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Link Building For SaaS

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Improving your website’s visibility can be a huge pain in the neck – that’s not to mention the thousands of bucks you might need to spend on experimenting what works and what doesn’t. 

And trust me, SaaS businesses don’t have the luxury of the try-and-fail model like B2C brands do. So instead of going forth and back on different strategies to boost your online presence, just skip the line and invest in quality backlinks.

Should you do it yourself? Uhm, nah! 

Link building is time-consuming and has partial guarantee if you’re doing it in-house. On the other hand, agencies who specialise in building links have years of experience and will definitely do a better job.

Not sure of which agency to pick? Nevermind – we’ve compiled the top 5 SaaS link building agencies below to help you out.

What Is The Importance Of Link Building In SaaS SEO?

Backlinks are just as important as sales to your business. No sales means no revenue, and likewise, no quality backlinks means lesser chances of ranking on SERPs

In case you have no idea of what backlinks are – take them as connecting bridges between your website and another website. Anytime a website inserts your domain or content link on their pages, they automatically refer back to you.

Their traffic can also cross that bridge over to your website. Sounds great?

The process or approach you take to make another website place your link on their pages is then called Link building. This can be through guest posting, niche editing, editorial mentions, and source-reporter channels like HARO.

Link building is important because it helps you generate backlinks. And backlinks are crucial ranking signals used by search engines to determine your domain authority plus position on SERPs.

How Link Building Can Help SaaS Businesses Build Brand Awareness?

  1. Increased Exposure: Remember we mentioned how backlinks affect your website’s ranking on SERPs? The more quality links you get, the higher your website will show up on Google’s frontpage especially if you have valuable content and follow best SEO practices.
  2. Industry Authority: According to Ahrefs, backlinks from websites with a higher authority will boost your website’s domain rating and authority too. This in turn helps you gain sufficient traction on the internet and presents you as a trustworthy thought-leader to search engines.
  3. Referral Traffic: we previously mentioned that backlinks act like a bridge between two websites. Well, it’s one-way, not two. Anytime a website links to you, there’s a possibility their traffic will click that link and land on your website. That’s referral traffic. Moreover, it is one way unless you link back too.

What Is A SaaS Link Building Agency?

SaaS link building involves several steps starting from personal website auditing, competitors’ link gap analysis, link strategy creation, content strategy creation, outreach, review, content creation, submission, and review.

Quite a long list. 

Say you’re a SaaS business owner that has to be in meetings round the clock, going on business tours to sign new partnerships or tours, monitoring product dev, and so on. There’s technically no way you can have enough spare time to build links.

The same thing applies to your in-house marketer. 

And that’s where a SaaS link building agency comes in. These agencies have sufficient understanding of the steps involved in link building with quality and practical experiences to back up their expert claims.

A SaaS link building agency helps you do what you can’t do and create opportunities for high-quality backlinks from reputable sites like Hubpost, Envato, Bigcommerce, and many more. They also track your website’s performance and ranking in response to the links being built to ensure you’re getting the right juice.

Their goal? Triple your traffic, quadruple business sales, and boost your ROI.

Top 6 Link Building Agencies Of 2024

Outreach Desk

Are you ready to take your SaaS business to the next level? Look no further than Outreach Desk, the premier link-building agency revolutionizing how SaaS companies grow their online presence. We specialize in crafting tailored solutions that deliver tangible results, and our track record speaks for itself.

Unveiling Digital Brilliance: At Outreach Desk, we’ve garnered a global reputation as the go-to link building agency for SaaS businesses. Renowned brands such as CloudTalk, SE Ranking, and EngageBay have entrusted us with their growth journey, and we’ve exceeded expectations every step of the way.

Discover Our Uniqueness: Our approach sets us apart from the crowd, and here’s why:

  • Niche Expertise, Tailored Growth: Unleash your true growth potential with our niche-specific SaaS domains. We understand that every SaaS business is unique, and our domains are carefully curated to align with your specific industry. This ensures that your link building efforts resonate with your target audience, driving unparalleled growth.
  • Innovate to Dominate: Prepare to be amazed by our out-of-the-world link building strategies. We pride ourselves on introducing groundbreaking tactics that others haven’t even dreamed of. Through meticulous manual outreach via email, LinkedIn, and beyond, we unearth link-building opportunities that others overlook.
  • Empowering Connections: Forge influential connections through our exceptional blogger outreach solution. By partnering with bloggers who share your passions and audience, we amplify your online visibility. Together, we open doors to a wider audience, enhancing your brand’s reach and authority.
  • Beyond Link Building: We’re more than a link building agency; we’re your strategic partner in comprehensive online growth. Our experienced SEO specialists meticulously optimize your website for maximum visibility, ensuring your business stands out amidst the digital noise.
  • Crafting Excellence: Our seasoned writers craft original, high-quality content that propels your brand above the competition. With our compelling content, you’ll not only capture attention but also establish your authority in your industry.
  • Ascending Authority: Elevate your brand’s authority with our affordable guest posting services on high authority sites. These placements not only secure high-quality backlinks but also position you as an industry leader.

Elevate Your Growth with Outreach Desk: When you choose Outreach Desk, you’re not just choosing an agency; you’re choosing a partner dedicated to propelling your SaaS business to new heights. Our results-driven approach, innovative strategies, and commitment to excellence make us the ultimate choice for visionary brands.

Are you ready to revolutionize your online presence? Join us at Outreach Desk and embark on a journey of digital transformation. Contact us today to explore the endless possibilities that await your brand. Your success story starts here.

Outreach Monks

Outreach Monks helps your business get noticed online. They focus on getting your website linked on important sites, especially for SaaS and marketing companies. This helps you stand out and grow.

  • What They Do: They put your website on others that matter. It’s like getting a special shoutout in places where everyone can see you.
  • How It Works: They make your website more visible, way more than usual. It’s about making a big difference, so more people find you.
  • The Links: They find the best links that fit what you do. This helps people trust your site more and helps you show up higher in searches.
  • Plans Just for You: They make plans that fit exactly what you need. It’s like having a guide who knows the best path for you.
  • You Stand Out: They give you tools to be seen more online. It’s like having the best sneakers to win a race.
  • Around the World: They’ve worked with companies in over 60 countries. They know how to help you no matter where you are.
  • People Like Them: Renowned companies such as Hubspot, Envato, Bigcommerce, Databox, and Cloudways have praised their work. It’s like getting a high five from someone everyone respects.
  • They’re Known for Being Great: When people who know their stuff say good things, it means they’re really good at helping businesses grow online. Positive reviews from their customers, visible on their website, say it all about them.

Digital Gratified

Digital Gratified It is a globally recognized link building agency that provides results-driven solutions to many SaaS businesses. Their clients include CloudTalk, SE Ranking, EngageBay, etc.

Some of their unique features are:

  • Niche-Specific SaaS Domains: Digital Gratified offers niche-specific SaaS domains for link building that maximize growth potential for their clients. This in turn helps them create tailored services that meet your exact needs.
  • Out-of-the-world Strategies: One of the key features of DigitalGratified is their ability to introduce new link building strategies that are not yet tapped by other agencies. They conduct manual outreach via email, LinkedIn, etc. to find the best link-building opportunities for their clients.
  • Blogger Outreach: Their blogger outreach solution connects clients with influential bloggers who share the same interests and target audience as their business. This collaboration can help clients’ boost their online visibility and help them reach a wider audience.
  • SEO Services: In addition to link building, Digital Gratified offers high-quality SEO services to help clients online visibility and attract more traffic. Their experienced SEO specialists work to optimize clients’ websites for maximum visibility.
  • Content Creation: Their experienced writers can create original and high-quality content that helps clients stand out from their competitors.
  • Guest Posting: Digital Gratified also offers affordable guest posting services on high authority sites. This service helps clients not just get high-quality backlinks but also show their authority in their industry.

Check out their link building cost calculator to understand further about their link building prices.


Higher Visibility is a cutting-edge link building service that emphasizes the importance of establishing authority for clients. Some of the key aspects of their approach include:

  • Authority as a top priority: Higher Visibility’s philosophy centers around the idea that establishing authority is key to successful link building.
  • Relevance to business objectives: In addition to focusing on authority, Higher Visibility also ensures that the sites they acquire links from are relevant to their clients’ industry and business objectives.
  • Quality over quantity: While it’s important to have links on highly-trafficked sites, Higher Visibility prioritizes quality over quantity in their link building efforts.
  • Comprehensive approach: Higher Visibility’s link building services are part of a comprehensive approach to SEO that includes other tactics such as content creation, social media marketing, and more.


uSERP is a top-tier agency that offers comprehensive link building services to businesses seeking to improve their online rankings, drive more traffic to their websites, and boost their revenue. Some of the key features of uSERP’s services include:

  • Focus on quality over quantity: Their link building strategy centers around acquiring high-quality links from authoritative websites, rather than simply amassing a large number of links that may be of lower quality.
  • Success in competitive industries: They have a proven track record of delivering results for clients in some of the most competitive spaces on the internet.
  • White-hat techniques:They use only ethical, white-hat techniques to earn links, such as outreach and content creation.
  • DR60+ websites: They only earn links from websites with a Domain Rating (DR) of 60 or higher, and avoid any use of Private Blog Networks (PBNs).
  • Rapid results: Their clients typically see a significant increase in organic traffic within just two to three months of using their services.
  • Wide range of clients: They work with businesses of all sizes, from startups and solopreneurs to enterprise companies.

Some of the notable clients that uSERP has worked with include monday.com, Robinhood, ActiveCampaign, Hotjar, Freshworks, and many more.


FatJoe is a link building service that prioritizes convenience and efficiency for its clients. Some of the key features of their service include:

  • User-friendly dashboard: Their  intuitive dashboard makes it easy for clients to place and track orders for link building and other SEO services.
  • Wide range of services: In addition to link building, they offer a variety of SEO services to meet the diverse needs of clients. One of their specialties is blogger outreach, in which they identify and contact relevant bloggers on behalf of clients.
  • Heavy lifting done for you:They take care of all the heavy lifting involved in link building and other SEO tasks, so clients can focus on running their business.
  • Emphasis on diversity: To keep clients’ backlink profiles diversified and in line with best practices, FatJoe advises incorporating press releases into SEO strategies.


Link building is way too important for any SaaS business to ignore. Hopping on the train earlier will help your website gain an edge over competitors and increase brand visibility. And with more visibility on the internet, getting enough hot leads is not far-fetched.

The top five link building agencies of 2023, including Digital Gratified, HigherVisibility, OutreachMama, Loganix, and Siege Media, help businesses acquire high-quality backlinks from reputable websites and improve their search engine rankings. By choosing the right link building agency, businesses can enjoy increased traffic, leads, and sales, and stay ahead of their competition in the ever-evolving world of SEO.

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