may not seem like much, the number of token holders has increased significantly compared to last year, more than doubling.

As the sector continues to evolve, regulatory changes in this area will be the driving force behind mass adoption.

Do you know the QUASA business model?

Everything is very simple!
There is a huge freelancing market, as well as a huge cryptocurrency market, which are completely unrelated to each other.

That is why QUASA became the first service that helps freelancers and clients meet, conduct transactions and pay with cryptocurrency in the Quasa Connect mobile application.

QUASA has become a leader and created a new cryptofreelancing market, beginning to displace classic centralized service platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr

*more details on white paper

QUA cryptocurrency is a universal tool specially created for settlements with freelancers and those who order and work remotely around the world.

Monetization of QUASA services occurs at the last stage of each case of successful completion of the task by any performer in the form of a reward, instantly increasing the demand for QUA tokens.

But that’s not all, the company’s second project - the QUASA NFT application - is also in the RWA trend.

Install the QUASA NFT application and register your property on the blockchain!

The QUASA NFT app is the first mobile app that allows you to connect a virtual NFT with a real physical object.
Be it real estate or your favorite cat.

After you make an active NFT for your item or asset in a couple of clicks, you can send it to experts or the community for signature without leaving QUASA NFT applications.

Decentralized signature of experts or community - confirms:

  • your active NFT (ANFT;
  • an inextricable link between your active NFT and your physical object;
  • that you own the physical object and that the object exists;
  • all information and metadata that you have added to your active NFT is also authenticated.

You now have a complete understanding of how active NFTs work for physical objects. Active NFTs (ANFTs) Empower Physical Items.

*more details on whitepaper-nft

QUASA is committed to RWAs, which will continue to play a key role in the future of finance.

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