10.08.2019 14:13


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Tokens will become the necessary condition for using the service.

Token owners will be able to choose the direction for the development of the service. In other words, they have the right to make proposals and vote for the realization of new functions in the service.

Besides, token owners will get a discount for using their tokens depending on the share of their contribution to the development of new functions.

We have different ways to influence the growth in the value of QUA: each connected company is an information guide, every successful one is an even larger, louder information guide. Each time some company starts using QUA is positive news.

We are planning to connect many such companies, and hence there will be a lot of positive news. We will always be the subject for discussion and thus will be able to influence the rate.

The value of our currency will be backed by real services offered by QUASA platform which is going to change the world’s perception of cargo transportation.

We settle the rules of circulation which will stimulate the demand due to unique services and privileges for the users, excluding the limited emission.

Thank you!