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SEO for Jewelers

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Jewelry businesses today need an effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to attract customers and drive sales. With more and more people using Google to find local jewelers, ranking high in search results is critical for success.

This comprehensive guide will teach jewelry store owners everything they need to know about optimizing their website and content to rank higher in Google and other search engines. By following these SEO best practices, jewelers can gain more visibility, traffic, and customers.

Local SEO for Jewelers

For jewelers, local SEO is key. When someone searches for a “jeweler near me” or “custom jewelry San Diego”, you need your business to show up. Here are some tips for local SEO:

Optimize Google Business Profile

Claim or create your free Google Business Profile, fully optimizing it with your business info, photos, services, etc. This will allow you to rank in Google’s local pack map results.

Get Customer Reviews

Reviews are very influential in local search, so regularly request them from happy customers. This boosts rankings and provides social proof.

Create Location Pages

Make dedicated pages for each location, optimizing them for local keywords like “jewelers in Chicago” and your specific neighborhoods.

Link to Location Pages

Place links pointing back to your location pages on the contact, about us, and homepage to improve visibility.

Keyword Research for Jewelers

Thorough keyword research is the foundation of any successful SEO strategy. Here are some tips on finding the best keywords for a jewelry business:

Identify Seed Keywords

Start with broad seed keywords like “jewelry”, “wedding rings”, “watch repair”, etc. and expand ideas from there.

Use Long Tail Keywords

Focus on specific long-tail versions like “custom wedding rings Philadelphia” over short keywords. They convert better.

Check Search Volumes

Prioritize keywords to get decent search volume so you’re targeting demand. Jewelry averages 500-5000 monthly searches.

Analyze Competition

Only target keywords you can realistically rank for based on your competitors’ strengths. Use tools like SEMrush.

Optimizing Jewelry Website Content

Creating targeted, optimized content for your top keywords is how you’ll rank for them. Here are some key content tips:

Topic Clusters

Develop content around logical keyword topic clusters, like engagement rings, necklaces, watch repair, etc.

FAQ Content

Answer common jewelry questions searchers have, like “How to clean diamonds properly?”

Location Pages

As mentioned above, optimized location pages are great for local SEO and converting searches.

Product Pages

Well-optimized product pages help you rank for product keywords and convert shoppers.

Blog Posts

Useful, in-depth blog content targeting informational keywords helps build authority. Aim for at least 2 posts per month.

Optimize Existing Pages

Audit your current pages to identify optimization opportunities for titles, headers, meta descriptions, content, etc.

Promote Your Content

GetAdded visibility through social media, email marketing, and other promotion tactics to amplify your content’s SEO impact.

Technical SEO Best Practices

To rank well, search engines need to be able to easily crawl, index, and understand your site. Here are some key technical elements to optimize:

Site Speed

Site speed critically impacts rankings. Check it with Google PageSpeed Insights and improve speed with caching, image compression, minimization of redirects, etc.

Mobile Optimization

With Google’s mobile-first indexing, a mobile-friendly, responsive site is essential. Audit with Google Mobile Friendly test.

XML Sitemap

A properly formatted XML sitemap helps search bots discover new pages. Create one and submit it to Google Search Console.

Robots.txt File

This file gives crawling instructions to bots. Optimize it to ensure access to important pages.

Clean Architecture

Simple navigation, well-organized information architecture, and descriptive URLs improve crawlability.

Schema Markup

Adding schema markup to highlight key data helps search bots understand your pages better. Useful for product, review, FAQ, and local business data.

Link Building for Jewelers

One of the most important ranking factors is high-quality backlinks from external websites. Here are some proven link-building tactics:

Outreach for Jewelry Link Insertions

Contact blogs, local directories, retailers, etc. in your niche to request link insertion in relevant existing content. Provide them value in exchange.

Industry Contributor Outreach

Become a contributor for jewelry/fashion blogs by providing your expertise through guest posts. This typically includes a backlink.

Business Listings

Maintain complete and consistent NAP data across key sites like Yelp, Facebook, Bing, Apple Maps etc. to build citations.

PR Outreach

Build relationships with jewelry journalists connecting them with expert sources, story ideas, and offering yourself as a source to secure valuable backlinks in published stories.

Jewelry Link Insertion Opportunities

Seek out and create opportunities to get your links inserted in relevant jewelry content. Ex: contributing to jewelry Wikipedia pages, niche forums, etc.

Broken Link Outreach

Find broken links on high authority pages in your jewelry niche, fix them, and ask for a link in return.

Optimize Existing Links

Audit your current backlink profile and work to improve their anchor text, relevance, etc. to maximize SEO value.

Integrate Social Media

Leverage channels like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube etc. to support SEO by promoting content, building links, generating engagement signals, etc.

Measuring Jewelry SEO Results

The only way to refine your SEO strategy is by closely tracking key metrics and progress. Some top SEO KPIs include:

Keyword Rank Tracking

Use rank-tracking software to monitor your rankings for target keywords over time. Analyze competitors.

Organic Traffic

Measure monthly visits from organic search to gauge traffic growth. Segment data by keyword, landing page, etc.


Monitor jewelry website conversions to calculate SEO ROI. Phone calls and in-store conversions should also be measured.


Track new backlink growth over time and monitor quality. Set link-building KPIs.

Site Audit Results

Routinely audit the site to spot new optimization opportunities as you scale up content.

By mastering local and e-commerce SEO best practices for jewelers, businesses can gain an edge over the competition and attract more high-intent customers. Consistency and dedication to results-driven SEO will lead to long-term success.

SEO service providers for Jewelers

Here are some recommended SEO service providers for jewelers:

  • Search Berg – Specializes in SEO for e-commerce brands including jewelers. Offers SEO auditing, technical optimization, content creation, link building, and more.
  • Bright Edge – An SEO company with over 15 years of experience. Provides SEO services tailored specifically for jewelers and retail brands.
  • Logical Position – An award-winning agency experienced in jewelry SEO. Focuses on driving conversions through SEO.
  • Conductor – Leading SEO provider for hundreds of retailers. Known for expertise with e-commerce and local SEO.
  • Ignite Visibility – Premier SEO company with dedicated specialists for jewelry and retail verticals. Provides comprehensive SEO solutions.
  • Vivial – National digital marketing agency with specialty in local SEO services for jewelers. Helps build online visibility.
  • Rio SEO – Boutique Austin SEO agency with extensive jewelry industry experience. Offers SEO auditing and strategic implementation.
  • Titan Growth – Trusted jewelry marketing agency focusing on digital growth for luxury brands. Provides SEO along with other services.
  • Onpage.org – Leading jeweler SEO specialists. Known for expertise with link building and content marketing for luxury brands.

We would recommend researching each provider thoroughly to find the one that best fits your specific business goals and needs. Be sure to request case studies and examples of their successful jewelry SEO work.


Implementing an effective SEO strategy takes time, effort, and expertise. But the payoff for jewelry businesses can be huge in terms of increased visibility, website traffic, and new customers. By optimizing technical elements, creating targeted content, building backlinks, and tracking performance, jewelers can gain a significant competitive advantage online. Partnering with an experienced SEO provider specializing in the jewelry industry is a smart investment to accelerate results. With the right SEO, any jeweler can transform their online presence and attract more customers through search engines like Google. The tips outlined in this guide should provide a roadmap to SEO success for your jewelry business.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions related to SEO for jewelers:

What are the most important on-page SEO factors for a jewelry website?

Optimizing titles, headers, image alt text, meta descriptions, URL structures, page speed, mobile optimization, schema markup, etc. Proper on-page optimization ensures pages have the best chance of ranking.

How can I choose the right keywords to target for a new ring line launch?

Conduct thorough keyword research around topics like ring styles, settings, cuts, metals, etc. Prioritize longer-tail, high-value keywords with sufficient search volume and less competition. 

What’s the best way to get quality backlinks to my custom jewelry website? 

Focus on building links from authority websites through outreach for guest posts, contributor opportunities, broken link building, etc. Prioritize relevant sites with high domain authority.

How often should I create new blog content for SEO as a jeweler?

Ideally, aim for publishing 2-3 blog articles per month at minimum. Well-optimized blogs help build authority and rank for informational keywords. Promote new content across marketing channels for amplification.

What’s the most important factor for ranking in local SEO results as a jeweler? 

Optimizing and enriching your Google My Business profile is the #1 factor for ranking highly in local search results. Get reviews, add photos, update services, etc. to stand out.

How do I track my SEO results to know which keywords are driving sales?

Use analytics to connect organic traffic and conversions by keyword. Track rankings and organic traffic by target keyword. A phone call and in-store sales tracking also help calculate SEO ROI.

Should I hire an SEO agency to improve my jewelry store’s search visibility? 

For the best and fastest results, partnering with an experienced jewelry SEO specialist is highly recommended. They handle technical optimization, content, link building, and performance tracking for you.

How long does it take to see results from SEO efforts for a jewelry website?

It takes 2-4 months for SEO efforts to start impacting rankings and traffic, but 12+ months of consistent work for full results. SEO is an ongoing process requiring continual optimization.

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