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How Workplace Culture Can Lead to Improved Performance and Better Results

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What is the most important business aspect? Internal communication? Employee productivity? Employee engagement?

Workplace culture leads to better resultsThe answer is company culture. Strong workplace culture positively impacts all other aspects.

Meanwhile, when the company’s reputation takes a hit for any reason, corporate culture is also affected. Unfortunately, most employers waste money on expensive growth marketing strategies. Little do they know how far positive company culture can take their business.

Therefore, now more than ever, managers have to take matters into their hands and build a positive culture which won’t only help the business prosper, but also employees. Take a look at how well-organized workplace culture can enhance employee performance and achieve desired results.


Employers and managers aren’t aware of how much impact their behavior and attitude have on employees. In most cases, employees can recall the exact moment when their manager had been insensitive and harsh to them. Because of their attitude, employees are more likely to distance themselves from the management and keep their ideas, opinions, and suggestions to themselves. If their distancing continues for a longer period of time, it negatively affects not only employee productivity but also the company culture in general. For this reason, it is crucial for leaders to show empathy and try to understand their staff. Compassionate managers cultivate a culture of both individual and group resilience which comes into great use during crises and challenges.

Communication and Sharing

Communication and SharingAs much as high performing teams differ, they still have two things in common. Those are effective communication and transparent information sharing. These two elements are crucial for high performance and outstanding business results.

That is why most managers strive to build a strong culture of sharing and social connections. Managers can foster such a culture no matter whether the team is remote or not. All they have to do is invest in internal communication software and encourage staff members to use it on a daily basis.

Employees can then share knowledge and information, build and maintain professional relationships. In the long run, managers can reap the benefits of improved employee performance and be satisfied with the impressive results.


handshakes, politeness and courtesy for a good workplace cultureIt is no secret that businesses with well-organized and positive cultures innovate more and better than those without such cultures. How so? Today, if companies want to stay competitive on the market, they simply have to invent and offer original products and services. Managers encourage employees to brainstorm, share, innovate without any restraints.

Encouraging isn’t the only thing they do. They give them a voice and means to express themselves creatively. More importantly, they make sure employees always have everything they need to get their juices flowing. When employees have strong support, resources, and rewards for their creativity, nothing stands in their way of coming up with a revolutionary idea that will help the business make a global breakthrough.

Greater Profit

Contrary to what most employees think, corporate culture is more than employee happiness and work environment. It has to deal with sales and profit in general. Strong company culture is like a foundation for generating profit. Staff can think about it as some sort of guideline for everything that needs to be done in the workplace. In particular, during the onboarding process. Company culture helps HR managers select candidates. It is the base on which they hire the ones whose values align with the organization. It is easy to recruit the first person you interview, but the goal is to keep them. Without an appealing culture focused on growth and mutual respect, managers can’t expect to retain employees. When employees feel comfortable and satisfied in the workplace, they are more likely to stay at their jobs and work hard to achieve personal and professional goals.


Unlike a few decades ago, today’s workplace and workforce have become more diverse than ever before. For this reason, corporate culture should also foster acceptance and respect while celebrating diversity. A culture that brings different people together in a new work environment is attractive, especially to the Millennials. In such an environment, employees can only thrive. Unity and kindness as priorities are the winning combinations. A diverse workforce brings unique and original ideas to the table, which is what every business needs. More importantly, employees learn to put their differences aside and work together towards achieving common corporate goals. Thanks to rich and tolerant company culture, managers don’t have to worry whether or not disagreements or conflicts in the workplace might happen.

Higher Efficiency

team meetings are important to have a good workplace cultureCompany culture is most commonly defined as a large set of shared values and beliefs. In most cases, when a company has the right set of values, it has a positive effect on its efficiency. For example, Netflix is known for allowing its employees to take a day off whenever they need or want to. Although some find this no vacation policy absurd and crazy, it has a positive influence on its employees and their efficiency. Firstly, it shows employees how much the company values them. Secondly, employees’ well-being always comes first. Lastly, since such a policy allows employees to lead balanced private and professional lives, they have no problems with exceeding expectations and performing efficiently.

Employee Engagement

To form a stronger culture, managers should first bring staff together and break down interdepartmental silos that may exist in the workplace. All it takes for engagement levels to go through the roof is asking a question in the forum or employee app. A simple question is enough for a brainstorming or problem-solving activity. Managers never know which employee can come up with a creative idea or a solution. Moreover, employees foster and strengthen relationships this way. Furthermore, the workplace and the working conditions improve since employees freely express their opinions and willingly participate in workplace activities.

Have you tried escaped rooms for team building and better efficiency? This is a very creative idea to strengthen your team. When employees are engaged, they immediately become more productive and perform high at work.

Celebration of Success

Employees like to work in a supportive, competitive, and friendly work environment. To grow, they need to feel their hard work and long hours are valued and appreciated. They want to be praised for their efforts and accomplishments. It is what motivates them to go above and beyond for the company. A workplace culture that celebrates both individual and team success stimulates employees to work hard and reach their full potential. There are no jealousy and hostility around the office. When employees see how successful their coworker is, they feel the need or urge to work even harder and engage more in the workplace. As a result, they achieve outstanding results and motivate others around them to do the same.

Marketing Opportunities

employees collaborating in officeAs the market changes, so do the customers. They have become picky and demanding since they started to care about the brand’s values and mission. Only when their values align do they become a member of their customer base.

Otherwise, the move on to the next brand until they find the one that suits them the best product and vision wise.

That is why companies are slowly becoming more and more transparent and honest about their morals and integrity, not only to their employees but also to customers and clients. When they are open to customers, they pump up sales. When they communicate transparently with employees, they increase employee loyalty.


OnboardingThe first few weeks at a new job are crucial for the hire. During this time, they gain a perception of the company and their coworkers. That is why managers and employees have to do what they can and help them feel like a part of the team. This means, include them in all activities in the workplace from the first day. They will learn about the company and bond with coworkers not only through training and onboarding processes but also through informal communication and interaction with coworkers. This will certainly ease off and speed up the adaptation process for new additions to the team.

Additionally, they will become familiar with the company culture and vision, become comfortable in their new work environment, settle in, and put all their energy into matching or even excelling expectations.

It's Time to Get Better Results with your Workplace Culture

Whether you are just starting your career as a manager or you have been one for a long time, it doesn’t matter. It takes time to establish a good workplace culture that enhances your employee's productivity but it's never too late to modify and freshen it up. A strong workplace culture positively impacts all other aspects. You will have high performing employees and improve your business' performances. Apply the tips outlined in this article to improve your workplace culture and get better results.

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