20.01.2024 22:36

Permanent Work For a Salary Will Become an Anachronism.

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For 120 years, labor productivity has grown 25 times, but somehow imperceptibly they made biorobots out of us, creating artificial needs and giving us so much money that there was no free space left, taking away our time, energy, humanity, turning us into slaves of big capital - who rule the world, and even do it so terribly and badly.

By the way, you borrow your own money, which is printed for your business plans, and 90% of your profits are taken in the form of interest, taxes, bribes, leaving you only crumbs so that you do not starve to death, leaving no energy for your brain and body.

As soon as you have a free resource in the form of time, energy or money, it is taken away, creating a need to consume what you do not really need.

But without these things, society will consider you a beggar loser, destroy your ideas, because no one needs the ideas of a beggar madman.

And anyone who dares to repeat them will be ranked among the same outcasts of society.

Permanent work for a salary will become an anachronism.

It has been proven that in a maximum of 9 years 47% of professions will disappear, this is approximately 85% of people will be digitized.

The facts show that until today, most performers had a permanent place of work, and part-time work took no more than 20% of their personal time.

With the advent of the “new reality”, we see a diametrically opposite picture, in which 80% of the time is already given to freelancing.

On the one hand, the aggregators helps clients find the cheapest performer in demand during the crisis, and on the other hand, more and more people began to try themselves as performers.

The unstable economic situation has increased the number of freelancers by five times.

Just a few years ago, in order to order a taxi, you had to call the dispatcher in advance, dictate the address and be nervous if the car is delayed.

Today, a taxi can be ordered in a couple of minutes, and you can pay no more for a trip than for a cup of coffee.

The market is flooded with service aggregators, taxis, freelance exchanges, but there is one unremovable obstacle that everyone understands and therefore a new market is emerging.

Classic freelance sites are experiencing a crisis of confidence, as any centralized management does not guarantee 100% transparency.

Archaic centralized management is the cornerstone of their business, not only in the freelance market, but in any field.

Without management from the center or their central servers, where all the information is concentrated, such companies simply cannot exist.

The mistrust lies in the fact that performers cannot be 100% sure that they are offered real orders that are not formed by a centralized system.

Either the performers are given orders on a residual basis, and the most profitable ones are given to “their own”, while customers cannot be 100% sure of the quality and responsibility of the performers.

We understand that there cannot be a sustainable business model in the world that is not 100% trustworthy and can be turned off at the touch of a button.

The era of open decentralized platforms like QUASA is coming.

Unlike centralized, similar services for freelancers, QUASA is not tied to fiat and is decentralized.

The technologies used in QUASA eliminate the problem of trust, information barriers and legal costs. By using a trusted environment, unnecessary workflow is eliminated, the cost of completing tasks for clients is reduced, and the performers earn more.

With the move to blockchain and the use of artificial intelligence, QUASA is creating a new environment that will revolutionize our daily work.

Anything that can be digitized will be digitized. 

It is impossible to digitize entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship in the 21st century is the most valuable, or rather priceless product. It is for entrepreneurs that the QUASA ecosystem and the Quasacoin (QUA) cryptocurrency are created.

QUA cryptocurrency is a universal tool that was specifically created for settlements with freelancers and those who work remotely around the world.

You are not tied to a country, to the currency of any country, and you can easily hire any specialist from anywhere in the world and calmly pay for his work. There is no need for conversion and complexity with banking operations. No need to know the laws of different countries.

QUASA has become the first one-stop marketplace offering cryptocurrency payments for freelancers and those who work remotely!

Quasacoin (QUA) is the governance token of the QUASA.

The Quasa Connect application is placed in the public domain on the Google Store and you can test it both from the side of the contractor and from the side of the customer.

We invite you to join the open testing and we will be grateful for your feedback.

Quasa Connect is an easy way to solve any problem in a couple of clicks!