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Marketing for Real Estate Agents Made Easy: 7 Action Items

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7 real estate marketing strategiesDigital marketing has proved to be a game-changer for the real estate industry.

From improved sales to more intense outreach, the real estate industry has accomplished significant growth. Are you a real estate developer struggling to find the perfect marketing strategies to help you compete? You can’t afford to miss this post.

Listed here are 7 real estate marketing strategies that can help expand your digital footprint and grow your real estate business:

1. Identify your target audience

Identify your target audienceThe first and foremost strategy is to define your business objectives and identify your target market.

Many real estate developers concentrate on a niche market and become an expert in that. Do a quick research on where does your audience exist? What’s driving them currently? How to reach them? What are your marketing plans and budget? What are the possible risks?

Also, study your competitors. They can help you with drafting the best marketing strategy. See what strategy they are using to promote their business or properties and take the necessary steps to outstrip them. Your innovation and creativity can also help in laying a strong marketing foundation for your business.

2. Build your social presence

Using social media sites is the most effective way to create brand awareness and drive leads to your website. Create a dedicated business account on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to update your followers with your company details and what you’re up to. Do not bombard all social media platforms with the same content.

When it comes to social media marketing content is the key to success. It is important to work out what type of content you post on each social media site. Ensure that your content is more appealing and engaging which can lure the audience and bring in leads. Thus, social media can help spark conversations and develop a connection with your potential customers.

3. Website optimization

In 2021, if you’re not going to have an interactive website, it can cost you your customers. Having a professional website with your real estate photos, floor plans, 3D virtual tours, videos, brochures, and maps can all add a Wow factor that can help engage your visitors and convert them into your customers.

real estateAlso, consider the following points while creating your website:

  1. Mobile-friendly – Everyone owns a smartphone now. So, your website must be mobile-friendly.
  2. Loading and Navigation – Ensure that your site loads within 3 seconds and it is easy to navigate from one page to another within your site. If there is no proper navigation or delayed loading, it can increase the bounce rate.
  3. SEO – Optimize your site for SEO. It can increase your site’s visibility in search engines which in turn can bring in more traffic and leads for your real estate business.

How can you provoke a buyer’s interest? The answer is virtual tours. It can give the prospective buyers a sneak preview of what the home looks like with the help of a virtual staging website. It is permanently open for anyone who wants to view it. Instead of staging a property physically, virtual tours can help you save more time and money. This can also help you identify serious buyers.

4. Hold an SMS campaign

Mass Text messagingText marketing is one of the simplest yet most powerful marketing tools in the real estate industry. Mass Text messaging is easy to send and has a higher response rate. A study revealed that almost 90% of text messages are read within a few minutes of their delivery. You can use such text marketing to provide information, promote an offer, remind people of appointments, and more. You can also use text message marketing software to send and receive text messages automatically.

5. Build your Google My Business Page

Google My Business is trending now. Setting up a Google My Business page for your real estate business is a wise marketing tactic. It gives you two main benefits.

Firstly, it helps in increasing the visibility of your business. Secondly, it makes it easy for your customers to locate you in Google Maps and Google search when they are looking for you.

Google My Business Page is easy to set up. You can include the right keywords on your page and can also ask for reviews from your customers once you have been established as a local business. Once it is done, it will serve as your major marketing tool.

6. Attend or Host events and conferences

Commercial real estate events and conferences are a great opportunity to know the market trends, improve your brand exposure, build a relationship with peers, and generate leads. Want to meet your potential buyers in your area? You can take initiative to sponsor local events. This acts as a common ground to help you meet more like-minded people and start a conversation with them.

Final Thoughts

It takes a lot of effort and time to make your real estate business a successful one. With these strategies, your real estate business is guaranteed to get your real estate business a wider reach and enhanced lead generation. If you implement the above-listed marketing strategies carefully and diligently it can definitely WOW your potential customers and take your business to new heights.

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