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10 Tips to Grow Your Network on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is a social network that is designed for networking with other business people, and half the user on LinkedIn set up the profile and just let it lie and never do anything with it.

But if you want to get a job, you need to network on LinkedIn. And if you’re going to build your business, you need to network on LinkedIn.

The other thing people will go on LinkedIn will network, but they’ll do it all wrong. You can’t go on the platform and email many people and ask them if they want your product.

There is a right way to network with others on the platform and the post discusses how to increase LinkedIn connections and fan following.

How to grow your network on LinkedIn

1. Have a Fully Optimized Profile

Before you start connecting with others on LinkedIn, you want your profile to be ready for traffic. That means what the person goes to view your profile to see what you have offered. You don’t want them to be disappointed.

2. Find the Right People

You don’t want to connect with just anyone that LinkedIn suggests. It will only lead to low-quality connections. It will bring you nowhere. So always be very intentional about whom you connect with.

For example, search for others that you do or are in the same industry as you. And request to connect with them. Also, connect with others that work for the company you would like to work for.

Or you wish to do that you would like to do in the future. And if you are getting started on LinkedIn, connect with your family members, friends, and even your co-workers.

And request to connect with your alumni, so people you might to college with or high school with. Take one step further by connecting with top leaders.

These are people that make posts, write articles on LinkedIn you find very interesting. And most importantly, if you are looking for a job and notice that the posting lists the official hiring request to connect with that person.

3. Customize Your Connection Requests

Now, if you know who you are going to connect with on LinkedIn, you need to customize a connection request. It means adding a note to tell them how you know them and why you like to connect with them. So if you are going to use LinkedIn, try implementing this one simple step and see what happens?

4. Ask For an Introduction

Another great way to grow your network on LinkedIn is to ask your existing connections to introduce you to a person you like to connect with if they already know them.

For example, you could send a message like hey Mark. We noticed that Advid Gsill is one of your connections on LinkedIn. Would you mind introducing us?

We would love to connect with him about a potential position available in his organization. We appreciate your time. And then sign your name.

5. Engage in the Newsfeed

It is a great way to stand out with those you would like to connect with. So you need to comment and share the post or article written by that person. You need to engage with their content actively.

So it would help if you left meaning comments about what you like most about their post or the article they wrote. So after interacting with them for a while on LinkedIn and you need to request to connect with them.

And if you are still getting ghosted trying to connect with them on other social platforms like Twitter or Instagram or even their Facebook business page if they have one.

6. Join Groups Related to Your Interest

You need to join groups related to your current or aspiring job interests. Being active in a group is an excellent way to network because you’re finding a bunch of like-minded people interested in the same thing you are, and it gives you a chance to share your knowledge, expertise and learn from others. So it’s beneficial to do that.

7. Follow Who You Admire

Also, it would help if you did not forget to follow those you admire. So you need to like and share their posts. If there is somebody high up in a company that you admire or a media figure or an author or it could be anybody.

It would help if you found them on LinkedIn. If you can’t connect, you should follow that means their content will come up in your feed, so when they post something, comment on it.

When they post something like it, you never know where this could lead you. You never know when they’re going to read this and comment back to you.  You can start to develop a relationship on LinkedIn with people you admire.

It might not happen immediately, but over time you can build relationships with those you respect and admire and are pretty high up, and you never know where those relationships can take you. Make the use of LinkedIn scraper to export the data of your audience and leverage multichannel outreach to nurture the leads.

8. Make Use of Images

You should always make use of image on LinkedIn to increase the engagement with people in your existing network. According to research, visual content has 11 times more views than text.

So it would help if you mixed it well. Therefore you should not always share links but also add pictures or photos on your LinkedIn.

9. Publish Articles

It suitable to share a blog article written by others, but it is even high when you publish your own. This will help you to establish your brand in the industry.

Whenever you publish an article, then it will boost your chance of higher engagement and exposure. Also, you should always write content that provides value to your readers.

Promote your LinkedIn URL on other social media platform:

All the social platforms give space for a bio. So if you have a good following on LinkedIn, it will encourage your viewer to connect with you.

It would help if you always promoted your LinkedIn profile by posting the links in a tweet, video, pin, photo, status, update, etc. This increases your presence on the platform.

Take Away

We hope the above tips help you understand on how to network a little bit better on LinkedIn. It would help if you never asked for a job or anything like that. You need to reach out and let people know what you’re up to.

You also need to make sure that they’re aware of who you are by liking, sharing, and commenting on their posts in their groups on their feeds to be aware of you.

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