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How to Build and Maintain a Strong Brand Identity on Social Media

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With the ability to reach billions of people, social media has become an unrivaled means of marketing all over the world. Brand awareness is one of the most important purposes of marketers across all social media platforms. In fact, the priority of them is to build a long-lasting brand identity via digital marketing strategies, trends and tools.

In this article, we are going to summarize some crucial tips for building brand identity via social networking services and also keeping it on top.

Clear goals

First and most, you should clearly outline what you want to achieve via social media marketing. If you want to build a social media marketing plan from scratch, identifying goals is crucial. You can start with your brands' missions and overall goals and the results social media marketing can lead to.

Clear goals brandYou can prioritize your goals like:

  1. Increasing followers,
  2. Increasing engagements,
  3. Deepening relationships at the personal level,
  4. Keeping existing customers in touch,
  5. Finding new customers,
  6. Getting feedback on customer service,
  7. Increasing online shopping.

These goals can help you to measure your activities and find out your strengths and weaknesses. So, your identity on social media can be assessed by defining a set of clear and achievable goals.

Social presence

Time is of the essence during building a brand via social media. You will increase your brand awareness while growing your business. You cannot reach your goals in brand awareness overnight. By looking at famous brands like Nike and Coca-Cola, you will understand that it has taken years for them to cement their name in the market.

Social presence brandConsistency during marketing and branding is of great importance if you want to fix your position and build customer loyalty. You have to be present on all major social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, along with your company’s website.

Your consistent presence must be in accordance with your goals and based on a clear plan and schedule. Your graphics, color, style, tone, and posting time must be unique and be used consistently. Your logo. In particular, must convey your message and the philosophy of your company.

A professional look across online and offline marketing space cannot be achieved unless using a constant set of colors and styles. You should not change your color or any other styles on different platforms. Bear in mind that changing these elements will dent your identity and prevent your brand from being cemented.

To post consistently on social media, you don't want to do everything manually. You want to automate your flow with the help of social media management tools. This consistency and concentrated actions will make your followers remember your name whenever they see such styles.


Knowing whom you address to is essential if you want to establish a consistent and remarkable brand the right way. Recognizing a target audience of customers is one of the most crucial factors for every marketer. Without identifying your target audience, you cannot expect a high ROI in marketing and also a strong brand identity among customers.

Marketers who know how to target relevant audiences and consumers have a better chance of generating leads and converting them into sales. You need to learn how to distinguish between different audiences so that you can determine what parts of society will support your brand. Bear in mind that without that support you cannot build an identity and remain in the market.

Moreover, many times different characteristics of audiences can affect the process of choosing styles, logos, and any other important elements. So, be careful and patient in identifying your target audience.


Another important matter related to social presence is using different networking platforms. Your activities should not be limited to a single channel or group. You need to conduct an exhaustive investigation to find out platforms or even channels, accounts, groups, etc. on which your target audience are active more. Particularly, having an account on the top social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, or even LinkedIn is a must.

We are going to summarize some of them:

1. Facebook

FacebookFacebook is by far the top social networking service with more than 2.5 billion monthly active users. It has been launched since 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and is a pioneer in social networking.

Sharing your content through this platform will provide you with a great chance to be seen by millions of people across the globe. Facebook is an awesome platform to make hyper-targeted advertising campaigns for your business.

2. Instagram

Instagram is another platform owned by Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook). It is a visual-based platform founded in 2010 and one of the fastest-growing social networks. It has more than 1 billion monthly active users. Stories and Live are two popular features that can get people to join your marketing campaign. Having an account on this platform and being consistent in posting on it is necessary for building your brand identity.

3. Snapchat

Snapchat is also a popular social media and a fantastic means of targeting your audience founded in 2011. To get people to know about your brand, you should be active on this platform too and create a SnapChat marketing strategy.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn have been founded in 2009 and is a business and employment-oriented network. You can access professionals and partners via its website or mobile app.

5. Twitter (X)

This is an incredible channel to promote your content, build your brand, get in touch with your target audience, drive traffic to your site and generate leads.

6. Pinterest

Pinterest is often forgotten by brands when it comes to picture sharing. This is a huge mistake. The community is huge and very engaged. Plus, it’s easier to gain traffic from Pinterest vs Instagram as you can actually make your images clickable.

Social Media Branding MarketingThere are other social media platforms out there such as Reddit, Discord, TikTok and others so do not hesitate to create accounts on those as well. Note that if you want to establish a strong brand identity for long-term success, you don't just want to limit yourself to social media.

Your website, content, messaging, videos, brochures, business cards, etc. are all important elements of your brand identity.


Content generation is one of the most important strategies when marketing your brand via social media. You are bound to create trendy, evergreen, and various kinds of content constantly.

1. Visualize your content

You need to generate content that appeals to your followers and lure them to follow your updates. It is obvious that visual content like videos, images, and info-graphs gain the attention of people much better than texts can ever do. Visual content can cement your name in the market and make customers remember your brand for a long period. Visual marketing isn't as scary as you think. You can master it without being a professional designer.

2. Live Video

Visualize your contentThe most sought after content on social media is LIVE Videos. You can use this feature to gain more followers and also keep your current followers in touch. The intimacy behind live videos will strengthen your connection with your customers and subsequently help to build your identity.

3. User-generated content

Another trick you can use is to use the content created by your customers. Posting the photos/videos of your customers can help you to gain more shares and also attract more people to use your products. Did you know that there are at least 6 key elements to enhance user-generated content on social media? By this method, many people will remember your name and this will result in a lasting identity.

4. Locality

Social Media Branding MarketingMany people usually love the place they are born in or the community they belong to. Many businesses take advantage of this personality trait to build their identity and gain the trust of people. They try to make a sense of loyalty by using specific features related to local people. 

You should appear on social media like a part of a family, community, province, country, etc. you can build your identity by merging your styles and contents with these concepts and making people remember your name. You can, for instance, use any local, national, or even global events in your content and strengthen your bounds with people.


The other influential factor is the way you engage with your followers. You don't just want followers, you want to be smart with your branding by building an engaged community. If you want to generate more leads and convert them to sales, you have to seem like a friend, a family member, a colleague, a citizen, or generally a human.

Social Media Branding MarketingRemember that as it comes from the name: “social media”, you have to socialize with users on it, not using this medium like an advertisement robot. Trust and loyalty is the key to a long-lasting identity and can guarantee your sales in the future.

Engagement is a key ingredient to create an effective brand identity. Engaging with people like a human and responding to their comments are of great importance. You should not act like a selling machine or a robotic marketer.

Even if you don't want to be too salesy, you can use social media as a great lead generation and selling tool. Aren't you convinced? In fact, social selling is a new-age tool to create business outcomes. We strongly recommend using the first name when engaging with your customers. There is no need to be afraid of using friendly dialogue and informal conversation. Use chatty expressions in your captions, hashtags, stories, etc. This approach will lead to a strong relationship and subsequently can bold your identity.


InfluencersUsing influencers is one of the most effective means of brand awareness and boosting sales. People usually trust influential personalities and accept their suggestions. You need to take advantage of this opportunity to broadcast your message and reach out to as many customers as possible.

Try to identify trustworthy influencers in your niche and build a friendly relationship with. Many influencers want to sell their account and it would be harmful for your identity. We suggest starting with valid Micro-influencers active in your niche.


Honesty is the key to building a long-lasting connection and consequently identityHonesty is the key to building a long-lasting connection and consequently identity. It provides customers with certainty about the quality of a product/service so that they can safely purchase it in the future.

So, please try to give them a glimpse behind the scenes of your company and prove your quality in practice. You have to keep the quality of your product/service to establish a healthy relationship and a living identity.

Social media can play a pivotal role in the process of gaining the trust of your customers and building your identity. Use different social platforms to publish information about the details of your product/service transparently. Being in the public eye is a crucial factor to make the customers remember your identity. To start with, you can inform your customers about your plans for the future and ask them for their opinions. You can use Polls on different social media platforms to be aware of the thoughts of your customers. It would be great to admit your mistakes in the current projects and remove them in the future.

Final Thoughts About Building, Strengthening and Maintaining your Brand Identity with Social Media

 change in the future to adopt a suitable approach accordingly and maintain your brand identity in the market.There are multiple elements that you need to build a strong brand. In the above article, we tried to answer how to build and maintain an identity for your brand via social media. You can build a long-lasting relationship via social media by considering these tips.

However, you need to study more about your target market and the relevant trends. You should be aware of any possible change in the future to adopt a suitable approach accordingly and maintain your brand identity in the market.

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