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Sleep is Important Factor in our Health

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Sleep is important for your health but when life gets busy, then health is not come at first but it is must to give proper time and take a long Nap because a great sleep is vital to good health as eating healthful foods or getting enough exercise.  Now the important question is why sleep is so important and how to get quality sleep.

Sleep is importantSleep is one of the important factors; your body needs to rest muscles that work throughout the day and help to feel fresh in the morning. Have you ever noticed, whenever you are feeling so tired and if you take a nap you will have become so energetic? How? Sleep is one of the major factors to become more healthy and fit. These are vital processes that keep both your mind and body functioning properly.

Factors should be considered if you are not aware about your sleeping habits

  • Quality sleep is essential as water and food we need to live a life, without sleep you cannot do the task properly and even you can’t take a good decision in your life. Sleep is important to numerous brain functions, such as how nerve cells communicate with one another.
  • In reality, your brain keeps working and active when you are sleeping, so indirectly our mind does not take rest. Recent study suggests that sleep play like a housekeeping role that removes all toxins from the brain and provides freshness.
  • Sleep affects nearly every kind of tissue and system within the body, heart, and lungs to metabolism, immune function, mood, and disease immunity. Research shows – lack of sleep, or receiving poor quality sleep, increases the risk of ailments including hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, and obesity.
  • If you are taking a good and quality nap then you may feel so happy & energetic and also you can control your emotions. On the other hand, if you miss the nap then you will not be able to do the work as a productive, because that time our mind only needs sleep and not able to do actively.
  • Good Sleep also depends on many things like an immune system, Good metabolic function along with your ability to maintain normal body fat. Sometimes, you get ample rest, not only is it important to have enough sleep at night, but it’s also important to get good-quality sleep.

quality sleepAlthough, there is no proper definition of quality sleep but it can be defined, how often you awaken at the night? Good sleep is depending on many aspects, good health and proper concentration we can say that it all depends on a quality nap. But yes, you should take this as a priority basis, you can’t be ignored.

A study found that getting only 5 hours a night in a continuous manner, this automatic decreases mental performance.

As if this was not enough, inadequate sleep can cause you to feel negative, less productive and behave less at work, Insufficient sleep also increases your chances of developing chronic diseases like obesity, heart disease or diabetes.

How Much Sleep You Need, it’s basically Depends on Several factors

Every individual has unique requirements and tastes, and the amount of sleep you need daily is basically determined by your age. Although, everyone needs and requirement of sleep is different and also depend on many other factors but few people may want more or less sleep than other people.

Genetic Issue

Genetics is another factorGenetics is another factor, few people are like they sleep already 7 to 9 hours but also want to sleep more and more and even whole day they feel like sleepy and sleepy.

For that reason, it’s important to just listen to the way you feel to establish if you are getting the proper quantity of sleep. If your sleep quality is bad, you may realize that you feel tired after getting what should be considered sufficient.

If you’re getting good quality sleep, you could have the ability to handle better with a little less. Therefore, it’s not only important to concentrate on sleeping enough, but also on sleeping well enough.

How much sleep you need is dependent upon many different factors, including your age, genetics and how well you sleep at night. But 7–9 hours each night is ideal for many adults.

The truth is that sleep is essential to life however; we’ve taken for granted that sleep simply happens, and it is a necessary evil to allow us to live our waking lives.

Lately, however, largely through the efforts of many of my colleagues around the world, there has been a shift in how we view sleep. Instead of being busy in working and social lives, a biological process that keeps us from being productive, the concept of the importance of sleep is slowly percolating through.

Its part in the maintenance of our bodily and mental wellness, our sporting art, our cognitive skills, even in our joy, is gradually being appreciated. People are taking sleep badly, but it is not good for your mental health.

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