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Top 7 Ways to Becoming a Seven-Figure Influencer in Your Niche

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For your online business to be successful, make sure you are making the right choices. You must strive for excellence in order to build a successful business.

Here are seven steps to make it happen if you want to become a seven-figure figure influencer in your niche.

Top 7 Ways to Becoming a Seven-Figure Influencer in Your Niche

1. Please share your views

To be influential and stand out in any niche, you must be bold in expressing your views. You will attract others with similar views and values by sharing your viewpoint.

They are more likely to be interested and motivated by what you do. People who are vocal about causes and issues that matter to them build a following and a strong emotional connection.

2. Lead with your personal story

Consumers want to learn more about businesses that they purchase from. Spanx’s founder Sara Blakely was the reason it grew so fast. Blakely tells her story all over and many people are aware of how she founded the company in a time when she was poor and sold fax machines door to door.

Before I purchase products, I visit their Instagram page to see them and watch their stories. If I can relate to the owner of the business, I am more likely to buy.

3. Create entertaining content

Many entrepreneurs focus so heavily on educational content that it’s easy to forget that there is so much more. People get bored of boring content and are overwhelmed with how-to videos and articles. Find a way to make your audience laugh and entertain you if you want to be different.

TikTok is a great place to get ideas. To grab attention, you can use filters, transitions, and popular music.

4. Be easily accessible

You can make your industry stand out by being accessible to your target audience. Many celebrities and influencers are too far away for the average person to relate to them.

You can build influence by responding to comments, replying to direct messages and retweeting other people’s content. This has always brought me gratitude messages and I have met people at events who are grateful for these small acts of kindness.

5. Partner with other influencers

Partnering with other influencers can help you increase your reach and grow. Although this may seem counterintuitive as entrepreneurs fear competition, it can prove to be mutually beneficial if you find an expert with a similar audience.

This can be seen at events, online summits and podcast interviews. This will allow you to reach more people and increase your growth.

6. Have multiple revenue streams

Anyone can reach seven figures if they are focused on their audience. Make sure you are clear about the problem you solve for people and keep it in mind when you write content.

Start small and validate your idea. You could simply ask your audience “Who needs help with?” and then start a conversation via direct messaging. Offer a consultation and strategy session, then start building testimonials.

If you’re already selling a product, identify the ones that bring in the most revenue. While you can offer more on the backend and upsell people to those products and/or services, your marketing will be clearer and more focused if you only address one, two or three of the problems you solve.

You can expand your offering by thinking of it at three levels.

  • DIY (Do-It-Yourself): Your customer receives the product, but they don’t get any additional help beyond customer support and tutorials online.
  • DWY (done with you) is where you can offer coaching and more access.
  • DFY (done for you): You offer execution and implementation from start to finish.

7. Give back in some way

Influence is about creating an impact. You can partner with charities and nonprofits that align with your company to make a difference. Companies with a social purpose are more likely to sell to people (think Toms Shoes, Ben & Jerry’s and Warby Parker).

Today’s consumers are more selective in choosing which businesses they support. These strategies will help you stand out in your niche market and create a brand that is positive.

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