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Influence Skills as The Elements of Power

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The modern and rapidly developing world of business creates both new challenges and new opportunities.

Nowadays, leaders need to find new approaches to the implementation of conceived ideas, plans, projects, etc. as soon as possible. Well-oiled team play is of paramount importance in all these endeavors.

There is a team and then there is a leader. The success of a common cause depends on the leader’s competent use of their influence skills. These skills need to be constantly developed and improved in the process of conquering new business heights and horizons.

We are updating existing and creating new approaches and techniques of influence for aspiring and established team leaders. And we are happy to share our experience and help you quickly and efficiently improve your leadership skills for full self-realization.

The Influence Skills Categories from Cosmitto Specialists

Any effective activity begins, first of all, with bringing in a systemic order all the principles you will be employed in the process.

It is very important to fully understand the situation, as well as analyze it in detail for subsequent actions.

In order for you to successfully use your leadership qualities in practice, as well as to easily determine the tactics of influence in each specific case, we present to your attention the influence skills categories. In total, all four categories contain 28 influence skills. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Communication and reasoning skills

  • Logical argumentation

A skill that allows you to make a logical analysis of a problem and its subsequent solution in a similar vein.

  • Visual analysis and display of data

Ability to create graphs, diagrams, and other visualizations aimed at presenting any dependencies or solutions in visual forms.

  • Search for creative alternatives

Ability to see alternative solutions at a time when others are not capable to. Thinking outside the box and innovative thinking.

Assertiveness skills

  • Statement

Confident and rational presentation of your thoughts and ideas while maintaining your position. The major rule here is also that aggressiveness is not permissible.

  • The persuasive tone of voice

The leader must have a strong, firm, and resonant voice that can easily draw attention to the speaker.

  • Demonstration of authority without tyranny

A key skill in using the influence technique. The ability to govern only with the use of legitimate levers of influence, without the raw demonstration of power, despotism, and severity.

Interpersonal Skills

  • Friendliness and openness with new employees or team members

In the technique of influencing communication, this is a critical skill. It is very important to be open, to express warmth and interest when communicating with strangers.

  • Respect for the values of others

The ability to understand people on an intuitive level. Awareness of what is important to them, what they value without resorting to direct questions.

  • Support

A skill that is not only about helping and inspiring colleagues but also fully expressing this attitude. Stimulation in moving forward to new heights.

Interaction Skills

  • Involving employees to help influence other colleagues

The most important skill of a leader in influencing technique is building team-building relationships. It is very important to enlist the support of such people, to reach agreement and cooperation, to unite everyone with a common goal in approaches to influencing others.

  • Ability to resolve conflicts and disagreements between colleagues

The ability to identify the main problems, find mutually acceptable solutions, extinguish emotions in situations that prevent the resolution of the conflict.

  • Taking the initiative in demonstrating how to complete a task

A very important skill in influencing technique modeling. This is where you should focus on abilities such as mentoring, teaching, and helping others develop their abilities.

More Where That Came From

This is just a small part of the influence skills that are practiced by leaders around the world. 

Cosmitto can also offer you more than 40 training courses, after which you will significantly improve your leadership skills.

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