21.10.2020 17:10


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Dear QUASA member,

the last couple of months have been accompanied by outstanding developments within our company. Networks have been strengthened and additional partners have joined our way to bring blockchain to institutional investors. 

We have got great news for you. QUASA and INVEZZ signed a strategic partnership to foster synergies and to combine the innovational power of both companies. 

Read an interesting and unique article created by the Invezz team about here’s why in our digital-first future, a people-centric approach will still matter.

Invezz is a UK-based investment platform established in 2012 that makes investing easy and effortless for everyone. Invezz helps people make better investment decisions by providing simple-to-understand, unbiased information, tools and services in; stocks, forex, cryptocurrency, commodities and economics.

Invezz is a team of finance experts who care about helping people achieve financial freedom.

Since being founded back in 2012, the site has been a collective effort to demystify investing by providing simple-to-understand, unbiased information.

We give regular people to the tools they need to build a secure future and reach their financial goals. 

The Invezz team is aided by our parent companies – Kinetic Investments and Investoo Group – who have helped grow the site and enabled us to reach millions of people all over the world. These organisations have made Invezz into an international brand, with our investment courses and expert advice now available in 7 languages.

We are looking forward to see our partners grow and expand with our help.

Thanks, see you soon!

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