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Increasing Your Facebook Likes : 10 Strategies, Ideas And Examples

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“Increasing your Facebook likes is the version of social media which creates the traditional email list of subscribers,” says social media expert Jeff Bullas.

A “Like” is not just a vanity metric on your Facebook profile. It means a real individual who is interested in your business. This person opened a contact channel with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So yes, in online marketing this is a very powerful thing.

If you’re just starting, don’t worry. Both experienced users and beginners are affected by these approaches.

1. Contests Facebook

The best way of encouraging and attracting new users as fans are to win Facebook contests. The attraction of a major prize (which relates to your target market) makes it easy for your target clients to “like” your site as well.

What makes the contest a Facebook page “like” and a fan?

Many people believe rivalry is no longer useful in producing likings without the Like-gating function (deprecated in 2015), but that is not true. The competition also includes consumers, educates them on their brand, and makes them want access to more precious prizes along the way.

The fact that a consumer is on your website indicates his interest in your brand. If you’re ready to make an effort to fill out a questionnaire, you want to develop a relationship with them.

2. Coupons:

Coupons are a fantastic promotion (and always-green) which certainly will improve Facebook. Everyone has an opportunity to buy something small like a 10 percent off voucher while (relative) keeping their margins intact. However, the easiest way to use coupons is by requiring an action (no work is needed) to access them.

A good coupon app makes making your own coupon on Facebook simple. With a voucher on Facebook, as many third parties (yes, including Wishpond) allow you to choose the option of auto-posting to the participant’s walls. That is, when you participate to obtain your coupon code, your friends are invited to join your voucher offer and to post on your Facebook Page.

3. Popups Ebook “like”

Education material is often a greater reward than a discount or award depending on the sector or target market. In particular, B2B companies will carry loads of new fans and consumers to provide free written content including ebooks and whitepapers.

Many ebooks have a website download page with a form to access the ebook, which requires a form to fill in. You can also increase your Facebook likes by keeping an eBook download within a tab on your Facebook profile. If you want to download your ebook, you are likely to be involved in your company and industry articles in the future.

It helps increase the conversion rate of your Facebook advertising by hosting your ebook directly on your profile. Studies have shown that the conversion rate of Facebook ads which link to Facebook pages is higher than that which links to Facebook pages.

4. Ads from Facebook

The best way to increase your important Facebook likes is by Facebook Ads. What is the reason? Since an extremely target audience is guaranteed to see your brand.

You should concentrate very explicitly on a Facebook ad so that only your target population can see it. In this situation, you need to generate Facebook ads reporting to know the performance of your ads. Facebook ads reporting software can help you to generate the report of the ads.

However, one important thing to bear in mind is that Facebook ads are not the same as Google ads. This is because a person actively searches for your keywords appears on your Google ad. You would be more likely to learn about your unique offer at that particular moment – by clicking on the most important elements for your quest.

5. Connect “Facebook Likes” to your blog or box

An excellent solution to capturing your blog visitors in a very non-invasive manner is to get them to the Like your Facebook page. Many people are unable to sign up for spam newsletters, so a Like can be easy to do.

Make Facebook likes easy for you to help with conversions. Do not first allow tourists to visit your Facebook page by providing a link to your page. Let them like your site right from your blog with one of the social plug-ins from Facebook, such as the Facebook profile plug-in or Like Button. It will significantly boost your conversion rate in this simple action by making it a single step against a two-step operation.

6. Add to the header of your website a “like” button

A button like this is a simple way to push new likes over time in the top right or left corner of the website. This was an ongoing source of new likes for a variety of our customers each day. It doesn’t get a lot of likes at once, but it doesn’t hurt anything and these likes add up over time.

You can keep it up to date and you don’t have to think about updating it every week or two. We suggest you use “like” to put your header in an easy-to-see location with a quick call-to-action, like “like us to hear about exclusive competitions and agreements on Facebook.” It also does not interfere with competitions or coupons that your website promotes.

7. Pop-up video

Backstage interviews, live event footage, and video webinars are a huge encouragement to new Facebook likes. You can even put a “like” popup on the top of these videos to capture new fans, just like ebooks, discounts, competitions.

There can’t be just screenshots, though. There must be unique backgrounds that you can’t find anywhere else for the first time. Here are some examples of great exclusivities:

  1. Backstage footage for events

  2. Exclusive high-profile influencer video webinars

  3. Exclusive tips on how to use your product or service

8. Complete your page

You can frequently see your Facebook profile for the first time – it can rank high via SEO and can often be better than your own website for details.

Easily encourage readers who visit their Facebook page to learn about your company (and boost Facebook likes) by filling out their page. Enter your opening hours, location, and contact details, as well as a short blur of business information.

9. Optimize times for the message

The new algorithm of Facebook has made competition on Facebook difficult enough for businesses. Look at the times (based on your target market) that people most likely see your Facebook posts and engage them to optimize their impact and increase your Facebook liking.

Studies also found it best to post between 9 a.m. and 1-4 p.m. on Facebook. You know the sensation – you check Facebook at the beginning of work, and again at the beginning of the day. That said, weekend posts are also pretty good.

It is difficult to find the best times for your company, but Facebook’s success can be decided if you understand your target market to maximize your Facebook postal schedule.

10.  “How-to”s message

People value high content-and content that allows them to understand more is a great example. One way to boost Facebook loves is to post a “how-to” video that shows people how to new or innovative ways of using your goods.

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