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Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign Examples to Help you Create the Best Campaign

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Various prospects of online marketing work their magic in different ways. The increasing use of social media for promoting brands and marketing newer products has gained the attention of many. As companies are increasingly becoming social media-friendly, their marketing efforts are shifted to various social media platforms. And the increasing number of social media users around the world is one of the primary reasons behind this.

Influencer Marketing: Maximize Your Reach to Potential Customers

The increasing popularity of influencer marketing has inspired many market leaders to follow this approach. Influencer marketing tends to provide incredible results. Influencer marketing lets a business expand its reach to potential audiences by paving a way through already popular communities of social media.

Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign Examples to Help you Create the Best CampaignIn essence, influencer marketing focuses upon tapping the market through specialists who already have a high count of followers and can put a significant influence on the choices a potential customer makes. The outputs received are very high compared to the investment it demands.

But Why Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is used for establishing a brand identity and expanding the reach of a business. As a result, the influencer marketing industry is estimated to reach $15 billion worth by the end of 2022The report by Business Insider is enough to realize the importance of influencer marketing for business promotions.

Here are some of the facts from the report:

● Instagram has become the ultimate choice of marketers, as 79% of influencer marketing practices are carried out on Instagram. With Facebook at 46%, Youtube at 36%, Twitter at 24%, and LinkedIn at 12%, influencer marketing practices are used across all social media platforms more or less.

● Before approaching an influencer, every brand checks for two aspects: Reach and Niche. The influencer must have a good number of followers that are the brand's potential customers, and they should directly link to the brand's products or niche.

● Brands tend to make long term partnership with authentic influencers who help them gain higher sales support and drive profits.

● Influencer Marketing provides up to $18 return on the investment of $1 for marketing. This is a remarkable value for average earned media value.

These reasons are enough to explain why influencer marketing is becoming one of the best best for various brands and businesses. However, planning an influencer campaign is not that easy as it sounds. The company is required to thoroughly research and analyze the market to choose the right influencers.

By taking inspiration from multiple campaigns, you can understand the right way of performing your marketing campaigns. These campaigns can also give you insights into the required parameters to construct a full-proof strategy.

6 Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns to Inspire Your Next Marketing Campaign Construction

Here is the list of best influencer marketing campaigns of all time that shouts out the positive impacts of social media influencers on your business sales.

1. H&M

H&M is one of the most popular clothing brands across the world. If you know well, H&M scores more followers on Instagram than many other popular clothing brands and is one of the market leaders in the industry. H&M carefully partners with top influencers who relate to their domain to market their new clothing chains, latest collections, and amazes other brands by their leading sales results.

H&M plans its collection launches and takes support from many influencers who can directly pitch the Millenials and unravels only the best results. For example, H&M recently launched a hashtag “#hmxme” where many famous influencers are tapping in their posts, and it maximizes their ultimate outputs.

Key Takeaway

H&M carefully chooses the influencers with whom their partner during their new collection launch. Influencers who hold power to generate interest in millions and who relate to the market H&M is planning to enter the most basic requirements it keeps in mind. It looks forward to creating relationships with the influencers and, ultimately, with potential audiences.

By keeping your customers in mind, the right influencers should be chosen to lower the risk of failing at tapping the right set of audiences.

2. Fiji Water

Fiji water is a very popular brand in their entire industry, and their collaboration with Instagram influencer Danielle Bernstein has made them famous because of the tremendous results this campaign has delivered. Danielle Bernstein has started the channel "We Wore What," and her paid collaboration with Fiji has earned the company huge revenues.

This campaign involves the videos of fitness trainer Danielle Bernstein teaching different exercises for fitness enthusiasts. The campaign focuses on conveying the importance of drinking water after their exercise routine and how Fiji water is the best option to stay hydrated while working out hard.

Key Takeaway
Be creative. Fiji water is promoting its bottled water only. But the concept they use is innovative, and the creativity of their marketing campaigns is enough to sing the praises. Irrespective of the product you are promoting through influencer marketing, find your match from the wide variety of them available.

Connecting the dots is the key to successful campaign crafting. If you can discover the right influencers, your campaign is guaranteed success.

3. Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington uses only influencer marketing, and it works its wonders by lending multiple influencer entries every day and promote their sales. With the use of right hashtags throughout the time, it keeps encouraging influencers and users to post photos with their hashtags, and it generates excellent results for them.

By awarding photos as #DWPickoftheDay or any hashtags, they promote their products efficiently. This campaign is never dying and keeps on getting engaging with each passing day. With more and more people using their hashtags in the posts, these campaigns are guaranteed to deliver the best results, and these campaigns are driving their profits.

Key Takeaway
Let your customers speak. They are the most significant influence you can ever use to attract more customers, and it helps create a loyal audience base for your brand. Like a ride-sharing uber clone app providing referrals to use, you can promote the use of your brand-dedicated hashtags and run these campaigns to generate the best results.

4. American Express

influencer marketing is the future of digital marketingIf a credit card company can do it over social media, any business from any industry can ace the game of influencer marketing. While marketing your credit card over social media is boring and not so great idea, American Express turned tables by their hashtags #AmexPlatinum and #Amexlife to make their social media game stronger. And the results they obtained are mind-boggling.

American Express wanted to promote the use of their new AMEX platinum card, and they chose the best influencers- expensive flights, five-star hotels, high-end stores, and more, to gain the attention of appropriate audiences to buy out their cards. Their campaigns supported by multiple influencers who post about various luxuries achieved success by increasing the relevant traffic and provided excellent results.

Key Takeaway
American express worked its way to the perks slowly. In the beginning, they just showed the integration of their new card in their influencer's lives. This didn't include any of the perks the card offered. Later, they decided to keep their game strong by introducing the perks and benefits their users get. This campaign not only helped them helm their brand image but also established them as an essential entity in routine lives to enjoy true luxuries.

5. Glossier

Glossier is a famous makeup brand that serves customers with various skincare and cosmetic products. However, the increasing number of fashion and makeup influencers demanded Glossier to innovate a new concept for their influencer marketing, and they found their way through very famous and recent SAG awards.

Glossier got promoted by famous celebrities over the various recent award functions, and it gave a massive boost to their marketing efforts. While their very famous IG story approach inspired many others, their new influencer marketing campaign is focusing on promoting the use of their products through their customers, which includes influencers, celebrities, and normal users too.

Key Takeaway
Glossier delivers the best products for their users to use. But highlighting these products through their actual users creates a strong brand image. It helps them stand out from the crowd and gives the brand a unique touch while their users promote the products they use. This ultimately turns out to be beneficial for both the brand and its users as they get promoted equally by each other's social media channels.

6. Sephora

Another beauty brand Sephora is on the list with its #SephoraSquad program. This beauty-influencer program focused on finding loyal customers who earned perks by sharing the Sephora beauty product and its applications over their social media feeds. The brand opened entries for all and chose their finalists by judging them on various criteria.

The results were announced over their dedicated website, and the chosen influencers earned many perks. This campaign not only helped Sephora to impress their loyal customers but increased their reach and helped seal better deals. Moreover, the chosen influencers also earned advantages, and the campaign turned out to be a win-win for both the brand and its customer base.

Key Takeaway
Sephora took the benefit of their vast customer base and achieved excellent results. For any marketing campaign to succeed, the engagement of customers is crucial, and Sephora made it the sole purpose of their influencer marketing strategy. Hence, by approaching your customers and offering perks on marketing the brand, a business can gain an added advantage of their earned loyal customer base.

Final Word on Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Influencer marketing is becoming popular in today's business market. The ability to score higher returns on investments done is one of the primary reasons for a plethora of brands trying out this marketing concept. The right support and thorough monitoring can help in ensuring the success of your campaign.

Taking inspiration from the mentioned influencer marketing campaigns, you can craft your campaign to be excellently result-driven and increase your brand mentions all over social media.

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