26.03.2021 14:44


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Dear QUASA member,

the last couple of months have been accompanied by outstanding developments within our company. Networks have been strengthened and additional partners have joined our way to bring blockchain to institutional investors.

We have got great news for you. QUASA and Believer signed a strategic partnership to foster synergies and to combine the innovational power of both companies.

See Quasa Profile on Believer in the partner’s section.


Believer is an Ethereum based cryptocurrency token formerly and now we did switch to Binance smart chain and created BEP-20 token which is meant to be an independent digital currency for the utilization as well as widely acceptable payment gateway among several platforms in partnership on the Believer Network.

Believer provides high-end security on transactions while working on Ethereum & BInance smart chain based blockchain system.

The Believer is founded on strength of cryptocurrency research, with deep knowledge and experience of the domain. It is created to provide secure transactions and transparent payment processes to all the users.

Believer has the substantial Ecosystem around which includes Hard Wallet, Pay, Exchange and many other components to make the Believer Network more efficient.

Believer was started as ERC-20 token based on Ethereum blockchain and recently we have switched our token to Binance blockchain based BEP-20 token and we are operating now as a BEP-20 token.

Detailed information about Believer tokens is only available on the official website https://www.believercards.com/

We are looking forward to see our partners grow and expand with our help.
Thanks, see you soon!

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