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LinkedIn Marketing Tips: How to Create a Stellar Showcase Page for Your Business

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Business professionals and marketers across the globe understand just how effective LinkedIn is for content promotion and lead generation. But are you taking full advantage of your company’s LinkedIn page?

Below we share some of our top LinkedIn marketing tips, walking you through what a LinkedIn Showcase Page is, how businesses are using it to generate interest in their products and services, and how you can set one up for your own company, today.

A LinkedIn Showcase Page is an extension of your company’s LinkedIn page that allows you to “showcase” a product, service, brand, or extension of your business.

Though connected to your company page (you can access Showcase Pages from the right side of a parent company’s LinkedIn profile), these pages serve their own function and have their own followers and status updates.

A software business might use one Showcase Page to highlight their enterprise software and another for their commercial software while a video marketing company might use one to promote their documentary capabilities and the other their animated shorts.

LinkedIn Marketing Tips for Creating an Effective Showcase Page

How to Create a LinkedIn Showcase Page

To create your own Showcase Page (you can make up to 10 for your business), follow these steps:

  1. Log into your LinkedIn company page
  2. Click on the arrow next to the “Edit” button
  3. Select the “Create a Showcase Page” option from the drop-down menu
  4. Start adding your content!

Now you’re ready to build out your own Showcase Page and start wowing visitors and generating leads! But first—check out these two best practices to get you started off on the right foot:

LinkedIn Showcase Page Best Practices

Create unique page content

Creating engaging content is not easy, and many marketers fall into the trap of recycling content from other their platforms.

But consider this: some of your followers may be subscribed to both your Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and if they’re seeing the same content posted across both channels, they’re likely to disengage with your content and perhaps even unfollow your page.

To avoid this—and the search engine penalties that follow online plagiarism—create unique content for your Showcase Pages. Remember that your Showcase Page has the potential to become a lead-generating machine for your business, and give it the time and thought it deserves.

Track your numbers

Perhaps one of the more important best practices we can share with you is to make a commitment to regularly reviewing your LinkedIn Showcase analytics page. Analyze your audience’s engagement with your content and figure out the topic and content formats that they’re actually responding to.

Consistently checking your analytics and optimizing elements of your Showcase Page and content strategy accordingly will help you ensure that you’re maximizing your efforts.

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